Derek is too valuable to let go, whether many fans like it or not.

O.C. Register: I did not tell Derek Fisher he is slow and done and the problem with the Lakers.

I did the next-best thing, as far as many Lakers fans are concerned: I told Fisher you think he is slow and done and the problem with the Lakers.

He smiled.

He could smile because he is uncommonly confident and because I was bringing it up at a time when Fisher had just reiterated his worth not just to this franchise through the past but to this team right now.

He had 14 points on 50 percent shooting, six assists, two steals and one turnover Saturday night, when the Lakers won in Portland without sore-ankled Kobe Bryant. Beyond the numbers, Fisher was the undeniable leader on the court all night long – Pau Gasol might be the second All-Star, but he was the one needing counsel from Fisher during second-half warmups – with words that alternately educated and encouraged so many teammates.

It was no coincidence that Fisher was more assertive in Bryant’s absence.

“He and I are co-captains, and we work together to manage this team,” Fisher said. “So when he’s out, I know guys are going to look to me more than usual, so I just try to be even more vocal, more aggressive, stronger out there on the floor. They need to see me not worried about the fact that Kobe’s not playing – and I don’t think they’ll worry much about it either.”

I did not tell Fisher he is slow and done and the problem with the Lakers because I do not believe it is true – even if so many others do.

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  • Old School Laker Fan

    D Fish / aka Ron Harper and B shaw. You can’t have young bucks running around without a coach on the floor. Phil has always liked a older Vet on his squad even if he sits on the bench.

  • Anthony

    Fish is great when it comes to his invaluable experience, but he just doesn’t have it 90% of the time. Look at it this way: if we had a good point guard we might not need to be bailed out by fish when he does make those big shots or other big plays.

    Trade for Hinrich and be done with it.

  • daboss1848

    Although i do realize your sole purpose is to rile up the youngens, you could still accomplish your goal without displaying ignorance. Roy’s game status has nothing to do with Fisher’s importance.

  • lakerfan90

    So he has ONE good game and everythings fine now. It doesnt change the fact that fish will not start after this season (and shouldnt start now in my opinion). I agree that every team needs a veteran presence and i still want fish in the team but with a less active role (limited minutes). Portland is one of few teams WITHOUT a quick speedy pg. fish lucked out he got old, slow, non-jumping andre miller. Last nights game does not justify him constantly going 2-7 or 1-5 and not contributing offensively and defensively (no because of effort but because of age). The author is rude nonetheless, just because we think he is old and washed up doesnt mean u tell him that. He still deserves respect.

    • WifelovesLuke

      So it’s ok for you guys to just talk garbage on the internet? Interesting!

    • daboss1848

      ROFL – its much more respectful to talk isht about ppl behind their back – every1 knows that.

      Fish lucked out on Friday too – he got old, slow, non-jumping Chauncey Billups.

      Respect – its a nice word to thow around, but if u dont know what it means, its preferable you dont use it in the same paragraph where disrespect is shown.

  • Luke makes me Puke

    Is there a worse point guard shooting in the paint? Fisher is the worst point guard in the league BY FAR when it comes to shooting in the paint. When his shot is contested he ends up flailing his arms wildly and begging for a foul. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!

    • bostonSUCKS88

      Sorry, but you are absolutely pathetic. Since when has the triange needed an aggressive PG. Go back at look at PJ’s point guards on championship teams. You will see what I mean. The thing that his PG’s have in common is the ability to hit open 3’s and clutch shots.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Bless you bostonSUCKS88. Could not have said it better…Well I can try. lol

  • LakersBabe

    i love fish but he is slowing down and his shot is not dropping regularly. offensively we don;t really need him to score but its hurting us defensively.

    too many quick guards are blowing by him. we need another point guard not named farmar. someone about 6’4″ that plays D.

    devin or kirk shuld work

  • Sasha4Lvp

    hey im in full support of keeping fish on the team…but he should not be starting. if we can trade for a PG, then fish would do wonders leadership wise for the 2nd unit. his leadership and toughness cannot be questioned, but he just simply doesn’t have the speed to be a starting PG anymore. if we can trade for hinrich or any PG and have fish be the PG for the second unit, we would have a perfect situation. i am hoping the lakers dont trade him.

  • WifelovesLuke

    I love how you guys talk about how slow Fish is. Fish has never been fast. It’s not like he lost a step. He never had one in the first place. The other thing most of you forget is that the triangle offense does not need a true point guard. Then you guys go on and on about how all the speedy guards beat Fish of the dribble when Fish is just funnelling the guard in a direction he wants him to go because that’s where the help defense is. Come on, guys. Grow some basketball IQ before you just jump on the hater wagon!

    • Green Flannel


    • Luke makes me Puke

      Yeah, we sure did a great job funneling Chauncey last Friday.

      • WifelovesLuke

        Um….didn’t Chauncey make 9 three pointers? Seriously, man! You make me puke with your ignorance!

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    cause he’s smart an has gut’s he’s old is a reliable matter his age,thus far

  • xtro

    sure having d. fish still good for the team, but the team will be better if we get a young defense-minded point guard like kirk hinrich or devin harris. do it mitch!