kbrun.jpgL.A. Times: Could it be that trade-seeking Kobe Bryant has warmed to his teammates and is actually enjoying playing for the Lakers? . . .

It sure looks that way. . . .

Maybe it’s just his competitive zeal, but Bryant has given no indication that he’s putting out anything less than maximum effort for Coach Phil Jackson, the nine-time All-Star showing his grit again this week by fighting through stomach flu and a bruised left shoulder to help the Lakers sweep a two-game trip. . . .

His will has been impressive. . . .

Trevor Ariza, who scored 15 points in Tuesday’s victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, is the 16th former UCLA player to play for the Lakers, the most notable being Hall of Famers Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Gail Goodrich, of course. . . .

  • domidomdomz

    Kobe is the Best Player of all-time!!!!that’s all!

  • ab4sure

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    Did you see a player in the 90’s with the initials MJ???

  • magicbalala245

    [Comment ID #18856 Will Be Quoted Here]yea I did and still not better then Kobe Bryant

  • http://yahoo maadtechlaker

    best player ever can’t say that till his career is over but he’s one of the most exciting players to play the game.

  • gugy

    Kobe, is going to be the best player ever when his career is over. Even if in the end MJ had more titles it doesn’t matter. Kobe is a more sensational player playing in a much harder era.
    At this point in time I think Kobe=MJ so if he keep this rhythm he will be the best until someday in the future somebody surpass him and I hope that guy will be wearing Lakers uniform. :-)

  • ab4sure

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    When you see as much as MJ as you have of Kobe you might change your mind.


    MJ’s overall game is better than kb’s, however kb is the most talented offensive weapon this sport has ever seen and definetly more entertaining than mj!!!


    I like Jordan as much as the next guy, but if Bryant and Jordan were to play a pickup game one-on-one, Bryant would win. They are both equalin just about everything, including defense. Mr. Bryant has the upper hand in his three point shooting ability. If they both get hot, I’m still going with Bryant. Sorry Jordan, but you didn’t develop that range because you had capable shooters on your championship running teams.

    Btw, I’m just putting forth the possibility of a ONE-ON-ONE match. NOT TEAMS, so don’t go posting all these statistics an facts about both players. Thankyou

  • ab4sure

    The biggest reason why MJ would win in a one on one contest is Jordan has a quicker first step and would get by Bryant. I’ll even concede you Bryant as a shooter, but remember Jordan shot around 50% for his career and could shoot the 3. kobe’s best year was around 46-47%..

  • domidomdomz

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    No need, I also grow watching MJ as much as I see KB, but KB is way-off better in all terms except the stats..If only KB has a Rodman “the tough guy who can bang up every night in and out”, Scottie “the consistent 2nd option”, steve kerr “a very reliable shooter” and others..But we got PJ, lol!

  • ab4sure

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    Well your opinion is the majority here on lakernation that is for sure, but outside here it would be a minority opinion.

  • Equal25

    I’ve been lucky enough to be able to watch both MJ and KB.

    Both are amazing players, but at the end Kobe Bryant is a the better player. The league is not what it used to be back in the day. It has gotten much tougher over the years.

    If you were to trade eras with MJ and KB, do you have any idea how amazing Kobe Bryant would be!?! He would be Phenominal!!!

    MJ came into the

  • daboss1848

    ROFL…if only MJ had Shaq.. . if . . .

    It never cease to amaze me that this conversation actually exists with two sides.

    League is more diluted now than it was then; as for rules being easier now than then – there were no flagrant fouls or whistle happy techs or handchecking. Yes, there are zones (the ones we learn to beat in junior high school) now – ooooh.

    MJ had physical strength and bigger hands to withstand the much more physical game then than today. If KB grunted then like he grunts now on every perceived foul, the enforcers of those days would remove his larynx during a layup attempt.

    KB is by far the best player since MJ left, but he is far removed from MJ (as much as it pains a Lakers fan to say).

    Check out http://www.kb24overrated.com/ – it’s an awful site name, but if you like stats, you wont be disappointed.

    If you’re trying to compare players on teams – then compare MJs early years to KBs post-Shaq years – talent level is almost equivalent (Lakers today are better than MJ’s Bulls in his early years). MJ’s ship years to KB’s ship years…efficiency!!

    Its really a shame that the league doesnt recognize KBs brilliance by giving him his deserved MVPs; but it is an equal shame that “out of sight, out of mind”, makes some Lakers fans think KB is even on par with MJ.

    A little objectivity…

  • BEC

    It still amazes me just how many people think Kobe is better than Jordan. Jordan is hands down the greatest player of all time. Not saying Kobe cant take that spot from him but its going to take a lot to convince the world outside the lakers nation that Kobe is the greatest of all time. Jordan won and won games more than anyone who stepped on the hardwood. You can argue about stats and talent and skill all day, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is wins. Sure Kobe never really had a team of his own that could contend, but thats not a good reason, not until Kobe starts winning titles, should this even be an argument.

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    I dont know about that first step, for me its just too hard to compare. Back in Jordans day guys werent as athletic and quick as they are now, thats why Jordan looked so quick. Athletically, size, and length I think they are fairly equal. I would give the edge to Jordan, a razor thin edge, mainly because I think his shot selection is slightly better than Kobes, which is why his fg% is higher.

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    Couldnt agree more.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    This article is about WOULD KOBE TRADE THIS EXPERIENCE?, but everyone is comparing Jordan & Kobe. I don’t think Kobe would trade the experience of leading the #2 youngest NBA team to multiple titles w/o the help of another all-star. What do you guys think about that?

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    MJ is a far better player than Kobe not because he had more talent, but because MJ was more intelligent. Kobe lets his emotions get to him and that causes him to make stupid moves and say stupid things. MJ never did that. MJ was always calm, cool and collective. If Kobe could control his emotions, and stay the course, then he has a shot of being greater than MJ.

  • daboss1848

    (Lakers1st)That is actually false!
    MJ was protected by the league, unlike KB who is attacked for things real and imagined. MJ played in an era before youtube, blogging, internet, and everything else which allows people access to information and, more importantly the spread of false information and misplaced hostility.

    MJ said plenty and did even more – only some of which has come to light. To say MJ was not emotional or that he was always calm cool and collected is just as malinformed as those saying that KB is more entertaining. Unfortunately, a lot of you did not get to see MJ play regularly nor were you privy to the goings on in locker rooms (which actually had an unspoken rule of privacy back then) and press conferences where respectful questions were asked, rather than gotcha tactics.

    The one place MJ and KB are most similar is their emotion – it is also what separates them from the LBJs of the NBA. The contempt to win, the lack of understanding that players do not play up to their potential, the lack of comprehension that other players are not as good as them. This is the exact reason why Magic couldnt coach – he didnt/couldnt understand that players dont/cant see or play the game with the zest that he did.

    MJ was better than KB b/c MJ was better than KB. Check the stats, check game film (not highlights).
    For the same reason, KB is better than every1 in the league today – just because hes better.

  • ab4sure

    If MJ were a player in this day and age he would be more calm cool and collected than the current “MJ” not withstanding his faults(anyone want to bet). I hope people get the humor in this statement. LOL

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    well…for now yes mj still better, unless until kobe win at least 3 more
    but u forget that the rules changed…w jordan you could isolate players in one side to have the other side weaker…which gave to MJ an easier way to penetrate, which gave him more layups and dunk than are available with the D now
    true that D was more hard w hand checking, but there is no hchecking when you already beaten your D…

    I Totally agree with Boss when he says MJ was heavily protected by the league since they needed him as a vehicle to bust the business!
    And Kobe on contrary is adversed mainly by writers but also the league does not protects him for sure (suspensions for elbowing? bowen never suspended for much more dangerous fouls!)

    Yeah about entertaining i would not risk to say kobe is more than MJ! mj was pretty sick!

    DONT FORGET THOUGH! MJ played with PIPPEN who was working whole game doing everything he could so that MJ could shine!

    Give PIP to kobe it would be MUCH! different!


    kobe-wan kenobi: “well…for now yes mj still better, unless until kobe win at least 3 more”

    Why is it always about the championships? If that’s the case, then Robert Horry is BETTER than MJ. LOL