thisfooLakers Examiner: We all know the story by now.

The Los Angeles Lakers build a 20+ point lead going into the fourth quarter, only to see it whittled down to single digits with five minutes left.

It has almost become a broken record, or a skipping cd, or a bad MP3. After every game it’s the same discussion:

“Why can’t the Lakers put anybody away?” “They’re not gonna get away with this against good teams,” “They just don’t have the killer instinct.”

The most recent example is last night’s 107-96 series-clinching win over the Utah Jazz. As usual, the game was a lot scarier than the score would indicate. The Jazz cut the Lakers’ 22-point lead down to just six with three minutes to go, before the Lakers went on a final push to put the game out of reach.

So the question is, are the Lakers going to be able to win games like that once they start playing better teams?

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  • Chris Manning

    The real question here is why is everyone writing the Jazz off like a bad team like Detroit… please.

  • Michael_23

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    Kobe says the Jazz are not a true #8 seed. Can’t compare the Jazz with the Pistons. I gotta admit, the Jazz played more physical than the Lakers this series. They just don’t have the talent to beat the Lakers. Lamar and Shannon Brown really stood out for me. Kobe is gonna get his. The rest need to wake up with a killer instinct and never turn off the switch like they did last year –> Game 4 NBA Finals vs Celts losing a 20+ lead in the 4th.

  • Dragon

    I think in this game they blow the big lead was because of the second unit didn’t play well and Sasha isn’t hitting his shots right now. The second units better get better when they face Houston.

  • spongebob

    PG Fish/Brown/Farmar
    SG Kobe/Sasha/Brown
    SF Ariza/Luke Morrisson
    PF Odom/Powell/LUke
    C Gasoft/drew/dJ

  • jason

    you really don’t want to get into the habit of blowing big leads. They know what they need to fix.

    We had a similar habit last year and the only lead we blew that actually cost us the game was Game 4 in LA against the Celtics. I think that should be motivation enough to get our act together. I don’t care if you win 95% of the games you blow a lead for, that 5% will never happen at a good time.

  • zgum

    Will the Lakers be able to turn it on when it counts?


  • roro

    we will not give up leads because derek fisher said so…and he meant it.

  • dracul

    The habit of blowing big leads can be easily fixed with a timeout. If this is the only apparent problem that the Lakers have been ‘exposed’ for, then i’ll take it. The season has shown that the Lakers show up when faced with a good team – and so far it appears that they will only bring their A game when insulted by a team trying to or beating them. This is why I think they can go 4-1 through the West.


  • WifelovesLuke

    History tends to repeat itself. That said, I am not worried. Remember that it’s a series, not one and done. A team like the Lakers can have one bad game on the road and still come out on the other end with a series “W”. Does anyone in here really think there is a team in the NBA that can beat the Lakers 4 times in a series? NOPE!

  • Jason

    One thing I think every one needs to remember, the Jazz are an excellent team and no way were they going to just get blown out of the building.

    Second I hate when every one keeps saying Jordan’s teams never would give up leads, that’s complete bs. Go back and actually watch the games, they gave up plenty of leads, so did the 3 peat Lakers. It happens, it’s a game of runs.

    I know Sasha got the STD for the last game but I don’t think he is deserving of it. He’s actually playing well, with in the system, hustling and being where he should be most of the time, playing decent defense. If he can ever start connecting on his shot you all would be saying how he’s the 4th best player in the team. Sasha is logging a good amount of minutes for a reason.

  • dEDGE

    The Lakers are a relatively young team and they have a tendency to start believing all of the hype written about them. A loss is sometimes a good thing, because it jars them back into reality. It’s like Kobe and the seven dwarfs, Lazy, Bored, Play Me, Play Him, Mopey, Sleepy, and Ears. I definitely see a killer instinct, but we are taught to love our neighbors. Beat them gently Lakers.