Bryant going 2-14 in the first half against the Detroit Pistons would usually mean the Lakers were down by at least double digits.

The Lakers as a whole shooting under 30% in the first half would mean that they were down by 20 or so.

But that didn’t happen because of Defense, taking care of the ball, and intensity.

Three things that the Los Angeles Lakers rarely if ever put all together in one game last season and this was against one of the top teams in the east.

I know Kobe answered the mannerisms questions last week with, “Some people just need to get a life. It’s Silly. They try too hard to read into things that just aren’t there.”

But, if you were watching that game there was definitely a sense of cohesiveness, a trust in each other, and a will to succeed as a group.

Instead of Kobe shooting himself out of a slump he helped the team in other ways, with his intense defense on Richard Hamilton. Lamar Odom and in stretches the second unit, took the scoring load and Kobe trusted his teammates on the offense end.

As far as reading into the mannerisms, I am sorry Kobe but I had too.

Kobe Bryant, diving on the floor for a loose ball and shaking his head vigorously with intensity on his face, Farmer and Kobe meeting at half court bumping each other’s chest. There was also the fast break with Farmar saving the ball out of bounce, Evans recovering it, and then lobbing it to Bynum for the slam dunk.

I think Kobe might have underestimated this team, and the progress each player has made has surprised him. Lamar coming back strong after surgery, Bynum looking bigger and stronger, a healthy Radmanovic, a talented Luke Walton, now the 6th man in a more deeper rotation, and of course the leadership of Derek Fisher.

Now the Lakers could lose the next 5 games in a row and this would all be irrelevant but the collectiveness I saw last night was the first time since the 2006 playoffs that I saw everybody picking each other up, everybody feeling they have a place on this team, and each player contributing noticeably.

The Lakers are 5-3, 6-2 if we would of won against Houston opening night which was a heartbreaking loss to say the least. All that being said we have had one of the most difficult schedules in the NBA.

They say that winning solves everything and hides the drama behind closed doors.

Winning camouflaged Kobe and Shaq’s problems for 5 years.

Winning may just solve our current problem as well.

  • kyler_hay

    beautiful dbricks i agree Kobe showed that hes trusting his team and especially the bump chest with Farmar and LO and the yelling at Bynum out of leadership after Andrew pass to Kobe while he was driving the baseline for a easy layup and plus 1 Kobe had great defense against Hamliton diving for the jump ball Kobe was saying that he wants to be with us without saying anything

  • LAKing

    That game last night was just amazing. Everybody was playing strong defense and might I add Kobe was destroying Rip Hamilton. Thank God, everything is finally going well for this team and everyone is healthy and motivated. We’re finally seeing the true leadership skills of Kobe. Tex Winter said it so well that “Kobe was born to wear purple and gold and belongs here with the Los Angeles Lakers.” I’m so glad to see Lamar step up and Farmar, I’m so impressed with Farmar and I’m sure he’s only going to get better.

  • http://LAL Jonas Joseph

    we play the bulls, the pacers, and the bucks. i see 8-3 coming great. but i cant wait till i see the lakers vs the celtics. if we beat them, ohhh man were gonna be on top

  • ryanfu09

    Yeah great article Dbricks… I have said it before too.. WINING CHANGES EVERYTHING and … The Defense.. The Leadership… That game last night was GREAT! Farmer is really impressive… if we play like this.. I see nothing but Wins ahead of Us! why would Kobe wanna leave then?…

  • myriam

    Great team effort. I saw the passion in Kobe’s eyes. Hope they keep on playing like this. GO Lakers!!!

  • BEC

    Hopefully winning will change anything and we can all move on with it all, but winning might not be enough.

    11/7 Loose Cannons Hour 1

    According to those guys who talked to Kobe, its not what happens on the court that matters, its not our guys on the court, not really about wins-loses, its all management, the problem is with management, likely just loyalty and trust but who really knows. Now Kobe might be fronting about all this but i believe anything short of a title contending team, will make Kobe likely leave. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • http://southernxposuremodels.com Ahmed

    What I find funny is that we are having this Kobe leadership conversation. The one thing we have known since he has come into the league is that on game day no matter what is going on Kobe will be there to deliver. His defense the last couple of years has be questionable at best, So in that aspect it is good to see Kobe back to what seperates him from the rest, DEFENSE. That said this team does not win a championship. Farmer is playing great as is Bynum and Vlade, Luke has looked terrible since going to the bench. Anyhow, Lamars outside shot has not graced us this year. Turiaf is serviceable on offense and a engery spark. Derek Fisher is a much needed upgrade over Smush but he still gets blown by alot. Kwame is a good defender and rebounder but still can’t catch the ball to save his life and is a horrible free throw shooter. Kobe is Kobe. All said you have a decent team that is very dangerous when healthy. Pieces still need to be added. I’m very surprised besides O’neal that no one is talking about Artest. We have enough young talent on the bench to offer now that people have seen the product upgrade this season. This team in the East could be two or three and definitly in the top four. Out west number 7 or 8. I do love the way they are hustling and playing together and hopefully winning will cure all but I still would like fences to be mended in the public so we can go on with our lives and not dread the next time we turn on ESPN. My message to the Lakers a good start does not hide facts… This same team will not make the finals, We still need to add a piece or two to really achieve the goal that should be set by all teams. Winning a Championship.

  • pr0mega

    Good write up DBricks, but Farmar was the one who saved the loose ball out of bounds which led to the Bynum dunk. Great game to watch and I hope the west knows that we aren’t just a team they can look past. So far, we’ve had the touchest schedule in the whole NBA and are sitting 5 and 3, beating playoff teams: Suns, Rockets, Jazz and now the Pistons. We beat good teams last year too, but we usually lost to bad teams under .500. If we can take care of the poor teams and keep competing with the best, I can’t see how anyone can put the Lakers outside of the top4 in the west, top 6 in the NBA.

    I watched Kobe play over the summer here in Vegas for Team USA and I remember telling a friend, “Man, If Kobe starts the season with L.A. and plays defense like this, the league’s in trouble.” So far, he’s done what he did for Team USA and then some.

  • daboss1848

    The word camouflage in your second to last line is actually the accurate descriptor. Winning deosnt solve, winning masks. Just as Kobe and Shaq went down in a flame so too will Kobe and management, unless it is addressed. The solution can only be achieved if the issue is addressed – Buss tried that in Spain and failed. Next on the agenda, should be more sitdowns. And then more sitdowns until clarity, understanding and trust are again achieved. Hey if KB can bury the hatchet with Phil after his book, this should be a walk in the park – unless, of course, KB wants Jim’s head . . .



    Kobe defense is suspect the last 2 years? He was first team all defense last year. think before you write…

  • domidomdomz

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    all we need is FAITH not upgrade…lol

  • David

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    His defense wasn’t that good last year. The only reason he made 1st team defense was because of reputation.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    all we need is FAITH not upgrade…lol
    you aint winning anything with faith
    stop being a FAN, and just analyze with objectivity!
    we do need help to win the ring!
    Ahmed made a very good analysis, except about kobe bad d…
    the fact is if kobe needs to score 50 points to win the game, he cant defend like he did yesterday
    nobody could ever do it in a regular basis

    we need artest or some kind of help otherwise 1st or 2nd round exit also this year

  • Jrich

    We don’t need Artest. We can just wait til next year when JO is a free agent. Next year we’ll have Kobe, LO, JO and Bynum all together along with Farmar and Fish without having to give up any players. All we gotta do is not re-sign Kwame and free up that 9 million. Very deep team next year!!!


    Dude the Lakers are over achiving! Really. Don’t be a fool it’s a long season. Here come the Bulls and they are starting to play like the Bulls. Don’t think your going to steam roll us! You have one good player. One. When it’s playoff time the Lakers are fucked. Big deal their just playing well cause they don’t want Kobe to leave. If you think that team can win a ring your crazy. This isn’t the NFL or College football your season isn’t determined by your first 12 games.

  • E-ROC

    Kobe’s defense has been questionable the last couple of years because he had to carry the scoring load. Who else was going to put the ball into the hoop? Then nobody on the team can stay healthy for long periods of time. This team is still injury proned, but they are winning. Still getting rid of Evans, Kwame, Vujacic, and Cook would do wonders to this team. The all-inconsistent team has to go. There isn’t anybody there that doesn’t want expiring contracts? The Lakers still need a back up for Kobe. Gerald Green!! Go get him!

  • jack

    You know what guys.. it takes everything I read above: the article, comments, cirtics, supports… to win a game. I want to see how all of you optimistic commenters write if lakers start losing games. With all prayers, I hope this never happens. BTW, are we really ranked 3rd in the NBA right now????

  • JoJoEnglish94Bulls4ever

    Dude it’s only what 8 games?Do you really think your the 3 best team in the league? You haven’t even played all 30 teams. How would they know where your ranked? 8 games!

  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks


  • http://www.myspace.com/ericthaimyshoe Eric Thai

    LOL @ the haters. Gotta love it! Chant it with me, “Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe!”.


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    they dont give awards out on reputation. if so he would have won the mvp by now…

  • MILO

    Duh, no winning does’nt solve anything (sarcasm) this is a stupid artical!!!

  • ab4sure

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    they did last year, this year he is earning it so far.

  • MILO

    Hey TLN (DBricks) how about you guy’s write an artical about winning impacting Phil’s decision to come back or not.I dont buy the whole health issue and besides it’s almost decision time!!!


    [Comment ID #17343 Will Be Quoted Here]

    so they give him first team defense but not mvp? that makes a lot of sense!!! Or maybe just maybe he deserved it. ummmmm… i think i’ll go with the later.

  • ab4sure

    so they give him first team defense but not mvp? that makes a lot of sense!!! Or maybe just maybe he deserved it. ummmmm… i think i’ll go with the later.

    This must be a phantom thought because it holds no weight.



    my point is they dont hand out awards for nothing. look who else is on that list, all of them are deserving as was Dirk for mvp. watch a little more espn and a little less gay porn.

  • ab4sure

    name calling again…can’t trust your opinion to have any value so there you go again. Listen to PJ and players and others in the league…there is a consensus that kobe really didn’t play defense the last few years….wanna hint….there is a big difference from this years defense than last year, think about that before you come up with a phantom thought.


    kobe is the most hated player in the nba. why would they give him any award he didn’t earn? game won!!!

  • ab4sure

    Phantom sometimes your childish in your thoughts.

  • BEC

    [Comment ID #17366 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He didnt play much defense, thats true. But what other guard would take that defensive spot, other than Kobe? Kinrich and Kidd??? I dont think so. Kobe probably didnt deserve it because of his lack of defense, but when he did play, some D, he is still far better by a long stretch than anyone in the NBA.

  • http://southernxposuremodels.com Ahmed

    This guy Phantom must not watch B-ball. I am a Kobe Fan first But instead of praising everything Kobe does I call it like it is. His defense was not as good the last couple of years just watch some of the old games. Having to score so many points could have been avoided with a more defensive mentality which was brought back to him from this summers olympic team. This year Kobe looks like Ak-47/Bruce Bowen on defense, he just seems to be everywhere helping everyone. About the MVP. We all know the media is ruled y the eastcoast period. Kobe doesn’t play that well in that market to the reporters there, who are still holfing on to M.J.’s ghost. Don’t be fooled into to believing that people have forgot Colorado either. Not to mention these experts will never vote someone MVP who is not on a 50 or more win team. Sad to say but reality. Kobe 2 years ago should have been MVP…last year I would put him in the top three but he wasn’t as dominate. Even with the way Kobe ended the year the team was still losing alot…Not saying that it was his fault, we all know injuries but you can’t give a guy a award for upgrading the play of a losing team. Only if it transfers into winning. Bottom line, these experts only see winning nothing else. Without Dirk Dallas is still a good team Without Kobe this team is last years Boston Celtics. Anyhow we still need to upgrade… Guys like Crittenton and Sasha, Cook, even Mihm are expendable… You might have to lose a evans or Vlade, Kwame, Walton but that is the beauty of it …look what the celtics did… They showcased some talent and people bought into it and before you know it they pulled the greatest feat I have witness by one team getting to future hall of famers with tons of game left for role players and maybe one potential stud. Its time for the Lakers to step up and show some balls. JO is available so is Artest maybe Gasol etc