Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

As if a 3-7 record in their last 10 games isn’t bad enough, it sounds as if newly acquired PG Steve Nash is out for at least another two weeks. Nash told USA Today Sports this little tid bit of holiday cheer.

“I think it will be at least another two weeks,” Nash told the newspaper late Monday night. “I can move. I can shoot. I just can’t run full speed. And I’m not even in shape. I’ll probably need at least a week of practice once I start running.”

Suddenly, he has become affectionately known to me as Steve Crash… as in an accident of such enormous magnitude, it has become a scene where bystanders are slowing down to get a glimpse of the wreckage.

That fateful night of October 31st, when he collided with Portland Trailblazers rookie Damian Lillard, has proven to be 2 months of excruciating pain for Laker Nation & followers of the purple & gold all over the world.

I hate to keep beating the same drum continually, but this was not supposed to happen. Nash was brought here to improve the point guard position, he was going to add the jet fuel to the tank that was desperately lacking that high octane. He was bringing with him a pedigree that could back up all the hoopla surrounding the move to get him to Los Angeles. Instead, what we have received is disappointment, all caused by a freak accident.

It has been evident since Nash has been missing, that the Lakers have been missing him. The offense isn’t flowing the way it is designed to. Nash is the guy that gets everyone involved, gets them the open looks on the wing, the easy dunks, the graceful layups. In his absence, we have seen far too many sloppy turnovers, & unprovoked mistakes. This has become an epidemic on the way to the bottom of the Western Conference standings. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The engine is sputtering, & in desperate need of a tune up.

Nash needs to be cleared to practice before he can start taking the team for a test drive. Exactly when that will be isn’t clear. What is clear is that the Lakers need him back on the road (or in this case the basketball court). I, for one, anxiously await for that time to come soon & very soon. Christmas is approaching quickly, and the best present a Lakers fan could get would be seeing Steve Nash back in the starting lineup. We didn’t trade for Steve Crash, we traded for Steve Nash. So we will wait, and wait, and wait some more if we have to.

After all, what other choice do we have?