HOOPSWORLD.COM: Well, I hope you’re happy, Danny Ainge. You got your superstar forward in Kevin Garnett, but you have really messed things up for the rest of us. Who are we supposed to talk about now?

For the last two years, Kevin Garnett has dominated trade speculation for fans and analysts of pretty much every single team in the NBA. Now we all need to find someone else to concoct ridiculous trade scenarios around. Sure, we could actually do something more productive with our time, but conjuring up potential trades is just so much fun. I mean really, you don’t expect us to actually do our jobs when we could be playing around with ESPN’s Trade Machine, do you?

There are certainly a few big names out there that are available for trade, but if they really want to take the mantle as the NBA’s leading trade target, they need to meet a few criteria. First off, they actually have to be someone the team would actually trade away. Begging to be traded isn’t going to do it (sorry, Kobe). They also actually have to be tradeable. Guys with dwindling talent or monstrous contracts aren’t going to make the cut. Finally, the mere mention of the player’s name should excite even the most casual fan. Diehard hoop fans can really appreciate the talent of a guy like Luol Deng, but most people think Luol Deng is some sort of foreign film.

With that set of criteria in mind, here are the candidates:

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