More praise for the young, promising PG. Yahoo wrote up a “winners and losers list” and they ranked Crittenton #3 on their Winners list. Check it out: 3. Javaris Crittenton, Los Angeles Lakers – Crittenton might have the biggest upside out of all the point guards at summer league mostly due to his size (6-foot-5) and athleticism. He showed the ability to get into the lane and finish near the basket. Crittenton averaged 17 points and three assists and, for the most part, outplayed Jordan Farmar.

  • Brett

    Yay for you, yay!

  • darkice18

    J-Critt has some of the sickest moves…maaaad potential this kid gots…. plays wade-esque but without the ref-fest! !

  • LAKobe4Life

    I’m really glad we got this kid. He’s definately gonna help out the Lakers next season. Under Phil Jackson and Kobe, they’ll bring out the best in his performance and maturity in general.

  • Fatty

    He plays a lot like Dwade, but he’s not as tall. He is quicker on defense.

  • Fatty

    Critt will be a star in the NBA. I hope its with the lakers.

  • KEEPbynum

    its summer league. i’ll believe it when i see it during the regular season. which i probably wont. because other than with jordan last year. when has phil ever given his rooks minutes?

  • Cyrus

    There are 2 paths to future of Javaris and both of them are linked to Bynum

    Either both of them get traded to Minnys or Indys or they will stay with the Lakers and build the core of the Lakers’ next generation.

    August 3 is an important date for Javaris; 30-days NBA mandatory wait period to trade a draft pick will be over on that August 3.

  • Fatty


    I understand. This guy has to earn time with PJ. But he his good, very good.

  • GetPlayers

    Trade Bynum and help Kobe get players so he could win a ring while he is in his prime. Get Gasol or KG but at least get one of them

  • LakerFan4Life

    Cyrus is right we will all see the Lakers future after the Mandatory 30 days. We will see who stays and who goes. Cross your fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cyrus

    We can not have it both ways, keep the young talent and win a title with Kobe at the same time.

  • darkice18

    Well knowing the Nets dont want JO anymore and wanna keep their team intact…and knowing indianna love bynums potential…i wouldnt be surprised if they ask for Bynum, Kwame, J-Crit, vlade, cash, and 08 pick for JO…would you do it?

    i love Javaris so idk?

    Derek/Farmar/sun yue?
    Kobe/Sasha/Coby karl?
    Luke/Mo Evans
    JO/mihm ?/Marc Gasol?/veteran


    NOTE: LO and JO are injury proned up the arse!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Javaris has a lot of potential. Right now that is all it is. I don’t even know if he will earn a spot as a valuable reserve this year. I hope that he develops faster than I think he will though. I think in a years time he will be on the same level as Farmar. As of right now if the Lakers had to trade one of their young PGs along with Bynum, I would say trade Farmar simply due to the fact that Javaris has so much upside.

  • LakersFirst

    The ultimate question for Laker fans, would you include Javaris in a trade that would bring KG?

  • Rpoc

    JC Penny is the real deal

    He’s a balla beyond his years

    His words of wisdom:

    No one is perfect. Except Javaris Crittenton.

    No disrespect to Chuck Norris.

  • Cyrus

    Absolutely, I have no doubt; he’s an above-average talent and very promising and I also feel his unstoppable drive to win. However, it’s just too early to have a final judgment about Javaris. Positive or Negative. We must see him in action, playing against Nash, Parker, Deron Williams, Baron Davis and other guards in the wild west. OK, he was great in summer league and and I am very happy about it but before we get all hyped up about Javaris, we should wait and see how he performs in real NBA games in the Western Conference.

  • Lakerboy248

    Cyrus is right, wait till the REAL season starts.

    But Java looks like he has potential, A LOT of potential

  • 24g.o.a.t.

    definately would keep him over farmar way better finisher. they say he knows the triangle already so let him be the backup point garuntee he passes fish before midpoint in the season. good pick l.a


    Crittenton is great, but i dont believe he will fit in our offense

  • kim

    [quote comment=”8168″]He plays a lot like Dwade, but he’s not as tall. He is quicker on defense.[/quote]

    He is taller than Wade!!! wade is only 6’4’…
    but wade is quicker!

  • kgmvp

    Javaris Crittenton in my opinion was the steal of the draft. He will be a star with the lakers for sure.

  • JAVA#1

    I think he will start some games this year

  • THeGreatOnekb&kg

    THe kid has madskills, sick moves, good Shot, all the right skill to do good in thIS league. GO LAKERS:)

  • lakers4life

    [quote comment=”8218″]Crittenton is great, but i dont believe he will fit in our offense[/quote]

    wat u mean he wont fit in out offense, hes a big guard like PJ likes and can pass and shoot the ball