The answer is unanimous…

  • two0one7

    Damn right!

  • Bryan


  • Shaq786

    the answer wasnt uninamous, first of all

    and ali, trying to act like borat???

    one worst coordinated videos ever!!…. if u wanna who the best player is, ask the best players… not a bunch of scrubs, rookies, washed up vets, and monta ellis.

    nevertheless, kobe is the best invidual player, no doubt… team player… i dunno, ima prob have to go with KG or DUNCAN

  • daboss1848

    that voice is like nails on a chalkboard . . .

  • josh

    regarding this eli guy…

    how the hell does a guy like that get a job like that????

  • myriam

    Exactly!!! Even C Barkley say that. AMEN!!!!

  • getHIMoffTHEair

    this video wasn’t that interesting because i think we’ve established this fact several times over the course of the past couple seasons… but what WOULD be interesting is a video that showed what these players were thinking when this guy with a little girls voice was asking them these stupid questions.

  • Mr.81

    I hate that guy. He asks so many stupid questions (you hear him on the Lakers practice reports) and his voice is so annoying!