zzzzen.L.A. Times: While recovering from hip surgery at home, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson weighed in Monday on the latest movement in the Kobe Bryant ordeal, sounding a positive note for Bryant’s future with the team.

Jackson, who had hip-replacement surgery last Tuesday, has spoken with Bryant numerous times since the nine-time All-Star demanded a trade May 30, an action Bryant reiterated last Friday in a meeting with team owner Jerry Buss.

“He’s made a decision that he feels justified to hold — one that I’ve questioned — that he has reasons to leave the Lakers,” Jackson wrote Monday in a brief e-mail to The Times. “However, it’s my unshakeable feeling that Kobe will be a Laker next October — when training camp opens.”

Bryant credited Jackson as being a voice of reason during Bryant’s now-infamous day of seemingly contradictory talk-radio and newspaper interviews on May 30. Bryant said he wanted to be traded on a talk-radio show early that day but appeared to leave wiggle room for remaining with the Lakers on subsequent radio shows. Then, later in the day, he told The Times that he indeed wanted to be traded.

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  • LA-KB24

    yes!!! KObe really trusts PHIL and so can i and all Lakers fans…

  • 2k8kb24

    that is why the zenmaster is smart and that is why he has 9 rings!!! i would trust this guy if i were you!

  • Roger

    If Phil talks to kobe alone one on one kobe will stay no doubt this guy is a genius

  • Laker

    i love phil jackson, i wanna nail him, and i hope the lakers get garnett, he’s really sexy and tall and dark

  • dantheman

    i say trade him now

  • Mike

    trade kobe for who? dey need to get talent around dis guy rite now, or his gonna be gone, ders not enough talent 2 trade 4 him

  • Ricky

    i agree with the coach because he is almost always right about everything. if there is anyone within the lakers organization that is consistent and truthful, its none other than phil jackson. i think coach is right in believe that kobe will stay a laker. i believe the sole reason for kobe’s outbursts is the lakers lack of making any deals happen. if the lakers can somehow add another all-star caliber player to the team, such as jermaine o’neal or pau gasol, i think kobe will calm down and come to his senses. i personally believe that kobe wants to be in los angeles and that his frustrations just stem from the lakers not desperately pursuing any deals. my expectations for the lakers this offseason is to have them trade for jermaine o’neal and somehow keep lamar odom a laker too. also, the lakers need to keep farmar and turiaf, and resign walton. as long as the lakers can get another all-star player along with kobe and possibly keep odom, the lakers will be in good shape for next season.

    p.s. as much as i like bynum, to see him grow and full of potential and youth, this is still business. and if it comes to trading him for a proven player, for instance jermaine, then it has to be done. and it will be interesting to see o’neal as a laker, so lets all just sit back and hope things play out on a positive note towards next season. :)

  • Marcus Reed

    From the mind of Marcus Reed! The best trade possible! The Lakers, Bulls, Suns, Nicks…should all put me in the front office! It’s simple! Yahoo…get this to the Mamba!

    will he stay or go??? I have the solution! (Kobe Bryant) I think he might end up with Nash. There were three teams pre-approved. The Suns, (Marion, Bell, and a 2008 first round) which will perfectly match the salary cap. The Bulls…(Gordon, Wallace, and a 2008 second round) and the Nicks…Whom the Lakers don’t want anyone but they have the highest salary cap. So they may be needed to balace the trade in a 4 team deal. Marion, Steve Francis and Bell will go to LA-Kobe will go to the Suns-Gordon, Wallace, Odom, Farmar, and Thabo will go to Nicks-Stephon and Curry will go to Bulls. Bulls will draft Mike Conley Jr. and the Suns will win the next 4 NBA Titles. Breakdown!

    Suns- the Suns will be getting an nightmare for oppenents! a PG that passes…a SG that Shoots…and a C that dominates! You can’t double all three of these players! Nash, Kobe, Amare! You would have to double Amare cause he will kill anyone one-on-one in the post and hope to a basketball God that Kobe isn’t on fire! then you would have to worry about Nash and not to mention Barbosa! they will also get David Lee, in a strong Foward who will replace grandpa Thomas soon!

    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Leandro Barbosa
    Kurt Thomas/David Lee
    Amare Stoudemire
    Boris Diaw (off bench)

    Lakers-Look like a better team! more defence!!! Balanced offence!!! Andrew would have to hurry up and play to his HIDDEN potential! (If any!) Steve and Shawn will combine to pick up Kobe’s 31 ppg and add a little more. Raja, Luke, and Marion will set a solid defence.
    Steve Francis
    Raja Bell
    Luke Walton
    Shawn Marion/ Ronny Turiaf
    Andrew Bynum/Kwame Brown/Chris Mihm
    Maurice Evans(off bench)

    The Bulls and Nicks will look alot different. Gordon will be a fresh start for NY . The reason the Bulls will trade Gordon is because they don’t want to pay him a 7 year long term high profile salary and risk not re-signing Deng, who will lead the dynasty. They will acquire Marbury who will provide leadership and help with the grooming of Mike Conley Jr whom will provide the slack Ben Gordon leaves behind plus they would be getting a better distrubuter they will lose defence in Ben but a gain a younger more offenced based Curry. Deng will get his big contract and Marbury’s will expire in 3 years…just in time to pay Mike Conley Jr if he plays to his ability. The Bulls will be making long term strides with the addition of Curry and leadership building in Marbury. (What they really need)!

    Nicks- getting Francis and Mabury out the mix will free up cap space to keep building and cut away some of those damn guards! This Team will have more chemistry! Even scoring and a stronger defence.
    Ben Gordon/Nate Robinson
    Jamal Crawford
    Lamar Odom/Jared Jeffries
    Channing Frye
    Ben Wallace
    Quentin Richardson (off bench)

    Bulls-The Baby Bulls will still be the Baby Bulls with a care taker in Stephon! Deng will set the frachise. They lost Big Ben…so what…His numbers are decreasing every year…that’s why the Pistons got rid of him…they saw it comming. The NBA now has faster more athletic Big Men that can play free throw line extended! Wallace can’t guard these new dawn of Big Men. NOTE* That’s why I don’t like Bynum, he is too much of a traditional center. Look at all the dominant centers and power fowards in the game now (except Tim)! Amare, Boozer, Randolph,Camby, Brand,Dirk…even Yao can knock down the jumper from the corner! The Disel days are over…no more bullying down low because you’re huge.

    Stephon Marbury/Mike conley Jr.( If they can get him)
    Kirk Hinrich/Chris Duhon
    Luol Deng/Andres Nocioni
    Tyrus Thomas
    Eddy Curry

    From the mind of Marcus Reed! Free Kobe from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • *LaKeRfAn15*

    I hope the line up is
    mo williams
    andrew bynum
    lebron james
    Ron artest

    They trade kobe for lebron
    They trade lamar mckie Vladimar 4 garnett!!
    they trade kwame brown and 2 round pick 4 ron artest!!
    Now that 2008 championship!!
    Who agrees with me!!!

  • lakerfan81

    LF155 that can’t happen. No ones trading lebron and kobes and lebrons salaries don’t match. the salaries for Garnett don’t match and no one would make that trade anyways even if they did. Keep dreaming.

  • mikes0411

    you got a point there ricky….everything needs to be done to keep kobe intact…well, there is still hope for KG to be in LA as what you’ve said if it does need an andrew bynum included in the package so be it…kobe is turning 29 and there is something needed to be done at this point in time…and also the lakers really needed some spot-up shooters in the roster…because they used to have one before in the championship years of the lakers(00, 01, 02) in glen rice and co.