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Well, it was just meant to be for longtime Laker Fan Marco Comia

He will be at Game 1 sitting in Section 114 Row 8 for SUNDAY’S game. (A $700 dollar value) Courtesy

Here is what Marco said when he found out that he won!

Winning these tickets has probably been some of the most exciting news I’ve had in a LONG time. Being so busy with the Marines and work, I haven’t been able to attend a Laker game this season which is really rare and disappointing .You have no idea how excited I am for this. I have never won anything whenever I sign up for these giveaways, and for the first time to be LAKERS PLAYOFF tickets is just too unreal!

I will be taking my brother who is just as much of a Laker fan as I am, and probably the only one who deserves to watch this game with me in my opinion because this previous year has been rough for him as well. Laker Nation has been on my bookmark tab since it was GetGarnett. I love staying updated with current laker news and there is no other site that does it better than

I’ve even purchased some of the merchandise like Kobe’s mock pinky brace!! Anyway, i just want to say THANK YOU so much for this opportunity and you better believe I will lose my voice after this game because I intend to be the loudest fan out there tomorrow! GO LAKERS! THREE-PEAT!

Congratulations, to Marco, and thank you for all that participated. We will have more contests like this throughout the playoffs. So stay tuned to Laker Nation!