Lakers Examiner: We all knew it was only a matter of time before Derek Fisher would have to be replaced as the Los Angeles Lakers’ starting point guard. By the way he finished the regular season and how he’s performed in the playoffs thus far, it seems as if that day is closer than we thought.

That creates quite a problem for the Lakers, since the heir apparent Jordan Farmar has been playing like a scared third grader and upstart newbie Shannon Brown has yet to prove he can consistently run the point.

Tonight in game three versus the Houston Rockets, the Lakers will get a look into the point guard crystal ball.

The L.A. Times’ Mike Bresnahan reports that Phil Jackson still hasn’t said whether it will be Farmar or Brown who starts tonight, but whoever does will find himself in the middle of an audition.

How fitting…we are in L.A. after all. Make sure you bring your headshots, boys!

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  • JohnJOhn

    I would start with Farmar only because he can keep up with the Rockets PG. They key is Bynum, can he ATLEAST give us a good 20 mininutes rebounding and getting blocks.