Good tidbit. Kobe admits it is indeed harder to get to the hoop than during the Jordan era. What? Another Jordan vs. Kobe debate? Not quite, but Kobe does make some valid points…

Sports Illurtraded: Bryant said he has relied more on his jumper because of the NBA’s defensive rules — and not because of his advancing age.

“The rules are completely different now,” said Bryant, comparing his era to Jordan’s. “I’ve always been able to shoot the ball, but the rules have changed since he played in terms of playing a zone defense. You have to be a jump shooter now because there’s no way you can get to the basket — particularly myself because they just stack guys up. I wish we had the rules they had back in the day where you could isolate guys and you could go to the basket anytime. But now you have to be able to shoot.”

  • MILO

    Yea that’s what makes Kobe the best he always get’s his shot’s that’s why they have to triple team him.Le’Bron and Wade they leave those guy’s alone, well for the most part.

  • dj matt20

    makes sense why he plays that way zone defense makes things different because there are more people surrounding the basket.

  • http://nba.com yalalap

    we need to sign loul deng,brand or jo….trade kwame critt for artest……….

    nba champs….another 3 peat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You guys are getting dogged by the Jazz.

  • foxxy

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    Damn got your nuts kicked in. Ready to deal Kobe?

  • http://blog LakersFan

    It was a bad game.. Big Deal?!

  • http://nba.com yalalap

    fuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuu steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its the time to trade the inconsistent odom,kwame and 2 rounders for jo and shawne williams….and sign free agents like webber for veteran mins….if the FO will never do this trade the lakers will never go to the playoffs…period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    your retarded!Webber?Webber? Dude can’t even run anymore.The Lakers are who we thought they were. Crap.


    Bad game? Where do they plan to go with this team? 1st round exit every year? Yo LA you need to blow that shit up!

  • asianpride3

    steve let me guess u support the celtics????

  • GrIM

    Its one game Steve. Go get a life loser troll.

  • steve is a b!tch

    my name says it all…….


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    it sure does.

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