JAVA!HOOPSPWORLD.COM: The Los Angeles Lakers opened their Summer League schedule off with a thrilling 66-64 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks – paramount to the team’s win was the clutch shot of Javaris Crittenton, the Lakers’ 19th overall pick.

Basketball News, bringing you the best coverage of the Vegas Summer League, caught up with Crittenton right after the game to get his thoughts on his outstanding debut. Crittenton finished the game with 18 points on 8-13 shooting, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals in just over 25 minutes of play. Though he didn’t start the game, Crittenton made his presence felt by scoring the final points of the game, knocking down a 20-footer with three seconds remaining in the game to give the Lakers the lead and sealing the victory.

Unlike Marco Belinelli’s stellar introdcutory performance, Crittenton didn’t wow spectators with gaudy statistics (although he did do so with a few rather thunderous dunks over his opponents. Although his statline was very good, it’s important to remember that these games are Summer League games against sub-par, borderline-NBA talent (if not worse). It might go without saying but it should be reminded that scoring, rebounding, and blocking shots are amongst the things that are much easier to do at this level than in the league where the stronger, quicker players reside. Players can play very well against this competition, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything as far as projections go.

However, there are certain traits that talent evaluators look for in these games to see whether a player has the skills that translate well to the NBA. When observing the game through that lens, how did Crittenton perform?

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  • Kenny

    hes a balla

  • http://Yahoo King Lakers

    He is going be a really player for lakers

  • TheMagicMan32

    yea. great pick for 19th

  • lakers4life

    trade farmar, javaris is way better and im not sayin that because of this one game,hes a better defender and scorer then farmar

  • mR.beaSt

    I don’t know why, but Javaris just looks like a SG to me with a score-1st mentality. If Farmar gets put in a trade package and Sun Yue plays this year, we should put Yue as the backup PG, put Javaris behind Kobe as a SG, and put Evans as a reserve for the SF position (he plays better there anyways). Most people assume that Yue is not going to play next year when he has really a 50/50 chance based on how ready Mitch thinks he is. Gasol will stay another year in Spain cause Mitch hasn’t even seen him play yet. Javaris has stated himself that he can be ‘molded’ by his coaches, but being put in a scorer’s position probably won’t take much adjusting to.

  • LAKobe4Life

    Hey, I saw this guy play in the summer league, I gotta say, this was a BIG steal for the Lakers. Now, I don’t think we’re gonna have any problems now in the PG position. Another thing, I was watching the Summer league and I’m watching the Lakers and Sixers game, I’m watching this player Coby Karl, I’m just wondering how in the hell this guy was never drafted? He’s the Lakers leading scorer right now, he’s aggressive and takes smart jump shots. I like this guy, it’s good to add these kind of players to the bench.

  • Kenny

    javaris is 100% pg have u seen him play amazing ball handler can create for himself and for his teamates