Photo Credit: ProHoopsCentral

We’re not where we should be.  We’re not what we expected to be.  We’re not winning games.  We’re not the Los Angeles Lakers right now.

The Lakers season has gotten off to a rocky start to say the least, and all of this without Steve Nash.  There has been heavy speculation that when Steve Nash returns, all of our problems will disappear and we’ll be back to where we’re expected to be.

As much as I want to believe this, I have my reservations about putting all my faith into one man.  Steve Nash, however, isn’t an ordinary man. He is extremely talented, and is one of the best PG’s to ever play the game.  I still don’t think he will be the man to change everything around and make us the team we should be at this point in the season.

Of course I’m not saying the Lakers won’t be better with Nash’s return. Certainly they’ll be much better.  However, expecting instant, 100% change upon his return is quite simply foolish.  Nash must get his work in with the team, and get a good feel on how everyone plays before it will start to make an impact upon the season.  Once the Lakers find out how to play with each other at everyone’s full potential, then, and only then, will the Lakers fully realize the power house team that they can’t seem to bring out of the shadows.

I hope with the return of Nash, that the Lakers will return to original expectations as soon as possible. I just don’t want fans to get there hopes up and be disappointed, as seems to be the general mood this season.

Over time, the Lakers will improve greatly, and they will start to become the dominant team we all know they have the potential to be.  Getting to that point may be a bit of a bumpy road though, and most likely will not have fans as happy as they want to be.  Once they get to that point though, fans will be cheering at the top of their lungs and hopefully watching footage of their favorite team doused in champagne in June.