First of all, GREAT job writing headlines, Lakers Nation! We definitely enjoyed reading them. Unfortunately, just about every one of you predicted a Lakers victory, which made our job a little more difficult than we anticipated, considering that ‘predicting the outcome’ was a big part of this contest. Even so, we have selected our winners (in no particular order):

MP Lakers: World ends for Fickle Fans as Lakers lose to Heat trio.
Anna: Fire on the Lake! The Heat beat the Lakers on Christmas Day.
Jesus: The X-Mas Beatdown in Downtown.

Congrats to Anna, Jesus & MP Lakers, you just won one of these, and will be hearing from us soon! One of those headlines will top Anna’s post-game report. Stay tuned, right here, to find out which one!

Thanks to everyone that participated! This is the first, of many, contests we have coming up. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all the happenings around the Lakers Nation.

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  • Angelo

    Lakers play weak, get beat by Heat

    • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

      We need REAL Laker Fans.
      I got heat for that ass.
      Lakers #1
      RANKER = don’t know what that means ask your big bro phony.



    • http://deleted Short Dog Loc

      I got mine from the Laker sparkler (rocket) game7.