jeanieLakers Examiner: Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson recently refuted NBA commissioner David Stern‘s claim that a woman would possibly play in the NBA in the next 10 years.

Jackson acknowledged that female athletes are getting bigger, faster, and stronger, but said that males are growing at the same rate, so there will continue to be a significant gap between the two.

However, just because a woman won’t be playing for the Lakers in the forseeable future doesn’t mean that the fairer sex isn’t important to the franchise. With that in mind, here are the candidates for MVF (Most Valuable Female) for the Lakers organization (in no particular order):

Jeanie Buss - The daughter of legendary owner Jerry Buss has helped the Lakers in numerous capacities. She is an executive in the front office, but more importantly she serves as the Zen Mistress, keeping Phil calm and peaceful off the court. Not to mention she’s the only member of the Lakers to have posed nude in a magazine (link is safe for work…sort of). Although I hear PlayGirl is knocking DJ Mbenga‘s door down.

Vanessa Bryant - Laker fans try to push it out of their minds, but with all this Tiger Woods hoopla it’s hard to forget what happened just six years ago in Colorado. No matter how you feel about the situation morally, you have to agree that the Lakers owe many thanks to Kobe Bryant‘s wife, Vanessa. Who knows what kind of downward spiral Kobe’s game would have gone into had she decided to leave him? Instead she stuck with him, stabilizing Kobe’s family life and allowing him to stay focused on basketball. Needless to say things have gone pretty well for him on the court since then.

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