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  • Lynn

    Best Kobe moment is when he scored 81 points. I couldn’t witness Wilt’s 100 pts, but I’m glad I can witness one of the best player play and scored 81 pts. This record will be around for a long time and I”m glad I can witness it.

  • dannys

    the best kobe moment would be the game against the Knicks when he “decided” to score his career high in honor of Spike Lee’s documentary. which i still watch on my dvr because it is just awesome. it truly shows just how well of an athlete/team player kobe really is.

  • Kevin Gwartney

    When. He went on a 3 pointer rampage and made like 7 3s in a row…. I was at that game….. The crowd was going insane with excitment….

  • Diana

    My most memorable Kobe moment was Game 5 of the 1997 playoffs verses the Utah Jazz. I was only in 6th grade at the time and I remember Kobe throwing up 3 airballs which cost the Lakers the game and the season. I went to sleep in tears that night because I felt bad for Kobe. He had the guts to take the big shot multiple times and fell short.

    Looking back on it now, Kobe never feared the pressure situation which is what makes him so clutch today. No more tears, only ones of happiness because all of his game winners now! =)

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    the best moment is when Kobe got his 4th ring on opening night and saw the 15th banner get hung up

  • awesomerob24

    There are so many to choose from, but without a doubt my favorite Kobe Bryant moment was when the lakers were in Portland, last game of the season and he hit that clutch 3 pointer over Ruben Patterson the so called “Kobe Stopper” to send it into overtime. Then in overtime with 1 second left Kobe drains the 3 to win the Pacific Division. That was such a great moment because of all the drama that was going on in that team between Kobe and Shaq/ the Malone and Payton deal, nobody was getting along but after that magical shot was made no matter their differences, they all came together as a team and celebrated. It was obvious that they all had the same goal and that was to win.

  • Kristie Nolen

    Best Kobe Moment…sure 81 was pretty special, 4 game 50 point run, winning MVP at the 2002 All Star game while getting boo’d…all great Kobe Moments, but as an admirer of Kobe’s greatness, I’d have to say, when Kobe held up The Larry O’Brien Trophy for the 4th time, with no Shaq on his back, with all the haters watching…while holding his 2 little girls, wow, what a moment

  • Jacob Barron

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment occurred in the 2006 playoffs against the Phoenix Suns. First, he ties it up with .7 left on a beautiful floater, then he gathers up the loose ball on the jump ball with 6 seconds left, dribbled to the right elbow and sinks it to win by 1 in overtime. Nothing but net, jogs back down the court holding the fist pump as his teammates congratulate him and the crowd goes wild. Gives me goose bumps every time.

  • Paul C

    My favorite Kobe moment was when his rights were traded from Charlotte to the Lakers for Divac. I knew he had potential to be a great and my instincts were right

    • KOBE THA MVP 10′

      stfu liar, you were probably born in 1996 and nstarted to watch tha lakers this year poser

  • Heather

    The best Kobe moment was when he scored the 63 points over 3qtrs in the dallas game…To see this young man play and stay in such flow was awesome…every young man should want to be as hard working and competitive as he!

    • KobeDiem

      That was 62 pts in 3qtrs, not 63.

  • Tyler K

    Can I say the Kobe Doin Work movie? I’ve never been to an NBA game so that is as close as I have ever gotten. To see someone do so much more than play basketball by directing everyone else on the court and analyzing every little bit was just amazing. How someone has that much knowledge and can learn things as quickly as he does just baffles me.

  • J.R. Lingad

    It’s really hard to pick one because the guy always does something spectacular in every game. He already proved to everyone he could score 100 points if he wanted to. When he found a way to make his teammates better would probably be the best moment because he made them believe in themselves, gave them confidence and turned them into a “championship” team with the help of Phil Jackson. That to me is what makes watching the Lakers enjoyable.

  • angelbaybee909

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment would have to be between Kobe scoring 81 points and him winning his 4th ring. I was glad that he finally got his 1st ring without Shaq. It was annoying to hear everyone say that he can’t win one without him, but I’m glad he did!!!! I remember watching the game where Kobe scored 81 points! And I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed! It was amazing to watch. I would never forget listening to the announcers’ reactions, the crowd, the Laker team, and even Kobe Bryant’s reaction. Everyone was in amazed and knew they were witnessing history right in front on them. I know that NO ONE in the NBA will ever surpass Kobe’s feat and score 81 points unless his name was Kobe Bean Bryant!

  • Kevin M.

    Theres so many moments that i can think of but one comes to mind. The best moment would have to be the entire 09′ run, i mean the guy was so determined, so sick of all the hate, so sick of the “cant win without shaq” comments. He was on a mission and “not even Jesus could stop him”(quoted by George Karl). I mean he threw everything he had on the court every game, from game 4 in Utah when he went crazy, to game 3 in Denver when he was so tired he had his hands on his knees in the post game, or game 6 in which he did everything right. Closing out the Finals IN ORLANDO sent the message that “I want this ASAP, i dont care where, i just want it”, he is really amazing. You cant ask for better Superstar, player to lead your team then KOBE.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    my favorite kobe bryant moment was the december 4th game, my first official laker game, when the lakers played the miami heat at staples center. It was the last seconds of the 4th qrt, we were down by two points, when the ball was inbounded to mamba, the greatest player of this past generation . while being double teamed, he scrambled just in time to release the ball from the three point line and win the game at the buzzer. the crowd went wild, it felts like the 08 playoffs all over again, best moment ever.

  • kaylee vz

    My favorite Kobe moment was when the Lakers won the championship this year.. & kobe was crouched on the ground waiting for the time to run out. You could see the excitement ready to jump out of him. Kobe had a lot to prove & he proved it there. He proved he didn’t need some one like Shaq or Robert Horry to be a champion. He also was the MVP when everyone was saying Lebron was. He showed the world he was the greatest something the should have already know ;)

  • jbaby

    best kobe memory has got to be the game winner against Denver. it was back when the whole rape lawsuit happened. kobe had just landed from Denver came to LA, the lakers were playing denver at STaples and kobe came in for liek the 4th quarter…BYAAAHH! he makes the game winning shot. the irony. if not that then when horry threw the ball down court and kobe did a behind the back dribble and a reverse dunk. it was amazing.

  • Stevie

    My fav Kobe moment is his 1st NBA game. His first game is against Minnesota. He played 6 mins and went 0-1, becoming the youngest player to play the game (at that point). Even though he didn’t contribute a lot that game, I remember telling my friend “this guy is going to special one day”. 13 years later, he’s one of the BEST player to ever play the game.

  • jbaby

    and i hope you guys dont pick a kobe memory that everyone knows of. something that not everyone remebers. like game4 vs sacramento conference semis. he had liek 41pts 16rebds.

  • Moe Beydoun

    During the Olympics when Spain was going to pull off comeback and looked like the momentum was on their side, all up until Kobe hit the 3 and got fouled and shut that whole stadium up, that actually gave me goosebumps. No one else wanted the ball for the shot, but KB24 lives for it

  • Mockerfab4

    My favorite Kobe moment, was the first time I saw him play in 2000. I was living alone in Seattle, fresh out of college and just lost my first “real” job. I was very depressed and was missing home (LA) terribly. I was watching TV and flipping through the channels and the Supersonics were playing the Lakers that night. I was a basketball fan as a little girl, but as I got older, HS drama and boys took over. The first thing I saw on my TV was Kobe doing this amazing move amidst a crowd of Supersonics. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t tear my eyes off the screen the whole game. He was poetry in motion with how fluid he controlled the ball and played the game. He pulled me out of a depressive state that day giving me purpose again, because I wanted so badly to see him & the Lakers play again. It’s been 10 whole years and I haven’t torn my eyes away from him on my TV since. I have watched EVERY Laker game since that day. He’s an amazing and gifted athlete and feel blessed to see him play in every game.

  • magicbalala245

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment would have to be Kobe’s Game winner against the Miami Heat. You ask why? As I as not only at the game but down with 9.3 seconds left I thought it was all over. However 6.1 seconds later Kobe proved me wrong one again. Kobe Bryant off the wrong leg on one leg makes the game winning shot over Dwayne Wade by banking in the three. An the electricity I felt and the Staples Center felt for those seconds were unimaginable because Kobe Bryant made that shot. And once again Kobe proves that in today in the NBA no one does it better then Kobe Bryant

  • Justin

    It’s impossible for me to pick just one favorite Kobe moment! I’ve been watching Kobe since he started with the Lakers at 18 years old, and he’s amazed me each and every year since then. Starting with the All Star game in 1997 where he put up 31 points, to the alley oop to Shaq in 2000 against Portland, to 81 points in 2006, to his 4th NBA Championship…should I continue? As I said previously…Impossible! Kobe has dazzled us with so many great moments and memories over the years. Being a Laker fan it would be an injustice to pick just one moment that Kobe amazed me…he does it every time he steps onto the court!

  • Trem

    Easy, when Kobe won the championship and Finals MVP last season. Sure everyone remembers it, but it really was a indicative of what Kobe is all about and it redeemed him big time.

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    i thought a big moment for kobe was him standing over a fallin micheal jordan after scoring 50+ on him an his wizards, he didnt pass the torch.. kobe took it.

  • onochie

    My best Kobe Bryant moment is watching him grow to become an outstanding team player, trusting his teammates, which led him to be the great player he is today, and Never giving up in any situation and playing to the finish .
    This inspires me to always pursue my goals and to never give up !

  • David Dickey

    My favorite Kobe moment actually was quite recent. December 4th, 2009 Lakers vs. Heat. My surprise 30th birthday party hanging in the balance, down 4 in the final seconds, Dwyane Wade, media darling misses free throw to ice the game. Kobe, with Wade in his face, off the wrong foot, banked home my favorite Kobe moment and birthday ever. My fellow Laker fans and I went running up and down the bowling alley through people’s games going nuts.

  • Irma

    Seeing His Priceless Face Expression on June 14,2009! There isn’t a better thing, than to see KB smile Like a Champion! Who said Kobe needed Shaq to obtain another ring? His Game Speaked for himself Kobe Bryant! Mvp!

  • kaotik

    Fallaway three pointer at the buzzer, fell on his back.. and GAME OVER @ portland

  • Sean All Ivy

    This is such a tough question because the Mamba makes such great memories every week it seems. However, after some thought I would have to say that my favorite KB24 moment was way back when he was young KB8 in the 2000 NBA finals against the Indiana Pacers. Game 4 in the 2nd half and OT is when Kobe Bean Bryant all but delivered the Laker’s Nation it’s 1st title since Showtime. The Pacers had won game 3 and were looking to tie the series. Shaq gave us a good game but fouled out early in OT and it was up to Kobe to come through in the clutch and cut all hope of the Pacers claiming their first NBA title (and maybe more importantly denying Larry Bird another ring). Of course KB killed it and showed the rest of the NBA that he was ready to bear the crown as the league’s most dominat guard. He finished with 28 points, 5 assists, 4 rebs, 2 blocks, and a steal. What made this performance legit also was the fact that Kobe did all this with a bad ankle after he had hurt it in game 2. Yet another showcase of his toughness and unquenching warrior spirit as Vic the Brick would probably say.

    Here is a taste for those who may have forgot:

  • hen

    Best Kobe moment is the 62 pts against the Dallas Mavs. Just the way he outscored the entire Mavs team in 3 quarters. But the best part is not the boards he put up…it’s when Phil Jackson asked if he wanted to come back in the game in the fourth. Kobe, knowing he’s done his part, let his teammates finish the job. Sure noone knows how many points he could’ve scored that night. The best part is that the greatest basketball player in the league showed his class and a true leader and MVP. Sure he didn’t get the award but that year, that season, we all know, belonged to Kobe.

  • Polo M

    There are to many favorite Kobe memories to list! There’s Kobe scoring 81 points, him making all the game winners, dunks, fadeway jumpers. there is just to many but my memory will have to have be seeing Kobe just smiling after winning his 4th ring I know alot of people wrote about this! But I’ve just never been so happy as a laker fan my whole life. Kobe’s smile is something I will never forget!

  • Destijl

    Kobe is Kobe.. He can do the buzzer beater any given time… it’s been proven time and time again this season alone. Favorite Kobe moment would have to be the times the general public sees him as a family man. End of the game giving the wifey a kiss and hoisting his daughters up like those are his real trophies after each home game. Now that puts Kobe in a whole other spotlight as family man as well as superhuman baller.

  • benito

    my favorite kobe moment was when he hit the game winning shot against phoenix in the playoffs a few years back. I have always been a lakers fan, but never got to see many games because, my dad being in the military, we were stationed in okinawa, japan at the time. this was one of the few games they were gonna show live and I was fortunate because my school had a half-day. because of the time difference the game started around 9 am if I remember correctly. I got home around 11 and was able to watch the 4th quarter. The game had me on the edge of my seat and the last 2 minutes were the most nerve racking. when we were able to steal the inbound pass and get the layup I had already begun to lose my voice. and when the time came for the final play I could not sit down. as I saw kobe get to the elbow I knew he had found the shot he wanted and as soon as it went it, I ran out the door. I was the only one home so didn’t mind if I looked stupid.

  • Alik Ourfalian

    My favorite Kobe moment was on June 14, 2009. After a heartbreaking Game 4 of the Finals for the Magic just three days earlier, the Lakers trailed by 9 in the first quarter of Game 5. That’s when Kobe got his team together and the Lakers stringed together a 16-0 run. that devastated the Magic even more. Orlando gave the last push they had in them a try in the 3rd quarter, but back-to-back short corner threes by Lamar Odom put an end to the Magic. That’s when I could see it in Kobe’s eyes. He had come so far and he was so close. I know he had a major role in getting his teammates to get the right mindset going into Game 5 and throughout the game. With just a minute left, I remember Kobe biting his nails. When that final buzzer sounded and the Black Mamba began to jump up and down, I couldn’t hold my tears in. I was so happy and excited for him. After all he’d been through since 2004, I think Kobe deserved that ring 1000%. I will never forget his on-court and locker room celebration, sharing his Finals MVP trophy with his family, and the glow on his face as he celebrated with his teammates.

  • ladiesluvlukewalton

    It’s easy to say that the best Kobe moment was the 81 point game, the Finals MVP last year, the COUNTLESS last minute shots against multiple teams to win the game in the end. Heck, even saying that the best Kobe moment was when he was traded from Charlotte to L.A. could be true. But most of these are just things Kobe DOES, not who he is. These are the things we’ve come to expect from Kobe, he is after all, the best player in the game. No, my favorite Kobe moment is none of the above, but is something he just recently did (as in yesterday, January 13th) against the Mavericks. Kobe hobbles out onto the court, obviously in pain from his back (and finger, but haven’t we all already forgotten about that…that’s what Kobe does to us, he makes us forget when he’s hurt) anyways, he hobbles out on to the court and attempts to play. He can’t really defend (although Shawn Marion would probably argue that) and he can’t really extend to shoot (although you notice the opposing team still scrambles toward him every time he touches the ball…suckers) but he goes all out…and then he goes and does something I never thought I would see Kobe Bryant do, he lowers himself to the ground and perches his ahead atop a pile of towels. He wouldn’t dream of not dressing out (because that would admit defeat), he won’t not start, and he CERTAINLY isn’t going to go to the locker room when his teammates are still on the floor trying to win. No, he puts down his guard, and supports his team from ground level. He coaches them from the floor as they look down to him, he claps his hands when they do something right, and he yells when they do something wrong.

    Kobe Bryant goes out to every game and bleeds for us. He ignores when his body is screaming in pain because he is a professional athlete and knows that it is his PRIVILEGE to play this great game. He tells his team that he “won’t carry them, so don’t try that” but when it comes down to the make it or break it moment, he does just that (and he doesn’t mind doing it). The simple fact is this, if Kobe Bryant is breathing, he’s playing…and what a shining example of that we saw yesterday during the game against the Dallas Mavericks. Kobe has hundreds of “amazing” moments, but you must look at the culmination of Kobe moments to see just who he is as a person and player, and making the realization of just how special he is deserves to be its own moment…it is certainly mine!

  • lakerfan106

    the best kobe moment for me, when he was drafted as the 13 pick out of lower marion high school, than traded to the lakers for vlade divac…… History was reborn when the 17 year old outplayed michael cooper in a practice session. Afterwards Jerry West said ” that was the most impressive workout he seen in years”

  • Joshua Gurnick

    There are so many great Kobe memories. One memory is when Kobe was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2008. I have a page from the Los Angeles Times hanging up on my wall that has lots of pictures of kobe’s back and on his jersey he has many different names, such as “workhorse”, “MVP”, “contender”, “Captain”, ” veteran”, “Guardian”, “Chemist” and many more. I love Kobe even through all the rough times during the denver sex scandal and during the few years of lakers rebuilding their team. I have always been a huge supporter of him. Another great moment is actually still happening, this season he has a broken finger, a bad back, and hurt elbow, and he still goes out onto the court every game and leaves everything out there. I always say that any other player in the NBA would not be playing with a broken finger or a hurt elbow or with back spasms and yet Kobe plays with all those injuries, its absolutely amazing what this man can do. One last memory is the famous all-oop to shaq in the 2000 Playoffs against the Trail Blazers. Wow what an amazing athlete and i hope to watch many many more kobe Fade Aways that make the crowd go crazy. Go lakers, its time to repeat!!!

  • BK

    Back about 10 years ago.
    Regular season game against Golden State.
    Lakers were down by 2 with virtually no time remaining in the 4th.
    A Laker (I think Glen Rice) was at the line and had to miss his last free throw on purpose in order for the Lakers to have a shot at overtime.
    I just remember Kobe leaping over everyone and tipping it in to force overtime.
    Just an awesome moment.
    It wasn’t an important game, but it was a memorable one for me at least.

    • Kb_24mvp

      This is one of my top Kobe moments! I remember this moment like it was yesterday!



  • http://57.amklac robert eats matard

    when he rolled SHAQ under the bus to the cops………..

  • sam (yes that is actually my email adress ^_^)

    I grew up watching Kobe. It was ’97-’98 season that I really started following the Lakers full time (hardly missing a game) so I’ve witnessed nearly all of Kobe’s most memorable moments. All the spectacular individual performances he’s had have been awesome, from his buzzer beaterS v. portland to win the division, his 81 point game, his 62 in 3Q’s v. Dallas, his game winner in game 4 of the first round v. phoenix, when he took over v. indiana in the finals when shaq fouled out thereby proving himself as a superstar who could will his team to victory… all those performances have been incredible to watch. When Kobe won his first MVP.. that was huge for me as a Kobe fan. I thought he should have won it in ’06 (no disrespect to the great Steve Nash) so to finally win it even though it was already his 12th season in the league felt like a justification that Kobe could be more than just the best player in the NBA but also the most valuable because of his ability to incorporate his teammates and generate a willingness in his teammates to follow him as a leader. That was HUGE for me as a fan, something I’ll always remember.

    BUT! Despite all those great times, my favorite Kobe moment was by far when the Lakers won their 15th championship and Kobe finally – ONCE and for ALL – got the monkey off his back that he couldn’t win without Shaq. Through all the adversity they went through during last seasons post season… while the Cavs breezed through to the conference finals which caused writers and anylists to criticize and doubt the Lakers’ ability to come through… Kobe remained calm and positive throughout each series and as a result so did the rest of his teammates. He kept everyone focused on their goal and taking one game at a time and they were able to achieve their goal WHILE simultaneously winning Phil’s 10th ring…. It was just the perfect Lakers moment as a team and franchise and it was all made possible because of their leader on the court. THAT was the best for me. It solidified both Kobe’s and Phil’s greatness as one of the best players to ever play the game and the best coach to ever sit on the sidelines.

    anyway this is pretty long now so i’ll end it, lol. thanks for reading

  • David Gago

    My favorite Kobe moment is the commercial he made with Sprite talking about some of the motivation that he has towards being the best player. Back then, people saw him as a great player, but not as a superstar that could carry a team. Many saw him as a wannabe Jordan. But as the years have gone on, we have seen how much he has been motivated by the haters and how his tireless work ethic has propelled him to becoming a champion, MVP, and univerally regarded as the best basketball player in the NBA by far. He knows no limits and still he has many more years to prove any naysayers wrong. That commercial and its message show a glimpse of the true Kobe, even if people wanted to dismiss it at first.

  • bhpreppy

    The greatest Kobe moment was when he absolutely destroyed the Orlando Magic on a nationally televised (NBC) game in his first or second season. It was officially Kobe’s breaking out party. The lasting image was when he would blow on his fingers to show that he was “on fire.”

  • Maartar loves Robert asshole

    The rape trial is my favorite

  • Eric Kageyama

    June 26. 1996: The day Kobe Bryant was draft with the 13th pick by the Charlotte Hornets and then traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac. While the expectations were there, no one outside of Jerry West could have imagined what Kobe was to one day become. Kobe Bryant is now in the conversation of the Best Ever.

    What we take for granted now, the astronomical heights we’ve grown accustomed to, were not even a thought in 1996. Sure, there was hope and excitement every time the precious 17 yr old took the floor. But did anyone expect this?

    DRAFT DAY 1996 changed the lives of Laker fans forever.

  • Demetri

    My favorite Kobe moment was last year in the finals in the closing seconds when the Lakers were just about to win and Kobe jumped high into the air with the biggest smile on his face. I remember him being so serious the entire series. All his hard work had finally paid off though. That celebration was just awesome.

  • austriasian

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment would have to be Oct 9 2009, Pre-Season game @ The Great Western Forum. A moment in which during the night the man himself looked straight dead in my eyes n gave me a nod. i was about 10-15ft away from the lakers bench, i had bought tickets to mid level seats but after every timeout was called other fans & i would sneak past the ushers to get pictures of the champions. Kobe had a towel over his back & was talking to Gary, i had taking a few photos but decided to just look at him & think to myself how close i am to greatness. when the other fans left i stayed till security forced me to go back. right before i was gonna go back Kobe turned, looked me in the eye, n gave me the nod he always gives to Pau. my heart wouldn’t stop racing n i couldn’t believe what had just happened. truly THE GREATEST EVER!

  • Kb_24mvp

    My Favorite Kobe bryant moment would be off the court. His 60 minute interview with Charlie Rose.. It just shows how brilliant of a person Kobe Bryant is…

    2nd moment if i can have one would be Kobe Bryants Make a Wish dream for that young kid.

    We all know how great Kobe Brysnt is on the court. Keep it up Mr.24

  • Michael Quang

    Kobe’s fade away shot against Miami to bank the shot and win the game on a 3 pointer. That was bittersweet and dagger Wade.

  • KobeDiem

    My favorite Kobe moment lasted the entire 2008-2009 season. It started with the first game of the season as Kobe’s determination to redeem for the championship was apparent all season long. And of course it led to the Lakers winning the title. That’s absoulutely priceless.

  • giovanni arzola

    so many memories with kobe hes the reason i became a nba fan since the moment watching him in summer leaugue slashing dunking just a electrifying player well my favorite moment didnt stand out winning a championship or winning a dunk contest or scoring 81 points wich was unreal mine had to be the game that sent a message to the nba vs one of the greatest players of all time michael jordan in a game where kobe bryant wasnt even a starter he scored 33 points of the bench vs the champs the chicago bulls it was the past vs the present it was on the road vs jordan and phil it was jordans last year as a bull goin out on top to me that memory still flashes in front of me every time lebron james didnt have the opportunity to have that chance to play against jordan kobe did and not showed up but sent the message theres a new baller here kobe the mamba heres a link to see the highlights of that game

  • bc18

    my favorite moment (hard to pick, there’s so many!), for the sake of being different and also a touching moment in my life, was when he lobbed the pass to shaq vs the trailblazers. it was when my family was still all together (parents not divorced; both sides of family still close). i remember my family laughing at me cuz i started crying haha. it was a perfect moment.

  • DynastyLakers24

    I have been a LAKERS fan my entire life. I lived in Sacramento during the great Lakers vs Kings playoff battles in 2001. I was in the 7th grade and felt like the outsider. Everyone around me was a Kings fan. All my classmates gave me a hard time about being a Lakers fan but more so about being a Kobe Bryant fan. In game 4 of the 2001 playoffs the Kings and my classmates witnessed something great in the making. With Shaq in foul trouble, Kobe exploded! He gave Vlade a mean facial that still plays in my mind! Doug Christie didn’t know what hit him! Kobe was ruthless, his memo was to kill and so he did! Scoring 48 points and adding 16 rebounds. He proved to everyone that game he would one day be the best player in the league. Even Shaq felt it, proclaiming Kobe his idol and the best player in the league. It was defiantly a defining moment in Kobe’s career and defiantly my favorite moment.

  • Shane Bien

    My favorite Kobe moment is when he asked The Lakers Nation to cover the Nike live event ;P

  • Jerry Sanchez

    My favorite Kobe moment was when he realized he ws about to win the championship last year and the camera focused on the smile on his face. The image sports illustrated captured on their cover later that week. He had finally won a crown as the leader of our Lakers. All the hard work had paid dividends. I thought back to his trade demand and how low and down I felt and now that moment on the court I knew he would remain a Laker for life. It had all come full circle. We all smiled with him. I’ve always known that all Kobe ever wanted was to win even if it meant leaving the Lakers. I’ve always viewed him as not only a player but as a fan of our team. He crouched down during a free throw at the end and that moment I could almost read his inner thoughts. We were on top of the basketball world again. Over the mountain. It was our moment……

  • jb25kb24

    my favorite Kobe moment would have to be win he dunked on the rookie at the time Dwight Howard. He gave him a welcome to the NBA personally, and it shows that nothing can stop KB24, being that Dwight is the best shot blocker in the league today.

  • LAKing85

    My all time favorite Kobe Bryant moment has to be back in the 2003-2004 regular season when Kobe separated his shoulder and even the trainers expected Kobe to miss at least 2 or 3 months, but that wasn’t the case. Kobe missed only a couple of games and entered the game against the Orlando Magic with a shoulder pad that’s holding his shoulder together and Kobe went on a rampage during that stretch, he must’ve averaged at least 34 or 35 ppg. A true testament to a heart of a champion.

  • 09champs!

    Man, to pick just one is very tough, the guy has at least 5 memorable games every season. I guess I´ll go with the 81 pt game. I remember i had a game in SD and as soon as it ended, i went home to watch it. When I talked by phone with my dad , he told me kobe had scored like 45 pts and the 3rd quarter had just started. When i got home he had like 60 and he was completely on a zone, seem like he just couldnt miss. At the end of the game, KB was very excited, with his 2 girls and wife, and just to watch the staples give him a standing O, made me let go like 3-4 tears. Since then, i´ve watched that game around 30 times, and it still gives me goosebumps, I mean, to do that, with today´s rules, and being a perimeter player, i think it was more impressive, than when wilt did it, because, even though i obviously wasn´t born, i bet he made almost all of his points in the paint. Kobe means a lot to me, and I feel blessed to watch a top 3 player to ever play. Thank you, Kobe.

  • aymanlovelakers

    The best Kobe moment was in the 2006 first round playoffs against the Phoenix Suns. I am the only Laker fan in my family of five. Everyone was hating on the Lakers and especially kobe. When he came out of the backcourt and went straight for the free throw line and hit the best shot of the decade, my family was speechless. They never hated on them again. Kobe saved me from a lifetime of hating from them because of that one play. I thank you Kobe Bryant.

  • deviate

    My favorite Kobe moment was Game 4 of the 2000 NBA Finals. Shaq just fouled out in overtime and it was time for a leader to step up and win the game. Kobe had remarkable clutch shots and the last tip in is just unforgettable. Another reason that it was my favorite moment was because it showed that Kobe was just as good as anyone and his display of confidence could be compared to MJ. Yes, I said it. MJ!!

  • KING

    My favorite Kobe Bryant moment would have to be between Kobe scoring 81 points and him winning his 4th ring. I was glad that he finally got his 1st ring without Shaq. It was annoying to hear everyone say that he can’t win one without him, but I’m glad he did!!!! I remember watching the game where Kobe scored 81 points! And I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed! It was amazing to watch. I would never forget listening to the announcers’ reactions, the crowd, the Laker team, and even Kobe Bryant’s reaction. Everyone was in amazed and knew they were witnessing history right in front on them. I know that NO ONE in the NBA will ever surpass Kobe’s feat and score 81 points again.

  • cliff
  • AngeLakers

    For me the best moment of kobe, definitely when he got his fourth championship, I’m a big fan of the lakers since I remember, haha, and that fourth championship means a lot to me and I’m sure for him too,For several reasons: this fourth championship was different from the last 3,because it marked a major change in the lakers, was an almost total reconstruction of the team, and see Kobe Bryant and the entire team, not to go to the playoffs, being eliminated in the first round and be eliminated in the Finals, it was very painful, but all that, helped Kobe Bryant to mature in his game, as a player, as a team leader, and improve their teamwork, to achieve being the best player in the NBA today. so I try to select the best time of kobe bryant such as their 81 points, his record of triples, or all of their clutch moments. and let’s be honest, Never end, and don’t get me wrong, those moments were greats and i enjoyed as much as all of you, but I’m pretty sure if you ask kobe, if he would prefer to change all the individual records, for this fourth championship ring. “he would say yes!” Lakers4life!!

  • MDI (PJ)

    My favorite Kobe moment was when he hit the Buzzer Beater against the Miami Heat in December 2009. It was like a huge monkey had gotten off his back as he was finally able to defeat Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat in the last possession of the game. It solidified his position as the best shooting guard of that decade as he made that incredible shot over Dwayne Wade but more importantly made the lakers capture an improbable Win. Another reason why it was my favorite? I was in the 100s section live at the game and witnessed the moment with one of my best friends. I’ve never screamed like that in my life before. I’ve never felt that kind of natural high before celebrating with nearly 20,000 of my fellow Laker diehards.

  • gus26

    well my favorite moment is easy to pick… you see i’ve only been to maybe 3 games but have never missed a game since about 95.. pre-game included… i’ve gone from having to set my vcr if something big.. ie wedding, quincenara was gonna happen to setting my dvr…

    i went to game 4 of the suns series in 06′ …

    that moment when he pulled his jersey to the side and showed his heart to the crowd then pounded his chest…

    that moment was to say.. “hey, world i’m back”..
    that moment right after doing something that no one thought he could do..

    sitting there watching the game right before the end of regulation.. people left.. giving up on him.. i stayed.. i even went down to sit closer…

    then towards the end of OT again.. people left.. as if saying “it’ll take a miracle”…

    i stayed, and sat closer.. he made that miracle happen.. he hit his second buzzer beater of the game and this time.. it was the 2pts we needed to win…

    when he came to the side after his teamates hugged him and the crowd went wild i just watched him.. then as if it hit him out of no where…


    that was the moment..

  • kaboomhizzle

    To me, the best Kobe moment are the moments in which we are not there to witness and he is not in the spotlight on FSN Sports or TNT. As great as Kobe is, he is that much greater than the next guy because he has spent endless hours training and honing his skills that make him fundamentally sound and prepared for those “Where Amazing Happens” moments. As athletic and strong as he is, he is up at 3 AM every day to prepare and prevent that next guy from taking his spot. Without all this, there would not be a KOBE MOMENT for us to see when the clock is ticking down to zero and he rises up to end the game with a jumper.

  • Bobby Bushay

    My favorite Kobe moment, it’s so hard to pick one. He’s had 3 game winners this year alone. I would have to say, it is right after the lakers lost the finals to the Celtics in boston. He was down but not out, he was already thinking about next year. You got the feeling he went out and practiced as soon as he got home. That’s the heart of a champion. No one epitimizes that more than KOBE, and that is what I admire about him the most. He’s gone through more ups and downs than Jordan had to endure, and nobody’s tougher. I knew after we got embarassed in boston, it would drive him to new heights, and it did. Kobe, we love u because u r a fighter to the end.

  • BigBottomBry

    My favorite Kobe moment isn’t really a single moment, it’s the entire 2005-06 season. One might think, “That season was a disater. We were knocked off in the 1st round”. True enough. But what I saw was a man who was beatin down by the media, cursed by the public and betrayed by fans. But instead of letting these circumstances and being surrounded by an inadequate supporting cast defeat him and cause him to give up, he put this team on his back, played at an MVP (which should have received) level and rose up out of the ashes. Yes, as far as seasons go, 05-06 was a dark season in Lakers history. But enduring through that darkness, Kobe shined and I feel that experience has made him into the person and player he is today.

  • walk__by__faith

    My most memorable moment was when I was at game 5 of the Lakers vs Orlando Magic in Orlando. As Kobe was raising both his NBA Finals MVP and the O’Brien trophy, at that moment, I realized that I just experienced history being made right in front of me. Not only was I able to see Kobe win his first Finals MVP but also his first championship without Shaq.

  • TonyStarks79

    The best moment I can truly remember is during the 2001-2002 Western Semi-Final Playoff Game 4 –

    Statline: 28 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, 10-27 FG, 3-5 3pt

    It was a semifinals playoff game 4 against the Spurs in which the Lakers led the series 2-1. Kobe had stepped it up in game 3 scoring 31 points on 3 free throw attempts.

    In game 4, Kobe stepped in up in the 4th. Having shot poor from downtown in the regular season, he hit 3 threes in the 4th quarter alone against the tough defense of Bruce Bowen. The Lakers trailed 76-84, but Kobe helped tie the game at 85 apiece. Then the stage was set for Kobe’s famous game winning rebound and lay in. Derek Fisher came up short on a 18 foot jumpshot, but coming out of nowhere, Bryant’s extension and elevation got the offensive rebound over the twin towers David Robinson and Tim Duncan. He layed it in giving LA an 87-85 win. It still gives me jitters to this day on that put back..

  • daboss1848

    simple: when he signed his contract to stay with the Lakers – there are no moments w/o that moment.

  • narlynareg

    For a few reasons my favorite Kobe moment was game 4 of the 2004 Western Conference Semi-Finals. It was such a pivotal game because the Spurs smoked us in games 1 and 2 and in game 3 we came back and made a HUGE statement. If you can recall, Kobe had to spend the day in Colorado that day and was able to leave court early enough to get back in time for the game. Even up until that day Phil didn’t know if Kobe would even start. Low in behold Kobe just went nuts on the Spurs D and dropped 42 in the most demoralizing fashion, he was scoring from all over and the Lakers came back from a 10 point deficit to win the game. For some reason that one always stick out for me, but a close second was game 6 of last years Western Conference Finals against Denver, where I saw Kobe maybe with the best COMPLETE game of his career. He was scoring and finding people from all angles, he wanted that game, the Lakers knew it, Denver knew it and everyone watching knew it. Wow, I am so lucky to be a fan and to be able to go to games and see this man in action. I have had the privileged of meeting him a few times and he has always been pretty cool with me and I am glad I get to share my passion and enthusiasm on here! Lets go for the repeat!!

  • Green Flannel

    The greatest moment for Kobe Bryant’s career was last season when, in Madison Square Garden (where everyone wants to shine at), surpassed Bernard King in scoring and the great one Michael Jordan. After all the great things he has ccomplished over the years he has finally topped all that off with an outstanding and record setting performance. I applauded him and thanked god for giving us one of the most gifted athletes of this nation.

  • Jamie

    To pick a favorite Kobe moment is pretty hard but the one that comes to mind happened in a very recent game.

    The game: December 16th against the Milwaukee Bucks. A lot of factors came into play at the start of this game. The Lakers came into the game coming off a game the night before, they just got into the city that day (rather than coming in the day before), and Kobe is still getting use to playing with the fracture index finger…

    Yes, Kobe missed the last shot in regulation to force the game into overtime. Yes, the Lakers were down by 6 with over a minute to go into OT. Yes, Kobe scores 5 points to pull the game within 1 with 5 seconds left to go in OT.

    But here is where my favorite moment happens —
    Kobe made the game winning shot. But what made this game winning shot different was that it was the same shot he missed in regulation. Kobe said that he knew why the original shot didn’t go in the first time, he made the adjustments and he wanted to get that next opportunity. He got that chance and it went in…an amazing player with an amazing work ethic.

  • L.Alaker_show

    it was defenetly this past year…just seeing that skull in his face throughtout the playoffs he wouldnt even crack a smile on postgame interviews even if it was a W and was being called grumpy..that right there just told me and eveyone else like im not happy just to be here and joke around like howard (NO offence to howard i know he wanted to win but at the same time u could tell he was happy just being there..and kobe could careless if it was the finals he just wanted to win that championchip or is failure season) well yeah like i was saying that skull kobe had thru out just told me he wanted it as bad as i did as a fan of cource…^this was my favorite kobe moment the 09 playoffs….

  • L.Alaker_show

    ^ i type it at 11:28 not 12:28

  • Mai

    My favorite Kobe moment is watching Kobe do his fave Horse shot because when he bounced the ball on the ground and still caught nothing but net it just solidified that no one can hold a flame to him, even when he’s just playing for fun

  • LakerZombie

    My favorite Kobe moment is simple, we all know he’s had numerous moments of sheer brilliance dazzling Laker and non-Laker fans alike. But for me, having watched him since he entered the NBA my fav Kobe moment was immediately after he won this past championship when he lept in the air and pumped his fist. The amount of weight on his shoulders from all that lead up to the moment (both on and off court) was immense and to finally see Kobe happy and feel that he’d earned the total respect of NBA fans everywhere was just a great moment for No. 24 :D

  • Joyce

    My favorite Kobe moment is the game with the Miami Heats where he made the game winner shot without looking at the rim this season.

  • lakerville213

    I recently lost my aunt on December 6, 2009. She passed away suddenly back home in the Philippines which leaves my 95-year old grandma alone now. That was just a few days after my birthday December 3 and Kobe’s miracle shot over Wade on the 4th. That birthday present from Kobe was unfortunately short-lived. My parents and I travelled to the Philippines to grieve with the rest of the family and spend time with our grandma. There have been a couple of deaths in our family in the Philippines and I really felt hopeless with all that was going around. But I was able to watch the following Bucks Vs Lakers game in the Philippines and that changed my whole outlook on our situation. That buzzer beater in overtime to beat the Bucks is my favorite Kobe moment. He showed me that heart and determination will always triumph over any tribulation. Even during that rough time the Lakers allowed me a small piece of joy.

  • joshua mejia

    Best kobe moment ever for me was when he scored 81pts in a single . . . Why because my buddies and I gathered our pennies bought some cheap tickets that night some how snuck down to the lower levels and witnessed it all up close and I still have my ticket stub to this day!!!

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Most memorable moment, for me, was Kobe’s cumulative performance for USA Basketball. His work in the purple and gold is quite exceptional, but the responsibility and leadership role he took on for the national team was one of the finest displays I’ve ever seen in sports history. He voluntarily asked to guard the opposing team’s best player. His teammates admitted that it was his work ethic that had the biggest impression on them personally and professionally. In particular, I remember the opening tip-off vs. Puerto Rico in the ’07 FIBA Championships in Vegas. The tip was a loose ball, which Kobe ended up diving on the floor to gain control. With 2 seconds burned off the clock, I almost turned to my wife and said “This game is over. We can go now if you want. You wanna hit some slots or a buffet or something…I hear The Rio has a good buffet.” It was that kind of dedication and heart that made the difference and lead that team back to the gold medal podium.

  • brilliantn

    My favorite Kobe moment was in 2007-2008 against Milwaukee Bucks. He was going into the locker room at half time and he looked up at me. I was wearing a #8 Kobe Bryant Jersey and I was “popping my collar” and i kept saying “GREATEST OF ALL TIME”. He smiled, pointed, and winked at me. He finished the game with 37 points ^_^.

  • Thomas

    How can you name a single moment about Kobe, as a favorite, when the man performs the incredible, nay the unbelieveable, on a regular basis. Of course, that just goes to show his character, determination, intellect and love for the game. So, where does all that come from? My favorite moment is not the show, or the miraculous, or the amazement. Mine is that moment when, in the Kobe Doing Work, when you really get to see inside the man, you get to see the way he thinks, the way he works. You get to see what it means to be him.

  • Jordan

    The best Kobe moment was the Phoenix series game 4 where Kobe hit the game tying layup to seal the comeback that put us into overtime. He then went on to hit a jumper with two defenders guarding him to win us the game. I had the good fortune of being at that game, and afterwards Kobe came over and pounded his chest to our section. Although its hard to pick just one Kobe moment, this had to be one of the best.

  • purple’n’gold

    my favorite was , when shaq foul out against the pacers on the playoffs and kobe took over(kobe hitting a jumper and going with his hands like calm down(team mates) i will lead us to a win. and eventually lakers winning the championship. now that my favorite kobe moment