Fox Sports: For the past decade, it didn’t take a lot of keen perspective while peering into the foggy crystal ball known as NBA preseason predictions to recognize the uniforms of the San Antonio Spurs. They did win four of nine titles from 1999 to 2007 and were favorites again last season when they came up short in the Western Conference finals to the Los Angeles Lakers.

And it certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to put the Spurs in the mix again to win the West. But this time around the Lakers are not coming out of nowhere. They are not just a bunch of upstarts around 2008 MVP Kobe Bryant … in fact, until their bench’s collapse in the Finals to the Celtics in June, many believed them to have the best depth in the NBA.

So as we take a look at the West this time around, it’s impossible not to have great expectations for the Lakers with Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom and Co. playing for coach Phil Jackson, who just happens to have the best winning percentage of all time in both the regular season and postseason.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

OK, Lakers fans, you can start breathing again now that it is apparent Kobe Bryant’s knee hyperextension this week was a false alarm. The more interesting analysis will be whether or not Phil Jackson opts to bring Lamar Odom off the bench, how well Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will fit together, and whether Jordan Farmar is ready to take over as the starting point guard.

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  • Harris Tyler


    u see well the lakers just wont because the rockets are back this year and ron artest will beat up kobe and take over… the rockets are gunna be 82-0 and win the championship and dj strawberry will get the mvp and get 48.5 points a game 14 assists a game and 18 rebounds a game… theres no stopping dj strawberry….

    Oh and two more things KOBE SUCKS BALLS!!!!! and GO ROCKETS DJ STRAWBERRY FOR MVP!!!

  • Phil Jackson

    Now I never go on this site but i was just seeing what people were saying and this very intelligent kid Harris Tyler is probably going be right this year because i haven’t told anybody but kobe is going be out for the season with an infected spleen. And i’ve dj strawberry play and he is is way better than kb24 and MJ… there is no comparission out there to dj strawberry.

  • Phil Jackson

    and one more thing… Harris Tyler i want you to come to the games… i can see a coach in you… besides i need somebody to come with me when i go to kobes house and kill him… I’ve already talked to andre kirelinko and he’s bringing his AK-47… so can you please come to one of the games so i can have a “meeting” with you…..

  • killua24

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    hey, admin why are they here?
    kick their a** out of here…

  • west213

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    lmao r u facking dreaming son??!!

  • http://n/a Tyler Yeaman

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    So, just because they have Ron Artest, it makes them unbeatable? The same Artest that has been run out of two teams. The same Artest that plays great at times but most of the time is a nuisance? You think he is their prayers? The Rockets cant even get out of the first round. I doubt they can even beat Utah or New Orleans or even San Antonio. What are you smoking?

    The Lakers are back and even better than last year with the allstar of Andrew Bynum and improving cast. Oh, and dont forget Kobe, the best player on the planet.