Photo by Eugene Gologursky | Getty Images

Today is August 26th. Normally, this date wouldn’t have any larger significance, but if you have been anxiously counting down the days until Lakers forward Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace, today is your Christmas. Except for the fact that Christmas has been cancelled, or at least delayed until September 16th. From a release by the Associated Press, it appears that Ronald William Artest Jr. will continue to sport his name for another few weeks:

A Los Angeles court commissioner delayed ruling on a name change petition by the Lakers forward until Sept. 16.

Superior Court spokeswoman Elizabeth Martinez says the court cited Artest’s outstanding traffic warrants as the reason for the delay. Additional information was not immediately available.

Artest did not come to court Friday and his attorney Jill Rubin declined to comment after hearing of the judge’s decision.

With the lockout in full swing, the loss of basketball and this recent news has left Lakers fans with little to be excited about.

All we can hope for now is that Ron’s outstanding traffic warrants do not put him in any other unfortunate situations.