Jason Friedman, a writing staff member of the Houston Rockets, has put these two entries on his Twitter page. We’ll keep an eye on Yao’s injuries.

Initially he had this entry

# Yao says he twisted ankle a bit in second quarter. If everything is alright in test tomorrow, he’ll play Sunday. Really wants to play.
37 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Then added this just recently

# Yao to undergo precautionary CAT scans tomorrow
15 minutes ago from web

  • gugy

    I hope he is OK.
    Seriously we can’t wish anybody an injury. In the end it pays back to you. Karma baby.

    Go Lakers!

  • Dragon

    Yeah I think he’ll be okay and of course we want him to play if Lakers want to win they have to compete with every team at the highest level.

  • roro

    i hope his okay; we want to beat them with their best team.

  • sketch

    It’s too bad to see Yao get hurt. He’s had some ankle problems in the past, and y’all know how these reoccurring injuries can be. Hope that it ain’t serious and that he’ll be back on Sunday. Maybe D-test will be tossed for the Sunday game! Hahaha!

  • farmabrick

    I like Yao: he’s classy.

    But regardless of what the scan shows, he’s going to be playing on a stiff and sore ankle and that is going to reduce his effectiveness by a large amount.

    I think the Lakers poor it on, play uptempo, make him limp up and down the court, which gets Pau great initial low block position, means a lot of slow rotations by Yao to fill the lane, which means quality looks and layups, and probably a Laker win on Sunday.