We have teamed up with Phiten – one of the industry leaders for titanium necklaces, bracelets and sports accessories – to give away some great prizes to three (3) clever fans on Christmas. Here’s how you can win:

We want you to write tomorrow’s headline for Anna’s Lakers vs. Heat post-game report.

Too simple? Here’s the twist:

We want you to write it before the game actually happens.

Leave us your best post-game headline predictions either on our Facebook status, or in the comments section below anytime between now and tip-off (2pm PT, 12/25).

Following the Lakers vs. Heat showdown on Christmas, we will pick our three (3) favorite (and most accurate) headlines. (Important note: This is a headline, meaning it should be no more than 17 total words). All three finalists will win this Phiten Lakers bracelet, and one of those finalists will have their headline top Anna’s post-game report.

Good luck, and while you’re trying to come up with your submission, be sure to check out Phiten’s entire NBA collection and follow them on Facebook for exclusive discounts and savings on hundreds of great products.

  • Garrett Garcia

    Kobe, Lakers shut off the Heat!

  • Mauricio

    Odom comes up with big block in Lakers win

  • Willis Pullen 3rd

    Lakers Bigs to much for the Big3, Lakers beat the Heat. LBJ couldn’t do it by himself.

  • ahmad

    No heat wave in l.a. as kobe, lakers beat the heat.

  • Hamad

    Lakers freeze the Heat

    • Hamad

      Heat wave too much for L.A.

  • 3PointGrotto

    Lakers give MiamiHeat the foam finger!

  • Julio

    Kobe,Lakers brings the heat as Lakers top Miami!

    • Julio

      Kobe, brings the heat as Lakers top Miami!

  • Jeremie Leischner

    The super B’s come up big in the win over heat

  • Robert

    No Heat Wave in LA on Christmas: Championship Contenders Pretenders Defeated

    • Robert

      meant to strike through “contenders” lol

  • BiG Vince

    Kobe Just Like Santa Delivers On Christmas Day!!

  • Ivan Mateo

    Kobe, Lakers play Grinch to Heat’s Christmas Visit

  • Sal

    Lakers turned off the Heat on Christmas Day.

  • Lake-Town Shake-Town

    LA’s rain too much for Heat’s fire

  • Suzanne

    Lakers frost the Heat during annual Xmas showdown

  • Julieann Ambroise

    The Heat can’t stop the route to the three-peat, not on Christmas day, not in L.A.

  • Marion Cruz

    The Lakers put out the Heat on Christmas Day!

  • Jordan

    Kobe plays great game, and the LA Laker’s freeze the Miami Heat

  • lakerfan

    Kobe, Lakers hand Lebron and Co. lump of coal

    • lakerfan

      as a joke…

      kobe banks in another three at the buzzer, merry christmas miami.

  • Yesenia V

    Close call! Kobe Clause and the Lakers extinguished the fire with a dunk dunk dunk and a Meeeeerry Win-mas!

    • iLakers

      Hahaha…even if you don’t win, i like this one.

  • Mike

    Lakers pull through as Heat get “Coaled” on Christmas

  • Frankie Imparo

    Kobe; Lakers Play Grinch to Spoil the Heat’s Christmas!

  • Nick

    Lakers sure can take the Heat!

  • David

    Lebron brought his talents to L.A and took over late in the 4th quartar

    • David


  • Ben Miled

    Heat feel the burn of kobe

  • Jerryleen Wuthrich

    The Lakers brought down the rain and thunder on the Heat this Christmas.

  • Dalton Stephens

    Lakers deliver a Win to all Lakers fans on Christmas day.

  • Steven Sikora

    Black Mamba puts a Vice Grip on Miami Vice.

  • Ryan

    Lakers topple the Heat in a star-studded holiday clash.

  • Lakeshow Lovr

    Kobe delivers and the Lakers beat the Heat

  • lakers3peat

    “Delivering the REAL Heat”

  • Joshua Gurnick


  • Sedine San Agustin

    Kobe Plays the Grinch and Steals Christmas Away From the Heat

  • http://facebook.com Taylor Lindquist

    Kobe & Co. turn off the Heat in the quest in a three peat.

  • Joshua Gurnick

    “Overrated Heat Can’t Stop The 16-Time, Back-to-back NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers”

  • Nicholai

    Hotter than Heat Kobe brings coal to Miami in Christmas win.

    • Nicholai

      Actually, make that:

      Hotter than Heat Kobe sends Miami home with coal in Christmas win.

  • Adam

    Kobe and Grinch shoes help to steal Christmas game from Miami.

  • hoHohoes

    Walking in a winter Lala Land

  • DidYallBringYourPlayersCards?

    Lakers bring the Heat (a loss) in X-mas day showdown

  • Travis

    The black mamba breaks lebrons ankles for the lakers victory!

  • David


  • Lakersno834

    “Stormed Cold!” By the Lakers of course!

  • lilkobe24

    Heats spoils the 2x defending champs on Christmas

  • Tony L

    LA Got What They All Wanted For Christmas As Wade, James, and Bosh Gets Put On The Naughty List.

  • Leesh

    No rain is needed in LA as the Lakeshow drizzle out the Heat!

  • http://www.twitter.com/losrealali losrealali

    Lakers Swipe Gifts From The Three Wise Guys.

  • http://www.twitter.com/losrealali losrealali

    It’s Beginning to A Lot Like 3-Peat.

  • http://www.twitter.com/losrealali losrealali

    You’re a Mean One Mr. Mamba…

  • thanhster

    Kobe & Co. Steals Christmas

  • thanhster

    Lakers Steal Christmas

  • LANative

    “To Cleveland Lebron is naughty, Zydrunas is nice. But Kobe always wins against the Miami Vice.”

  • Terry Futch

    On Christmas Day the Lakers turned the Heat into figgy pudding.

  • osiel

    “Lakers take the Heat: All is Good in Winter Lala Land”

  • JayTHREEoneOWE

    That was easy.

    • imfasterthanur

      For the Lakers’ sake, I hope this one wins =)

  • team_me


  • orangewire

    The Lakers’ 3’s drench the Heat!

  • Bo

    Kobe, Lakers gives the hot Heat the cold holiday shoulder

  • aymanlovelakers

    Lebron’s big game can’t stop World Champs!

  • hoop247

    kobe will go off on all those fags

    • imfasterthanur


  • Luis Ordaz

    The Heat Freeze Under The Spotlight

  • MrL

    Lakers Quench Heat, Lebron’s Stunning Defeat; Lakers Overcome Huge Defecit in Win Over Miami

  • http://thecarlochronicles.com/ Carlo

    Kobe Goes Grinch: Lakers Chill Heat On Christmas Day

  • Numero Cinco

    LeBron’s Letter to Santa: I wish I was Kobe

  • Phil

    Lakers stay scorching, as Kobe & company cool down the Heat

    • phil

      Lakers scorch Lebron & company, as Kobe & gang cool down Heat

  • David

    Kobe Stuffs Heat’s Stocking With Coal As LA Rout Miami.

  • darkmmmark

    LA get jolly, while Heat turned cold on Christmas Day

    • darkmmmark

      LA gets jolly, Heat is melancholy on Christmas Day

  • http://facebook.com agustin martinez

    kobe’s 4th quarter explosion ice the red hot heat

  • Erik

    Heat make push late, but game was never in “Decision” as Lakers Shine

  • Johnny Lee

    Lakers Turn Off the Heat in Sunny California

    • Johnny Lee

      Oh man, this was similar to someone’s headline above. I have to come up with something different.

  • Johnny Lee

    Lakers Destroy the Evil Empire (Heat) on Christmas Day.

  • awesomerob24

    Big 3 took a lot of Heat in Staples by the Finals MVP

  • Shehzi

    lakers making it rain helps heat cool off

    • Shehzi

      3heat can’t stop the 3peat

  • Akmal

    Its a White Christmas as Lakers beat Miami

  • Heber

    Pretenders! Heat big 3 not big enough! Fall to defending champs!!!

  • pokemonmaster

    Lakers send Heat into refrigerator and the “jello’s jigglin”

  • pokemonmaster

    Lakers rain on Heat put them out

  • Andrew

    Big 3 not big enough. Lakers size ‘coal’ the Heat

  • Steven

    Killer B’s Too Much For the Not So Killer Big 3

  • bostonSUCKS88

    Joy to the World, the Lakers Win!

  • imfasterthanur

    Lebron and Heat take talent to L.A., ‘The Decision': Lakers win.

  • John Cendana

    The LA Lakers defeat the Miami Heat. Heat 97 Lakers 104

  • Kisofdeath

    Kobe once again shows the three kings why he is the new black Jesus of the league

  • iLakers

    Kobe + Pau x Killa B’s = Christmas Day Win

  • iLakers

    Laker’s Defense Quiets Big Three at Staples

  • iLakers

    Lebron, Wade Too Much For Lakers on Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Kobe’s Game Winning Gift Lifts Lakers On Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Heat’s Stars Outshine Laker’s Stars on Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Lebron, Wade Hand Laker’s a Christmas Day Loss

  • iLakers

    Last Minute Christmas Gift: Lakers Beat Heat!

  • iLakers

    Odom, Gasol Wrap Up The Heat With a Loss on Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Kobe, Gasol Wrap Up The Heat With a Loss on Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Lebron, Wade Wrap Up The Heat With a Loss on Christmas Day

    • iLakers

      *Lebron, Wade Wrap Up The Lakers With a Loss on Christmas Day

  • iLakers

    Killer B’s Wrap Up The Heat With a Loss on Christmas Day

  • http://Balljunkie.com Marv

    How Kobe’s Grinch Sneakers Stole Miami’s Christmas & The Show

  • vinnie

    the 3 kings from miami find no room at the staples center

  • justin

    Lakers put out the Heat in X-mas showdown!

  • http://twitter.com/eloisalopz Eloisa Lopez

    Miami Heat was no match to The Lakers’ treat or
    Miami gets no Christmas treat as the Lakers beat the Heat

  • mplakers


  • mplakers


  • alformentera

    “And the Lakers with a stunning victory over the Heat. The Black Momba is the new Santa!!!

  • sasha4lvp

    Entire Heat squad convert to Judaism after getting massacred on Christmas.

  • Adrian A.

    Christmas special showdown: Three Heat can’t stop the three peat!

  • cliff

    What Can Brown Do For You? Shannon surprises the Three Wise Men as LA Romps Miami.

  • Terry

    Lebron just a jester in Kobe’s Kingdom as Lakers dominate 4th.

  • darylkris

    Santa Kobe brings coal for the Three Wise Men

  • Nia

    Turns out Christmas wasn’t ruined after all as the Lakers beat the Heat!

  • jesus

    The X-mas Beatdown In Downtown. Lakers scorch heat, keep rolling on the way to a 3 peat.

  • Ed

    LeBron has better shoes, Kobe has the better game in the Lakers win

  • Positive Effect

    “Miami Thrice show gets cancelled in L.A. “

  • Positive Effect

    ” Lakers pour LeBoshAde over rocks “

  • Joe

    Lakers Overcome Hype, Beat Down Sel-Proclaimed Champs.

    Santa Comes to Staples, Lakers win

  • TheX

    Santa’s Heat wave overpowers LA

    • TheX

      ^ Thats if Heat win

    • TheX

      This is LA wins
      “Santa gives LA a 4th Quarter respite against the heat wave”

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  • Kiubon Kokko

    SLAM and the Lakers win after all!

  • Kiubon Kokko

    SLAM,and the Lakers win after all!