Interesting take. No doubt the young guns are developing into solid players like none of us could have imagined; at least this fast (ask Kobe). However, there may be a GM up in Boston that disagrees… your take?

mitch.jpgYahoo Sports: Three years ago, when Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak made it clear the team would do whatever necessary to keep Kobe Bryant, I thought he was crazy for not taking the same approach with Shaquille O’Neal.

By publicly dissing the Big Aristotle, Kupchak revealed two things: The Lakers would be going through a rebuilding phase; and, in either Kupchak’s opinion or that of owner Jerry Buss, Shaq’s days as the NBA’s most dominant player were numbered. Shaq then went to Miami and won a championship while announcing along the way that Dwyane Wade was a better player and teammate than Kobe. This naturally made Kupchak look like he needed to be committed to the nearest institution.

Now, however, we realize that Kupchak was right on both accounts. Shaq is sidelined with a hip injury and the Heat have tumbled into last place in the Eastern Conference. As for the Lakers’ rebuilding phase? It seems to be shorter and less painful than expected.

The Lakers are one of the few teams who have been able to rebuild while also staying competitive. Ask the Minnesota Timberwolves about the alternative.

Here’s what Kupchak and the Lakers’ front office has done:

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  • ab4sure

    He should get it, but D. Ainge will probably win. The NBA should give the award to both Kevin McHale and Ainge. I know there are some of you that expect Mitch to do another trade, but remember sometimes the best trade can be no trade at all.

  • Mr.81

    Ainge got help from an ex-Boston teammate – Mitch has done a good job, I’ve never been a hater. Props to Kenny Smith for saying this.


    I wasn’t always a fan of his(I pretty much assassinated the on this site,in my comments,of course)but I must say Mitch did a good job by not giving up Bynum or LO for JO(He’ll be here next season,OH IT’S TRUE,IT’S DAMN TRUE)and then got Trevor Ariza from Orlando by trading Mo Evans(kinda wish they didn’t have to)and,round of applause, Brian Cook(we’ll always love’em for that).Next off season keep Kobe happy by trading Kwame(or before),maybe Sasha or Rad.

  • gugy

    ship out Kwamw, Mihn, Sasha, Rad and Luke and we will be OK.

  • DingleBerry

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    I bet your creaming your pants on the good news for your boy kupchac…

  • IMmichael

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    wow your really dumb first of all, we need kwame cause of his defese, we dont really need mihm but i still like his style of play, we need vlad because he is one the best shooter on the team, we need sasha because he is our machine and we need luke because he understands basketball

  • ab4sure

    Now Dingleberry your after me for the beat down you got again. Listen, I just saw the criticism you got for wanting to get Zach Randolph in a trade. We can’t get Randolph!!!!! It would be a Chemistry Killer. If you keep doing these trades I am going to give your name a new definition.


    Used in a sentence. Mitch Kupchak did a Dingleberry with the Washington Wizards.

    There you go. YOU HAVE BEEN IMMORTALIZED!!!!

    I will probably be using this sentence alot in the future.

    That trade is a Dingleberry!!!!!

  • gugy

    I am as dumb as you are.

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    Im telling u , im down for 1 more trade..
    as long as its a good one!

  • T-Dub

    I’m telling you guys, i’m excited also. At work talkin all kinds of trash to a Suns fan today…but its way too early. When we go on the road in a few weeks to play the big boys, Spurs, Mavs, Pistons…that will truly gauge where we are.

  • lakerboi

    The true test comes this off season. He has Sasha, Ariza, mihm, kwame and Turif that might be leaving. We need to keep Ariza and Turif for sure, the rest can go. We can see what else is out there. If Critter and Coby develope, then we will not miss Sasha.

  • LakersFirst

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    Do you think McHale made a dingleberry when he gave away Garnett for basically only Al Jefferson and saw the T’wolves become the worst team in the league?

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    F::k randolph… id rather keep our team then get him
    unless it was mihm for him str8 up

  • Neo-Laker Era

    ^^ McHale doesn’t care about the T Wolves. His team wasn’t a thought in his mind when he oked the trade.

  • keep24


    Get Carun Butler back, trade O-dumb/Mim or Vlad for a power forward, keep KB24, not just for the year but for his entire career and then you be the executive of the year.

    BTW: How much credit should Kobe get for lighting a fire under their a$$es???

    I will give you brownie points for picking up Ariza!

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    kobe has broncitis
    OMG sorry for my spelling

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Its ok father^

  • Fred A.

    Only thing I see right now is Mihm and Radmonivic could be trade bait. With these two I would try to get another big and a three point shooter.

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    My son where has ur brother been?

  • thomas thomas

    Trade Kwame, Mihm, Sasha, and Radmanovic for any player who either gets 20+ points 8+ assists or 12+ rebounds

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    Kobe should get ZERO credit. Bynum was already improving and getting in better condition, as was Farmar. What Kobe said about his teammates and the Laker organization was unprofessional and makes me despise his character even more. I understand he wants to movivate his teammates, but you don’t belittle them in public. If you’re going to do that, do it privately, in the confines of practice.

  • Tim

    How about we trade Mihm for Walter Herrmann straight up? Herrmann has an excellent 3 point shot and he’ll provide more depth to our PF position

  • ab4sure

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    What Kobe did was break trust with his teammates and mostly Bynum. There were not good feelings toward kobe becuase of that as we know now. The laker team should be given credit for bringing kobe back from jumping off the cliff… Even kobe has said he would do things differently. The lakers Saved kobe not kobe saved the lakers. Kobe can save the lakers by being the go to guy with 5 minutes left in the game, not the first 5 minutes of the game. Thankfully they are on the same page now.

  • BEC

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    Well said. Break trust??Kobe?? There was never trust to begin with that was the problem. Trust was gained through the hard work and improvement this lakers team showed this season. Lakers showed they can play and help Kobe win and their play shows that.