We have teamed up with Phiten – one of the industry leaders for titanium necklaces, bracelets and sports accessories – to give away some great prizes to a clever fan on Wednesday. Here’s how you can win:

We want you to write tomorrow’s headline for Anna’s Lakers vs. Hornets post-game report.

Too simple? Here’s the twist:

We want you to write it before the game actually happens.

Leave us your best post-game headline predictions either on our Facebook status, or in the comments section below anytime between now and tip-off (5pm PT, 3/14).

Following the Lakers vs. Hornets showdown tonight, we will pick our favorite (and most accurate) headline. (Important note: This is a headline, meaning it should be no more than 17 total words). The finalist will win this Phiten Lakers bracelet, and one of those finalists will have their headline top Anna’s post-game report.

Good luck, and while you’re trying to come up with your submission, be sure to check out Phiten’s entire NBA collection and follow them on Facebook for exclusive discounts and savings on hundreds of great products.