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Two Thirds of the “Killer Bees” have big decisions to make at the end of this season, and it seems one of them may be more likely to stay then the other.

Matt Barnes and Shannon Brown have player options next season for the Lakers. Barnes, has a $1.91 million player option next season, and Shannon Brown has a $2.37-million option.

Matt Barnes, according to the LA Times, has said he is comfortable exercising his option.

“At this point, I want to win,” Barnes said. “Unless it’s something where people say, ‘You’re dumb for turning that down,’ I don’t really see myself making a move.”

Shannon Brown has yet to commit either way

“I don’t know, man,” Brown said Tuesday. “There’s a lot that weighs in while thinking about this process.” [testing free agency would be] “the best scenario, I guess. But unlike last year, when I was thinking about it and thinking about it, this year it really hasn’t been on my mind as much because there’s a lot of history that can be made this year. That really honestly has been my focus

Shannon Brown in 19.4 minutes per game, is averaging 9.1 points, 1.2 assist, and shooting 36% from three point range. While, Matt Barnes, in 19.9 minutes a game, is averaging 7.2 points, 1.5 assist, and shooting 34% from three point range.

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  • http://jtshoopsblog.blogspot.com/ jtshoopsblog

    Don’t know whether the market will be any good for the two of them/ The collective bargaining agreement will be up for renewal and there is a lot of uncertainty/ Best to stand pat and see what unfolds.

    • Phyllis0615

      I agree with your point completely. Which is why I think they both will stay. Also for the Lakers it is a financially win-win situation for them considering what they are currently paid and will be paid next season.

  • Phyllis0615

    Interesting. They both are leaving the door open…in both of their comments neither one says anything too concrete in either direction (in my opinion). Barnes basically said unless he is offered more money elsewhere and Brown is basically saying he has not really thought about it and is focused on winning. I hope they both stay..and believe they will. In the mean time lets focus on the 3peat!

  • rondo

    Barnes will stay because he’s looking for stability.

  • Vic The Brick’s illegitimate son!

    They’ll both stay

  • lakerman1

    Matt seems to know what he wants and i believe he is saying unless someone offers him something that would not make sense to turn down he would rather stay with a championship contender and pile up as many C’S as he can. And if he handles his finances correctly and lives within his means a little under 2mil a year will still afford him a nice and comfortable lifestyle.

  • BooCocky

    They will stay and they will both opt out and sign bigger lucrative deals with the lakers. When the lakers signed that deal with time warner, money became a non-factor.
    So an extra 5-10m a year means nothing to stay competitive. Buss is a smart man and knows that spend a little more now to make a lot more later is the way to go.

  • GreenPuke

    I think if They win the title this yr they both will stay but if they dont then I can see both bolting

  • Ronin99

    Keep them both and dump Fluke!!! Will that work?

  • Short Dog Loc

    Wack story.
    Don’t worry about it.
    Go Lakers

    • LakerMarc

      You’re back!!???? A little early to be thinking about this Dave! But not a whack story just a whack comment from a WHAnCKer ….go away short dog…go away for good

  • http://www.letshannonwalk.com Let Shannon Walk

    Let Shannon Walk dot com

  • NoDefense

    If they don’t perform in playoffs it doesn’t matter what they want,we cleaned bench last year.

  • Jr Dayao

    I hope so that Barnes will stay, but I’m thinking of Brown, because he’s becoming so inconsistent, and he’s becoming trigger happy to shoot those 3’s

  • Jr Dayao

    The Lakers must retain the following:

    Fisher (somehow), hehe

    But we need to fill the guards position with young blood (cheap prices) that can speed up the tempo a little bit and defend the opposing guards

  • Brown Hater

    I hope Barnes stays but he might opt out just to try and get a better deal from the Lakers maybe like a 2 or 3 year deal to give him a little stablity. As far as Brown if he opts out I say let him go I’m sure they can find someone to replace his sorry ass.

  • http://msn.com LA West 44

    Barnes is still not 100% and has given the Lakers second unit some speed and explosion to the rim. Brown started out like gang-busters at the begiining of the year, then has tailed off some. I think the best bet would be to try to retain Barnes as he gives LA a little more in terms of overall talent

  • deemac1

    Before Shnnon gets all high and mighty looking to test free angency he better take a look at Trevors career and how that move for more money bit him in the @ss! Aint gonna be that easy to score on another team with him being a main focal point in an offense. Here he gets good looks cause teams have to double 2 possibly 3 players. Hope he is smart. As for Barnes, he aint going no where, he home now. Grew up out here and im sure he wants to keep it that way

    • June15

      Shannon needs to stay….always chasing the money isnt the best idea. And Matt probrably stays as well…unless he gets more money (as he stated before)…he did give up A LOT to come/stay in LA. At this point I think they both stay. The both add something different and I think they would play even better coming off the bench next year. More importantly, it will be interesting to see who becomes the coach next year.

  • Westnex

    lakers should trade steve blake and matt barnes for mo williams and deandre jordan