Well these are pretty cool. Although, probably not the most creative saying since we’re down 0-2. However, I like many Lakers fans know this thing is far from over.

NBA Store: Show your team loyalty and devotion by wearing this Adidas® Los Angeles Lakers “You Can’t Beat LA” youth t-shirt. The short-sleeve shirt is made of soft, breathable cotton for long-lasting comfort and durability. It’s decorated in the team colors and designed official team logo, 2008 NBA Finals emblem and “You Can’t Beat LA” graphic screen-printed on the chest.

The price is currently: $19.99 per shirt.

You “can’t” beat LA.

Go Lakers!

  • Jonathan

    AAHAAH such an awesome t-shirt!!! I love the word play

  • lakerschamps08

    yoooooo this shirt is the shittttt… ima go get one… go lakers

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    im getting one!

  • Thomas

    If they win I’m gettin’ one

  • http://myspace.com Adam

    except they lost .. but they did have a good game in game 6, they only lost by 39! hahahahahaha GOOOOOOOOO CELTICSSSSSSS the truth the big ticket ray rondo P.J. Perk Big Baby

  • Jennifer

    I love it !
    Go Lakers :D
    going for champ 09-10


  • Ludichris

    I bought this shirt, but unfortunately have received more threats than support for it. Most people don’t see the “You Can’t” text, so they think I’m wearing a “Beat LA” shirt.

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