Here at TLN, we obviously love the Lakers, but we also follow and support L.A. sports as well. Going with that theme, we have teamed up with the L.A. Galaxy to give away some tickets to Sunday’s Galaxy vs. Sounders playoff game (6:30pm, Home Depot Center)!

For your first chance to win a pair of tickets, tell us how you experienced the Lakers thrilling Game 7 victory over the Celtics last season! Leave your story in the comments section below. We will be selecting a couple (2) of our favorite entries later this evening.

Stay tuned to TLN for more opportunities to win!

  • Jill

    I celebrated the Lakers/Celtics game 7 victory by throwing a big party in a suite at the Ritz Carlton at L.A. Live & invited a friend of mine to perform after the game! I invited all my friends. It was good because we also had food & laker inspired cocktails (color purple). We decorated the room purple & gold; played games where we guessed the score to win Laker gear & accessories!

  • Tisha Cavazos

    we had a trip planned to boston for the dodgers vs red sox series and flew in on a red eye. got there thursday morning, watched some soccer then explored the city all decked out in lakers gear with our new friends we met on the plane. we …all headed to cask & flagons across the street from the green monster and watched game 7 there. we had about 20 people from our flight that came to hang out and watch with us b/c we figured nobody would mess with a big group. there were lots of “F**K that table” chants going on :) we got them back with an LA LA LA LA chant (sung to the tune of the olay soccer chant) and went completely insane when artest hit that last 3! only a couple of rocks were thrown, boston fans love their team but in the end they were really nice and really respectful of the rivalry…it was the best place we could’ve been other than being at the game!

    • Tisha

      found it! F*** THAT TABLE!!
      we love haters :)

  • Wicked1

    I experiend the Lakers Game 7 victory over the Celtics, in my room screaming and talking shit. Also, screaming “Lakers!” out the window, and listening to some of my neighbors doing the same, haha.

    PS: I love the LA Galaxy, they are the teams I support in MLS, since the beginning of the league.


  • Adrian

    I celebrated with a restaurant full of Lakers fans at Coconut Bay in Rowland Heights, CA. The moment the victory was in the bag, the crowd erupted and it felt like we were in the Staples center.

    This video says it all:

    • Jeff

      Ok, I was going to leave my story but after watching that video it damn near put a tear of joy in my eye!

  • Alex Gomez

    I actually took off to mexico for some family wedding before game 6..The town where i was staying is very small.. Majority of my family lives in the east or in Nor Cal. None whatsoever are Laker fans and i believe i had 2 Celtic fans in my family. My dad owns a bar out there..I decided to have a huge Laker party not only for my Family but for the people in the Town.. I came to find out that Majority of those people had never seen a Laker game but had heard of Kobe Bryant. I ended up paying for a Tv feed of the Laker game…By the end of the night i had everyone in the town and my family cheering the lakers on..It was a fun exp. because most of the people there had never seen a laker game, and for them to exp there first laker game watching one of the biggest rivalries in sports in a game 7 championship was something special to see..

  • Pablo Aviles

    I experienced Game 7 with my father. I grew up watching the Lakers with my father. Ever since I could remember it was always my dad and me watching the game. My dad is the type of man that during the first quarter if they are just losing by 2 points he is talking non sense on how the Lakers do not pick it up, that the Lakers are going to lose, that they need better role players etc. Well if you can imagine how he was during game 7. I am still surprised he didn’t break the television because of his frustration as the Lakers were down in Game 7. Well through the whole game I had to see my dad with anger and frustration. But as the end neared and the Lakers were having the big come back I could see my fathers excitement coming back. As the clock was winding down and we knew the Lakers would win I could see the joy in my fathers face. It is not just a great memory of what a game it was but i got to share it with my father who is the only one I would want to share such exciting Laker basketball. It’s tough watching a basketball game with my old man but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I still get chills watching Game 7. I have replayed it so many times.

  • Amy Le

    First of all…I watched every single second of the Galaxy’s loss to Real Salt Lake in the MLS Cup final last year and was absolutely devastated. But I knew that the Lakers would bring home a championship for LA so I gave up studying for finals to watch every single game in the playoffs. Game 7 was absolutely magical!!! I went to a friend’s apartment and we had a little Lakeshow viewing party. We never gave up hope during the first 3 quarters and when we won, went absolutely hysterical! Constant cheering and shouting, including tears. We ran out into the streets of Westwood cheering and were soon joined by tons of other college students, shouting as well. It was our own little street celebration and it was a moment that we will never ever forget!

  • Andres H.

    The plan was to watch the game at my friend’s house. It had been tradition as we had pretty much watched all playoff games at his house. He planned a special game 7 get-together. He called and told me, “hey dre, you better come cause not only is it tradition but I invited Gloria and I know you thought she was cute.” He was right on both points.

    Day before the game my parents ask for my opinion on the game. Obviously I told them we’d gut it out for the win and it was going to be epic. Then, unexpectedly, they asked me if I would watch the game with them.

    What to do? After careful consideration, I told them I’d most certainly watch it with them.

    They rushed home from work that day to watch the game with me. It was everything I thought it would be. For a second I swear my pops was going to have a heart attack. My mom, calm and confident as always, told him that everything was going to be OK. (This was when we were down 10+ points).

    Mom was right. And now we’re the back-to-back champs baby! A game for the ages. And a memory with mom and dad that I’ll never forget!

  • Tien Nguyen

    Well game seven victory over the Celtics was awesome. The lakers defense in the last quarter was astonishing. I was trash talking my home family when the Lakers won because they were anti-lakers. By the way the Galaxy are going to win it this year!

  • jesus

    I will never forget where I was for game 7. I was at home clinging on every single play. Eating hot wings asn drinking beer. I was stuck on the tv the whole time I didn’t move. I was yelling and screaming and cheering for the lakers ( I have been a laker fans as far as I remember). It was the moment I had been looking forward to all season. Repeat especilly sweet since we beat the celtics and shut them up. Looking forward to doing at again this year and next. Go Lakers!

  • Raj

    I am a die hard Laker fan for life. On the day of game 7, I was taken to the ER with a stabbing pain in my tummy. I was hospitalized and heavily sedated. The game was such a thriller that I was able to beat the sedatives and watch the game. The sweet victory over the Celtics was a pain releiver in itself!

  • Jamaal

    I was on Vacation on the east coast!!! In a bar full of Boston Celtrick fans screaming at the top of their lungs with my Laker jersey on, the ONLY laker fan in there! We shut that bar the hell up at the end of the game seeing soooo many Boston fans sick to their stomach was the best feeling next to sex I’ve EVER had!

  • wesam ibrahim

    game 7, my oh my how that day will stay with me til the day i move on to laker heaven…..i remember it like it was yesterday…me, my brother, sister in law n two cousins squeezed into his 2005 maxima, cruising the streets of la verne to find a spot to watch the game….as we struck out a couple times, panic started to appear…each person on their cell phone, calling multiple desired destinations to watch the game…striking out one after the other…game time was approaching quickly, so we decided to go to the only place that would accept us… the finish line…we made it just in time for tip off, with standing room only we ordered our food n drinks n watched the game….come halftime the lakers werent playing so good so we decided to forget this n head to where we enjoyed most of our laker games…we headed to my house n called up a few other people to meet us there…the third quarter was a disaster, n my house, a place where has been the home of broken dishes, left over trash n a mad house for many a laker game was quiet as an empty church…but then suddenly the lakers, our lakers stormed back to the most exciting thrilling come from behind victory or my life….down the stretch in the forth as mayhem n pandamonium set in, we could not even hear our own thoughts. dishes n glasses were broken, couches were stained n peoples hands were turning red from the emotional n devestating high fives being thrown around the room….as the dust had settled n the lakers had claimed the championship…at that point we had all made a pact….we would never have to worry about finding a spot where to celebrate a lakers victory together..cuz my house, big screen n all would be designated front row at all laker games….

  • Gloria

    Winning game Seven against the celtics had to be one of the most memorable and happiest moments in my life. I was so happy when it was the celtics lakers NBA finals. I wanted revenge for what happened during the 08 finals and but at the same I wouldve been devasted if we would of lost again. During game seven there was alot of emotions because one team was going to come out victorious. We were down most of the game but I knew Kobe and the lakers would not like to experience the defeat like in 08. The lakers never gave up and that’s what real champions due. Kobe for sure was not going to give up. The moment were Kobe chased down the ball down the court at the end will be in my head forever. I am glad that I will be able to tell my children and their children years from now that I witnessed a game seven between the lakers an celtics. It had to be one of the beat NBA finals I have seen:)

  • aret guzelses

    Me and bunch of my friends had a huge party…we were all geared up with our laker gear:D ordered pizza and had a lot of snacks!!! We were going crazzyyy…we were really nervous….we are die hard lakers fans!!! it was an amazing game and it was a day that cant be forgotten!!! lakerss are gonna go for three peat but galaxyy going for the cup now!! Go galaxy…Hope i can win these tickets!!!!:D

  • Kwame sucks

    L.A. has a soccer team? Interesting.

  • Melanie

    Game 7 :) ahhh. I was video chatting with my friend who was in her college dorm. She’s a Celtics fan. She had her Boston jersey on while i was wearing all of my gear. I was with huddled around the TV with my family and my laptop was on the table (because i was jumping around) while i was talking to my friend. My family started freaking out as the clock was winding down and her face was priceless. hahaha. After the win, my family drove to the Krispy Kreme in Burbank and bought a box of donuts to celebrate. haha

  • Sameer

    My game seven was the experience of a life-time. My graduation was at 7pm on that Thursday. While my friends and I were in the back waiting, we all had our phones out checking the scores. Oh! The lakers are starting off great! Oh the Lakers need to pick it up! The first quarter was very emotional not being able to see what was going on. As we were lining up, the Lakers were on a middle of a nice run to tie the game ending with that Artest steal. Half-time and the third quarter, was during the actual ceremony and everytime I looked at my phone I saw something I did not want to see. Lakers down by 4. Lakers down by 9. It threatened to ruin my high school graduation. After the ceremony, we were all released out to the greeting area at Azusa Pacific’s Felix Event Center. They I met with my family and my friends and was informed how the Lakers were getting embarrased and how Kobe had been a disappointment. However, it all changed when me and a group of friends ran in to the reception room where Campus Safety and others were watching the last part of the 4th quarter. The first play I saw when the game resumed and the place erupted. More and more people came in and filled the room as the Lakers eventually took the lead and held on. Every possession made me a nervous wreck. Every point had me jumping up and down even to the point where lost my “fake diploma”. When Rondo missed that last show chaos erupted and the place went bizerk. The feeling was tremendous and made it the best graduation ever. The night ended with my friends and I drove home, got ready and went to the school to get picked up to go to grad-night. That night was the best night in a long time for me, rocking the Artest 37 jersey all night long at DisneyLand. Truly a night to remember! Graduation out of highschool and seeing the Celtics heads down while Artest and the rest of the Lakers were going crazy over Staples.!

  • Mitchell

    I got my family into watching the lakers more and more towards the season ended and we watched every laker playoff game til they won. During game 7 i was with my family in the living room loving the game and having a great time. And once they won i was screaming, yelling “LAKERS!!” it was a blast

  • Lupe Vega

    Wow this day I could never forget!!! My family is a big sports family and as we know it we love the lakers. We go ecstatic over everything things they do. Since it was the last game of the playoffs my family decided to throw this big kickback at my house. All my family came over of course we had every type of food, drinks, chips, anything you name it for this event! We were all in my family room all my family screaming, clapping, every time the lakers scored booed at the celtics every time we thought they were doing a foul. The first quarter we were all ok saying lakers are doing ok they could do better, in the second quarter we were all bummed out cause the celtics were leading. By the beginning of the 3 were all like lets go lakers they have a good fresh start. The 4th quarter is so unexplainable my family and I went bananas we were jumping saying Lets go Lakers you got this beat the celtics and then that last second came and we’re all high fifing and hugging each other because our beloved Lakers had just won back to back champions. i for got to mention i was supposed to be at my friends graduation but I’m sorry to say the lakers are way more important the lakers are like my life!!!

  • Arbi

    Me and 10 of my friends were at one of our friend’s house. Our eyes were stuck on the tv screen watching the lakers game, for the WHOLE GAME. Nobody moved. Everytime something good would happen,we would scream LOUD. As the timer was winding down to 0, all of us were counting out loud. As soon as it hit zero seconds, we threw all the food up in air, and jumped on each other. Some of us even got teary eyed. We wasted no time in celebrating and we went on Hollywood Blvd. and started yelling with out Lakers jerseys. By the end of the night, our voices were completely gone.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    great night listening to everyone making excuses for bryant as he choked like only a pretend paper prem-a-donna…… that dog

    • LakersFirst

      Yea, but the LAKERS WON!!! BACK TO BACK WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! C’mon! I know you can say it… Give it a try






      Give it a try

    • showtime4eva

      choked? your talking about lebra…not Kobe.Kobe has five titles(championships) choke up’s don’t get those. always talking outta your ass.

    • bostonSUCKS88

      thats the thing laffs atu cant understand. THE LAKERS WON! had they lost then you can say kobe choked. but they won back to back titles. stop being stupid laffs atu and just accept the fact the lakers won. Kobe is now a 5 time champion and still has more years left no matter how much u hate him. Your ignorance used to be funny, now its just getting old.

  • lilkobe24

    I celebrated by watching it with my girlfriend then i was soooo happy when they won and then u know what happens next ;) i let it all out man.. best day ever.. think about this, repeat champs from lakers + having girlfriend with u = ooooo yeah :)

  • Kari

    I celebrated the Lakers victory away from Los Angeles. This past summer I got accepted as an intern at a summer camp for children with developmental disabilities. Being a die hard Laker fan and having to move to Northern California is the midst of the NBA finals was something that hurt quite a bit! Upon my arrival I soon discovered that not only was I away from my hometown team, but I was surrounded by Laker HATERS!! I wasn’t just in Northern California Sacramento Kings country but all my fellow interns were rooting for those ugly green guys. But being a true Laker fan, I bled purple and gold the whole series. Talking smack all those Celtics fans I was surrounded by, 7, wearing my vintage 1985 Lakers World Champs shirt (fitting because this was the first time the Lakers ever beat the Celtics) never doubting the strength of this team. When the last few minutes were closing in, I knew we had it and I was a giddy girl. As so as the finally buzzer rang I was able to rub it in everyones face- LAKERS were the world champs!!! This championship must have been a sign because it led into the most amazing summer, working with the most amazing kids who changed my life. I like to think that the LAKERS had a lot to do with it!

  • Carlo

    beloved Los Angeles Lakers won their sixteenth NBA Championship against the disgusting green-clad Boston Celtics in a nail biter game 7. I was in school at the time, but thanks to modern technology and the power of the hall pass, I was constantly keeping the score. Just to recap, the crucial game began with the Lakers playing like a herd of lost sheep. It was only the first quarter and the Celtics were pummeling them to a point that it seemed like the game was practically over.

    Boston lead 23-14 as recess began, being a fan and journalist until the end, I planned to wear my purple and gold apparel the night before. The Celtics bandwagon was out in full force, mocking me for donning my purple and gold over the proper green school uniform. It was a little sharp to hear because I knew the abuse that my team was taking in those very moments, but my composure is just too high for a mere schoolmate to crack. I headed back into class for two more periods, I prayed and asked God to help Kobe and company to remain resilient despite the huge deficit.

    I was like a worm in my seat, I couldn’t stop moving and being anxious about what was going down. I went to the comfort room four times in two hours to “magically” know the score. It became more and more exciting each time because according to my info, the Lakers were cutting down the deficit and inching closer to a comeback. Ron Artest was putting the world champions on his back, come fourth period, I once again asked to go to the comfort room, and when I got there, I saw this; “Final Score: Lakers 83 Celtics 79.”

    As per-my ritual, I paraded around the campus at lunch wearing all my Laker bling and waving the flag I brought with me. The most entertaining part about the whole experience was when I walked into the cafeteria early, the people inside started clapping and howling, doing the L.A. sign that I was flashing at them. It felt pretty bad ass to get that kind of treatment, now I know why people who perform on stage love it so much. Of course there were a couple uneducated rascals who either called out some profanity as I passed or thought that I was just plain crazy, but when your favorite sports franchise wins a championship, none of those fools can make you lose your groove.

    As a way to pay tribute to yet another beautiful season, I took some of my grandfather’s champagne and did it Laker style, poured it all over myself to feel the bubbly ecstasy. It wasn’t just the Lakers that won; it was the city of Los Angeles, journalists like myself who wrote about their season, the fans, the people that believed and that sick little boy in the hospital who’s wish was to see Derek Fisher hoist up his fifth trophy. By Phil Jackson policy, the Lakers are entitled to win next season as well. Who’s ready for the threepeat!?

  • joseph

    i went onto facebook and got revenge on of my friends who were celtic fans and made fun of me 2 years before. Also before i did that. The day of the game was my cousins birthday, so my whole family was together for the game. A count of around 60 people all sitting around one big screen chanting like we were actually at the game! After the lakers won we all exploded in joy about us beating the celtics in game 7 plus being back 2 back champs. Theres no life like being a Lakers fan.

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  • ockid

    Am I the only one that actually went to game 7? Sure..I was sitting up in the 300 section but the videos/stories posted here are weak in comparison to the noise we made during artest’s 3, sasha’s FTs, and the final buzzer. Anyone else that went to the game agree? :)