Will Bynum And Ariza Comeback This Weekend?

    From what Phil said in this video, “Ariza no, Bynum perhaps…” Good news, right? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think.

    CBS2: Prior to Tuesday night’s game in Portland, I asked Phil Jackson if Andrew Bynum or Trevor Ariza could return by the weekend? Watch his response right here on kcal.com and be sure to t watch Sports Central every night at 10:45P on KCAL9 HD

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    • allan

      the way bynum’s comeback kept getting pushed back reminds me of how Smash Bros Brawl kept getting delayed.

      i don’t think it’ll take too much time for bynum to make an impact. his uncanny ability to dominate rebounds, put back offensive rebounds, and finish alley oops is something he can do rolling out of bed. i’m not worried about him trying to get reacquainted with the offense & team because he can do his damage off the ball while he’s working his way back to 100%. his lateral movement on defense might not be as good as it used to be, but that will come as he trusts the knee more.

    • Keep Odom

      I doubt it. The Lakers organziation kept saying Pau was coming back for quite some time and he never did. I am going to remain optimistic and hope but I will not get my hopes up and I will just wait until he comes back.

    • kb24

      Pau never came back, what

    • gugy

      I hope so, we need everybody for the playoff push.

      Go Lakers!

    • vida8

      Like a stu ..said i believe it when i see it !

    • xtro

      I don’t listen to Phil anymore when talking about the return of Bynum and Ariza. I’ll believe it when I see them. Playoffs!!!!

    • Laaffiliation024

      lol. i wouldnt get my hopes up. (Prove me wrong Phil!)

    • DingleBerry

      not a moment to soon. lakers suck without them on defense. they come back strong we have a good chance if they come back less than 80% we’ll look at next year!!!!!

    • ab17

      i wouldnt rush them
      why are we panicing we know theyre gonna be in time for the playoffs
      yes playoff positioning is important but having everybody healthy in time for the playoffs is much more important!!!

    • Sako

      Better Question: Will Bynum And Ariza Ever Comeback?

    • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

      What is taking so long for them to come back? And Good Question Sako.
      [Comment ID #32204 Will Be Quoted Here]

      I can’t wait it is like ‘Showtime’ is back in L.A.
      We got Candace Parker!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That is going to be a cool duo to see
      a Lisa Leslie- Candace Parker DUO (imagine :) )

      Welcome CP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laaffiliation024

      * its the LAKERS nation. not the sparks
      she’s just a nappy headed ho like Imus said

    • mars

      iono but all this undecisiveness is driving me crazy!!
      can they please come back already??!

      ps. the portland game was ridiculous! how come we can never win there!! and we coulda been only a half game back from hornets!!! AGHH!

    • http://lakers.com Billy Kupchak

      drew should be 100% by the second or 3rd round

    • goodfella

      does anybody else think Stu-pid Lantz is annoying as hell



    • DAFAB4

      people who think that bynum wont make and impact even though he’s under 100% is an idiot.

    • ab4sure

      Bynum yes.. Ariza 2nd rd…

    • chinese guy

      Bynum will dress vs clippers….

      April fools….

    • MILO

      [Comment ID #32211 Will Be Quoted Here]

      that little fag should have been back a long time ago…

    • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

      Goodfella, sometimes Stu over-states issues, if you will… In these cases, I agree, he can be annoying sometimes.

    • tradekwame11

      I hope Drew plays Friday cause Im going to the game

    • Jesse

      I agree that Stu can get annoying sometimes but I also enjoy his insight to the game. I’ve heard some of the other commentators in the league and I think we’re very fortunate to have the commentators we have.

      I really hope Bynum comes back this weekend. I’m going to the game on Tuesday against the Queens and I’d love to see Bynum in person. It’ll take him a couple of games to get back into the mix but he should be ready during the first round.