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Courtesy of Getty Images

Metta World Peace, Jodie Meeks, and Darius Morris have a poor tendency to drive to the basket in transition when the numbers do not favor them.

I cringe each time the Lakers get a stop on the defensive end and the ball ends up in the hands of MWP, Jodie Meeks, or Darius Morris. These three push the ball up the floor against three and sometimes four defenders. Seeing how the Lakers are a slow, nonathletic team, it would be wise to slow the pace of the game and put the ball in Steve Nash’s hands for a quality offensive possession.

The slow, lumbering MWP barely has any lift when he takes the ball coast-to-coast and usually attempts a lay-up instead of a dunk. He is 50/50 at best on those lay-ups but would fare better if he trusted his point guard to take advantage of their defensive stop and set up a play.

The coaching staff is impressed with the hustle and aggression Jodie Meeks has been showing but sometimes it works against him when he drives to the hoop. At 6 feet 4 inches, Meeks should think twice when going to the basket against multiple defenders.

Darius Morris, whose signature back-to-back turnovers angers me more than anything, should heed the same warning. Chill out, youngin’! Let Steve Nash orchestrate things instead of wildly driving against several defenders and flailing up a shot. I like the hustle but you have to play smarter.

Whether these three Lakers are adhering to D’Antoni’s run-n-gun offensive philosophy or just trying too hard to snap out of the team’s slump, they must make smarter choices in transition. The worst case scenario is the Lakers get a stop, try to push the ball, and get blocked leading to an easy basket for the opposing team.

The athleticism of a Lebron James, who seemingly always makes defenses’ pay in transition, is not what these Lakers possess.