After last night’s epic battle, the bottom three teams in the Western Conference are now separated by a mere half game. The lower echelon consists of the Lakers (11-8), Denver (11-8), the Warriors (10-8), and followed by consensus playoff contender Houston (10-9). It’s not as though the teams with better records are a picnic to move beyond either.

If the season continues at this pace, our team will squeak into the playoffs and face a very formidable opponent in the first round. The question will not be, “can we win” but rather “will we win?” The Lakers have the ability to beat most teams on a given day, but winning a seven game series followed by another seven game series followed by another and yet another is quite a
different story than winning one game on a given day.

I posed the question earlier in the season, “Do the Lakers Have What it Takes?”

Nearly 20 games into the season, you can forecast our chances at succeeding in the four series gauntlet leading to an NBA title with some decent accuracy.

This article has been three full weeks in the making because I didn’t want to be accused of having knee-jerk reactions.

Picking up from where we left off last season, our developing youth truly has developed. It’s no surprise that Andrew Bynum has led the way in this respect. Last season, Andrew (or Socks as I call him) was the biggest bartering chip the Lakers had. With his potential coming further into fruition, Andrew is now off the table completely. In fact, the only player whom the Lakers were willing to give Andrew away for was Garnett. As Tuesday’s game showed us all, the lowly talent we offered for Garnett was no match for the titans of basketball that McHale received in exchanged for K.G. While most of us were gleeful that our depleted squad could still cut through their defense like a hot knife through butter, fans in Minnesota have seen the truth: McHale sold them out in order to resurrect the old Leprechaun.

Jordan Farmar was rumored to have been a throw-in to several deals, including one that would send Jermaine O’Neal to the Lakers. His consistent effort and performances have come to no surprise to L.A. fans that follow UCLA. A small percentage of the Lakers Nation knew that Jordan would eventually approach a high level guard in the NBA. Right now, he’s the closest player we have to Tony Parker, and Jordan will continue to improve not only as the season progresses, but from season to season. Jordan Farmar is only 20 years old. However, management likely does not consider Farmar untouchable and in fact might be one of their best bartering chips.

At the end of last season, Lakers fans were enthusiastic about Lamar Odom. He “bled purple and gold” in our final game against Phoenix. Last season, Lamar went through things that none of us would even wish upon our greatest enemies. He lost his son, his all-star season was derailed by injury, and he had to have his shoulder surgically repaired at season’s end. In the off season, fans across the country debated if trading Odom for K.G. or O’Neal would even improve our team’s chances at the O’Brien. Without the benefit of pre-season, Odom has had to work his way into game shape. His outside shot and overall game performances have been inconsistent at best.

Lakers fans are, by nature, an optimistic bunch. We tend to look for the silver lining and find the good in our players and our team. Our view of Lamar Odom over the past 4 seasons has been shaped by these optimistic perspectives. During this time, we’ve heard time and time again from various TV analysts that “the Kobe and Lamar tandem just doesn’t work”. Like many of you, I’ve wondered why these commentators always have something negative to say about our team.

However, this season, most fans have been watching with a wayward eye. Much of this was due to all the off-season speculation and pending need to improve our team quickly. With this, the preponderance of fans have come out in favor of trading Lamar Odom. The minority still believe that Lamar is the real leader of the Lakers and that everyone else has forgotten his brilliant games, such as the one he put up against Detroit earlier in the season. According to these fans, Lamar is still working himself into shape and we will soon see why he has a star shaved into his head.

The question of the day isn’t “are we a good team” or “do we have solid players” or even “can we win,” but rather the question of the day is “where do we go from here?”

As stated, you can forecast for yourself our odds of succeeding at the four series gauntlet.

With Kobe still furious over perceived attitudes, comments, incapability, and disrespect from certain people in the Lakers front office, sitting back for a few seasons while “the team” develops might not be the best route. Still, there are fans who believe this is the best route.

With Kwame Brown’s contract expiring at season’s end, we may lose him to free agency if a team decides they need a big strong body down low to put them over the top. This could mean Kwame is offered as much as the MLE this off season. Kwame does bring quality to the Lakers’ front line, mostly because he’s a better fit right now than Chris Mihm. Still, Kwame’s expiring contract would be value to a team that finds itself stuck with a lousy long term contract. This would mean Kwame has significant trade value under the following conditions: a team must have a player with a long term expensive contract that will keep them from rebuilding.

Lakers fans have purposed trades such as Ron Artest for Kwame Brown straight up. In a purple and gold world, this could happen. Let’s face it though, we live in the real world. Ron’s contract is already expiring, so Kwame holds no value to the Kings. Technically, O’Neal’s contract is also expiring should he opt out, but for all practical purposes, O’Neal would have to throw away tens of millions of dollars to opt out and if he walked, you could say his entire $20 million paycheck is expiring.

In New Jersey, Jason Kidd continues to play extremely well but also extremely displeased. Last night he missed the game because of a “headache”. Kidd’s hiatus was only surpassed earlier this season by the opposing point guard, Marbury. Jason Kidd’s large multi-year contract would make New Jersey a viable trade destination for someone such as Kwame.

December 15th is now 9 days away. What’s so special about this day? It’s the first day that recent free agent signings are eligible to be traded. This means trades are much more feasible for all teams in the NBA, not just the Lakers.

We all have an opinion as to where we should go from here. Some say we ought to package Lamar & Kwame for a bigger named player. Some say we ought to stand pat and allow our team to grow. Others say we can afford to make small sacrifices to tweak what we already have. Some fans, still simmering from events a few months ago, say we ought to pull a Minnesota and trade Kobe for some young talent.

Everyone has their reasons and everyone has their opinions. While we aren’t the front office, it’s quite clear that our opinions do matter. There’s a reason why the Lakers traded Brian Cook. Mitch Kupchak was likely keeping his own tally of STD’s and felt it was worth it to throw in Maurice Evans just to get out from under his multiyear $3.5 million contract. No doubt there was at least some fan backlash regarding Cook’s contract extension, which would have factored into the decision to some level.

Therefore, post your thoughts. Post your arguments. Tell everyone if we should continue at this pace, or if we need a change of pace.

While you do that, I will post my own review of last night’s game. It’s a special review because it was the one day out of the year where I’m able to watch our team in person.

First, upon entering the arena, I came across Stu Lanz at the top of the stairs. He was engaged in a conversation with three others, and being the polite person I am, I butted in and said “Stu, I love the broadcasts!” and stuck my hand out which he shook in a firm strong way as he looked me in the eye and said, “thank you very much”.

My wife and I continued down to our seats (row 3) and I met up with some fellow members of the Laker blogging community. Once shoot around came to a close, several players made their way by our seats and I was able to interact a little with some of them. When Trevor walked by, I told him “welcome home, Trevor” and I put out my fist. He put out his fist as well, and he signed a few autographs. As a side note regarding Trevor, he actually has terrific shot technique. I think his troubles in his career have likely come from him feeling hurried. He doesn’t get his shot off very quickly in game situations, even though he’ll typically find himself so wide open that this doesn’t much matter. I think Trevor can easily develop a consistent 18 foot shot that would go great with his driving and slashing abilities.

Though several players walked by, I really only spoke with one. That was Andrew Bynum. I asked him if he was feeling better and he responded with “yes, I am.” Though his box score looked anemic, I felt he held his own against Denver’s impressive front line of Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, and Carmelo Anthony. Still, I’m sure he would have faired much better had he not been so sick the day before.

The last two players on the court at shoot around were Jordan Farmar and Javaris Crittenton. I wasn’t surprised at all. This observation is only a microcosm of what happens day after day. From everything I know about these two guys, they are Kobe-like in their study of the game and in their pursuit of excellence.

Speaking of Kobe, many fans have proclaimed Kobe to be an aloof player who only cares about himself. When Kobe had to leave the game and had two enormous ice packs on his shoulder, Kobe made sure he was still a pivotal part of the game. In each time out, while the coaches were gathering amongst themselves, Kobe led the huddle. Sometimes he’d address the group as a whole and other times he’d speak to players individually… presumably telling them things he noticed.

At the end of the game, with the game on the line, Kobe pulled all the players together at the free throw line and discussed strategy and gave general words of encouragement. During other times throughout the game, Kobe would remind players of their role on a critical free-throw rebound, or out-of-bounds play. From what I saw, the idea that Kobe hurts his team in anyway just wasn’t seen and actually I left the game knowing that Kobe does everything within his ability and skill set to help build up the players around him.

Finally, the Pepsi Center consisted of roughly 10 to 15% of Lakers fans. We were everywhere. We actually had some Kobe-Kobe chants going for a few moments until the rest of the crowd would awaken and boo loudly to drown out our chants. The worse boo, however, was at the end of the first quarter when Kobe went down. I still haven’t seen the replay of this, but from what I saw, one guy tripped him up from behind (Kobe didn’t see the fall coming) and two guys landed on him. It did not look good. While Kobe grimaced in pain, some fans sitting next to me were actually saying what a baby he was and that he simply fell and that the floor isn’t that hard. I couldn’t believe my ears. Once Kobe stood up, there were a few claps, but they were immediately met with unbelievable boos! I could not believe my ears that fans would boo for someone getting up on their own. Did I boo when T-Mac went out against the Lakers? Come on! We love the Lakers, but we also love basketball.

Along those lines, Allen Iverson’s game was absolutely sick. Fisher was helpless against him, and whenever Fisher was in the game, Denver would run a screen so that Fisher would wind up guarding Iverson, and he’d immediately attack. Those 51 certainly aren’t all on D-Fish. We’ve shown a lack of ability to stop quick penetrating guards. I thought Kobe & Ariza played Iverson the best. Still, 51 points on 18-27 was extremely impressive. At one point, my wife says to me, “Does he ever leave the game?” Well, no. He played every single minute last night. This was their first of a back to back and their biggest player played every single minute. What does that tell you?

It tells you that even Denver knows it’s absolute war amongst the lower echelon in the West. Only a half game separates the 6th place team and the 8th place team. The current 9th place team is the Houston Rockets. This is no walk in the park.

Which leads me back to the question, where do we go from here?


    A Package that includes Odom, and brown is an option but for who? Realisticlly who wants to make that deal? I would love to make a deal for Kidd but I assume we would at least have to include Sasha in the deal given we have four point gaurds on our team already. I am a huge fan of J-Critt, and if nothing else I would love to see the lakers move Sasha to help free up some playing time at that position. With all that said a package of Sasha, Odom and Brown for Kidd and a throw in or two (preferably a big man) to match the contracts would benifit both sides.

  • LA Forever

    Where do we go from here? I think that we should just keep it up and keep playing the way we are. I loved how the lakers played and when i saw Kobe fall i was mad when the nuggets booed him. If lakers keep on playing the way they did against nuggets they will end the season with .600. If lakers can beat Golden State in those two games they play that will make a differnce between there games. When is Kwame coming back and when is Ronny coming back.

  • e-bucher

    wow…great article…

  • jagjr10

    Trade LO, we need to stop wasting our time with this guy.

  • lakerfan81

    I think the Lakers stay with the team they have now unless a trade that can not be passed up comes along. Right now the Lakers have a point differential of a 51 win team (but thats still 6th or 7th in the west). I would say guess more likely 44-48 wins and 6th or 7th in the West and a really tough first rnd match up. In any case I can say with certainty that the Lakers are not title contenders this year.

    I am not the GM and I don’t talk to other GMs or owners so I don’t know any trades that can be made. I can make up all the trades I think could work for both teams and work financially but they don’t mean anything because I have no idea if they are actually feasible. Our biggest weakness is clearly defensively so any trades would have to address that problem. Ariza seems to be a good defender so that trade might help down down the road in that department when he starts to get more minutes. A second scoring option would be nice (someone that can consistently put up 18-20 pts) but I would say that is secondary to the defensive help needed. Someone that could fulfill both roles would be the best, and someone that fills the Lakers two weakest positions, PF, SF, would be best as well.

  • Billy Kupchak

    Excellent sharing of what occurred last night @ the Pepsi Center. I am sorry that you and your wife had to bear the indifference of immature fans in Denver. Please continue to share your insight & findings throughout this season. It would be awesome if Lakers & Nuggets met during the Playoffs, wouldn’t it? :-D

  • CJ

    I am giving LO until the end of the year to show me that he is an all-star caliber player and that he can be the legitimate #2 guy on the Lakers. If not, we NEED to trade him and call it a failed experiment. I know he’s still coming back from injury and he isn’t 100% but it’s been over a month now. I think that’s a lot of time to get back his game. His shot looks awful right now. He’s not consistent. And most of all, he gets open looks for 3’s and he cannot make ‘em! We need him to hit that open 3 or even an open jump shot. He’s obviously still weary and cautious of his shoulder because he isn’t slashing and driving in the lane as much. I’ve always liked LO on the Lakers, but I honestly don’t know if he can be our legitimate #2. What do ya’ll think?

  • osm0nd

    Really nice read… where do we go from here? I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens. We definitely can’t have any of those 5,6, or 7 game losing streaks because KOBE WATCH will be back on track. If we win every 2 games per 1 game that we lose we should be fine. However come playoff time.. I simply can’t see Kobe sticking around to see what happens if we have another first round exit.

  • aibarra03

    Where do we go from here? Up! But we cant do it without a good trade. We should try and get Jason Kidd. Send NJ Kwame, Luke and Farmar (or Javaris). I think thats more than fair value for J Kidd. I think that would put us in the top 3 in the west for sure.

  • Jrich

    Trade Lamar now. There’s gotta be a tougher big guy out there that can actually finish.

  • LA Forever

    can some one answer my question? When is Kwame and Ronny coming back?


    JO!JO!JO!That would be the only person(with the exception of Artest or Maggette or Jamison)the Lakers need to take us to,at least,3rd or 4th seed but I like the fight they are putting up in these games even when they lose they don’t lose by much.One player NOWWW and a COUPLE FA(free agents) NEXT OFF SEASON and the CHAMPIONSHIP COMES BACK TO LA!!!!!

  • Ahmed

    First, I’ll start with the good. Obviously Jordan Farmer, Andrew Bynum and Ronnie Turiaf had great off seasons. Jordan Farmer is a keeper next year he will start for these Lakers. Bynum is decent but we knew that, we have seen this before now lets see if he can maintain threw out the year. That said he is still a year or two away from being dominate. Turiaf is all energy and developing a little bit of a jumper. You have to love a guy like this. All these guys are keepers, they each do little things that can contribute to a victory. Luke Walton after peeking last year before his injury his play has just been okay. One minute he shows flashes of his old self anf then the next he is barely noticable. Vlade is also a confusing guy but at this point has more value with the Lakers than another team. When he’s on hes on. I suggest keeping him with the second unit. Jarvis needs time …keeper. Ariza the jury is out. Mihm Doesn’t seem to fit …but big bodys are a plus in this day and age. So with Mihm he can be traded but wisely not to short change our height. Derek Fisher, talent and pose enough said. Kwame Brown, alot of people under estimated Kwames inpact but now they see. He is the one tough guy the Lakers have. He is stronger than most players and can’t be bullied, he rebounds and plays strong defense on the top centers. Giving up Kwame at this point would not seem smart. Now onto Lamar. I have loved Lamar and hated him all at one time. It seems when he wants he can do anything. Flip the coin and it seems when he wants he will do nothing. Lamar needed to turn into to Kobes Robin instead we have Scrappy Doo. A fiesty player but doesn’t really do much. Lamar is where this all comes to a head. If he turns into a 20 10 guy this team can turn into a elite team towards the end of the year as long as they continue to grow. So for all that has been said it is Lamar that this team hinges on. Solve the Lamar issue solve the Lakers issue. One last note, I expect each individual player to grow each year. I want someone who takes winning as the most important thing and also recognizes fault and can improve on that. The reason I am a Kobe fan is not because of what he says. Its all about the on court product. Which has grown leaps and bounds over that 18 year old kid out of Lower Marion. Some players on the Lakers have been in the league for years and still have not grown…What does that tell us about who needs to go?

  • Hugo Boss

    Well written just like it happened. I’m still talking about the great experience.

    Colorado loves the Lakers!


    Great write up Tim!!!!

    Where we go from here is we need a pf bad. If lamar keeps improving this year, i think indiana will ship jo out for him. maybe a lamar, kwame, sasha and 1st rd pick should do it we can probably even sqeeze in murphy’s contract to make it more attractive to them.

    I can’t see indiana not wanting to do this trade.

  • drake hunter


    Trade Kwame and Crittenton (they can also have Vujacic for free) for Artest, move Odom back to the 4, Turiaf will become Bynums backup with Mihm there for insurance. If needed we can sign Webber to the MLE. If we don’t trade for JO this year, he’s not gonna opt out ofter this year and leave over 20 million left on the table.

  • Tim-4-Show

    We’ll have to get together to watch a Lakers game sometime on TV. I get them in HD every so often! I have a few more pictures I’ll send including one of you & Andrew.

  • CJ

    ahmed, i wholeheartedly agree with you about the development of players. if we all think about it, farmar has improved from last year. bynum has improved over the last 2 years. luke has somewhat improved also. turiaf has certainly improved over the last 2 years. we need to look at growth and development. a perfect example of inefficient growth and development is brian cook–which was why i was soooooooo f’n happy he got traded. i hope that kobe realizes that some of these players have worked so hard not just FOR him–but so that they can compete and play WITH him. i’m still not sure if LO has really improved over the years. he has shown flashes of brilliance–like ahmed said. but he has also shown inconsistency. do you think LO has reached his peak?

  • CJ

    drake: i like the idea of getting artest. but i honestly don’t think the kings would trade him to the lakers because we’re in the same conference. the kings hate us. this is how much they hate us: vlade redux

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18810 Will Be Quoted Here]

    The FO, PJ, Tex Winter love Critt…he is staying, Turiaf is a PF, Mihm is a backup Center. LO and a throw in maybe kwame for JO, that is a fair trade. This will allow Walton to start which he produces much better in the starting lineup. No D Webber…hhhmmmmhhhh??? NO.. the lakers produce enough points we need defense.

  • lalakerfan

    Fantastic article. Excellently written.

    I really like the Lakers’ team chemistry right now. The ‘Bench Mob’, more than anything gives the bench players a sense of identity – a possession that’s critical to their level of play.

    One thing we really need help on is a tough defense-minded forward. It could be Artest, or some young player similar to Ariza.

  • Tim-4-Show


    I think LO & Kwame for JO would be a good deal for the Pacers at this point. They’d get a player who will produce (LO) and would get $9 million off their books next year. Right now, there’s no way JO walks which means they’re stuck with his enormous salary. Bird is probably wishing JO opts out, because that’s 20 off the books, but unless JO doesn’t value money, it’s not going to happen. Just as Artest’s trade value has gone way up, JO’s has gone down. From where I’m sitting, Indiana getting LO and expiring money is a gift from God.

    CJ, based on your criteria of who improves, I’d have to say LO has not improved. Walton has improved very marginally (I think his D is actually a little better this year), and there are a handful of others that would be questionable as well.

  • gugy

    Artest is a nutcase but I think he will respects Kobe and PJ would put him in check like he did with Rodman. So bring Artest. The problem is I don’t think the Kings would take the deal because they hate the Lakers, but because they are so bad now, maybe they might do it just for the sake of change. Plus Artest doesn’t seem to like Sac town.

    I hope some major trade happen before the deadline. We need to improve this team more this season and look forward to be a contender next season with quality veterans free agents.


    We forget Lo is very athletic,hasn’t shown that lately but I give ’til the 15th(trade deadline) to see some improvement which I feel he can do because a trio of KB/LO/JO is very dangerous plus LO plays a lot better with athletic players such as himself anyway.Now a trio of KB/AB/JO is a MONSTER that should HIGHLY thought about either way INSTANT CONTENDERSHIP and FA’s will salivating to get to LA,in other words,THEY CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO BE OVER WIT’.LA or BUSS(T).

  • TA

    I dont see why this wouldn’t work.

    A litte shake up for all 4 teams involved:


    tell me what you guys think

  • tommyboy

    Awesome article…Denver people needs to learn some manner. We own Denver!!! they’re like Sacramento Queens…

  • Tim-4-Show


    My thinking is that New Jersey doesn’t do this deal. They lose their #1 & 2 players and get JO, Tinsley, and Noah? The Bulls would be better off, but from what I’ve heard, they’d get in the Deng way of this getting done.

  • http://blog LakersFan


    im satisified with the past wins..
    but with this squad.. a 7 or 8th seed with a 1st rd elimi..
    is not good….


  • Shaq786

    lamar, mihm, sasha, and ’08 first rounder… for jermaine

    thats it nothing more!

    indiana doesnt deserve kwame… we need his defense… turiaf, kwame, jermaine, and bynum will be the best post defense in the league

  • http://blog LakersFan

    Jermaines too injury-proned……..

    ur basically just getting another lamar with that trade.

  • Nabil

    ESPN’s Bill Simmons has made a GREAT 4 team trade that actually works well for all 4 teams. Its total genius.

    The full article is here:

    The trade is here:

    We give up Vlad, Sasha, Kwame, Critt, and a draft pick.
    We get Mark Madson Jason Kidd, and James Augustine.

    The new line up looks like this:
    PG – Kidd, Fish, Farmar
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Lamar (SF/PF), Luke, Ariza (SF/SG)
    PF – Ronnie (F/C), Augustine (F/C)
    C – Bynum, Mad Dog (F/C)

    As you can see, that’s a much better team then we are playing now. And the rotation can be moved around, as we have a few players that can play 2 positions. So for example, you could move Ariza to be Kobe’s backup.
    Farmar and Fish suddenly see a decline in minutes, but having JASON FREAKING KIDD ought to make us feel a little better about that!

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • lakerfan81

    I wouldn’t trade for Kidd. I love Kidd, one of the best PG ever. But I don’t think he fits the triangle very well. Also PG is not a weak position for the Lakers. Obviously its not a our strongest position but there is not a glaring need there like there is at the two forward positions. I think any trade for a high salary player or one that uses most of our assets needs to address one of those two positions, preferably with someone that can defend.

  • lakerfan81

    Also trading for kidd does not fix the Kobe problem. Kidd will likely retire at the same time that Kobe can opt out so I don’t see Kidd making him stay past his opt out clause.

  • lakerfan81

    I still think Odom + Critt for Artest And Shareef would be a good deal for the Lakers. the lakers trade a PG with a lot of potential that is not being used and likely will not be used much this season, and a talented if inconsistent all around player that does not fit well in the triangle or with Kobe for a very talented, defensive juggernaut if crazy player. I think Artest solves the Lakers problems. We would still be weak at the 4 spot, but our perimeter defense would be amazing and Artest can guard versatile PF like Nowitzki as well as SFs. a kobe/Artest combo would be the best SG/SF combo in the league maybe the best since MJ/Pippen.

  • AnthonY MusiQ

    Nobody wants to go for Brand???


    [Comment ID #18874 Will Be Quoted Here]

    odom,critt,brown for brand and maggette would be awesome

  • lakerfan81

    Brand won’t happen, but if you could get him that would be great.

  • Michael_23

    Question is, will Brand want out?

    If Lakers can land Brand he doesn’t need to worry about moving or finding a new new home. Hopefully he wont want more than 14 mil a year. We have a pretty good chance if his price range isn’t so high.

  • lakerfan81

    The Lakers wil be over the cap next year, so the ONLY MONEY THEY WILL HAVE TO SIGN A FA WILL BE THE MLE. That is what vlad Radmonovich makes. I don’t think that Brand will walk away from 16M for 5M.

  • MILO

    Well i say we throw LO,Javaris plus Kwame for Kid.For those people who might argue that Kid is too old i wana tell you that he is not showing signs of slowing.Look up his numbers and you’ll see that he has more tripple doubles at this point in the season than he has in past year’s, i think it’s somewhere along the line of 4 as compared to 2 in previous seasons.Now! it’s a known fact that what we need is veterans so J-Kid will bring that veteran leadership that a good team should always have.For those of you who dont wana see Javaris go i understand that, but this trade will be good for him too because he’ll get more playing time with the Net’s.In the Lakers it’s hard to give him playing time so i say do it.Bringing Kid will atract more vet’s in the end of this season because it’s known around the league that a lot of players would like to have hte opportunity to play with him so there-for it’s a done deal we need Kid…GET KID NAOOOWWWA!!!

  • RC

    Where we go from here is for the Lakers to run their offense around Andrew Bynum. He may still be a kid but I believe he has the potential to help the Lakers open up their offense and stop relying so much on Kobe. Every great team that wins the NBA has won it with a center who is the play maker. The center can see the open man on both side os the court and can be better positioned for pick and rolls and slam dunks.

    It seems like Kobe and Odum have decided that they want to control the pace and the shots. Bynam will make mistakes but who doesn’t? I want to see Kobe and Odum passing off more to Andrew and let Andrew set up the play. When Andrew doesn’t get the ball his defense suffers.

    Kobe should take Bynum under his wing and show him how a shooter and a good center can control the pace, the tempo and the outcome of every game. A great NBA team needs a center and Bynum is capable.

  • einyo

    where do we go from here?


  • LA Lakers Writer

    We cannot win another championship with this team period. We have to either make a trade, and the only one that sounds reasonable is Artest who can give us a chance to contend, but not Kidd. Dont get me wrong i love Kidd’s game but he is not going to give us chance to get another trophy besides Fisher has one rings in LA, knows how to perform under pressure, and in the playoffs/Finals.

    Or if the Lakers front office decides to sit back and watch the outcome we can free up some cap room after this season and try to get a big time player, but risk a disgruntle Kobe Bryant.

    The teams that are going to have to make a trade due to the pressure of their peers, and their teams little to no success are the Bulls, Maves, Nets, Miami, and possibly the Bobcats do they have something we want maybe, but do they need something from us yes:

    1. Young hustle/versatile players (LO, Luke, Vlad, and Ariza)

    2. Veterans (Fisher, Lamar) a tough low post defender (Kwame Brown) (something Dallas is in drastic need for),

    3. Big men (Chris M, Turaif, even LO.)

    4. Players with Potential/Developing ones ( Critt., Farmar, Marc Gasol, and i hate to give him away but with the right player Andrew Bynum)

    Remember Kobe isn’t getting any younger or any happier so with that said we can’t wait for LO to blossom into a all-star player, or Critt. to develop into a good backup, or Bynum to become a top center in this League.

    Its all about CHAMPIONSHIPS/GLORY and nothing more.

  • KB

    Let me just say something to every one who thinks we really need Kidd. We’d love to have Kidd but trading him for LO, and some more is a steal for the Nets. Kidd is like 35 or 34 years old he maybe has 2-3 years left this being his last good year ( when considering his stats) it would be dumb to trade for him. Unless we keep LO which isn’t going to happen, besides Kidd has never won a ring and our current PG last time I checked has a ring, and knows how to perform under pressure in the Playoffs/Finals.

    If the FO likes to gamble which i doubt they do, the could go for Kidd and try to make a run, but when we miss a chance at glory what’s gonna happen next year when Kidd is on the decline, and we dont have a second option scorer with LO gone.

  • YalalaP the One


  • jack

    Where do we go from here? We will find out by the end of this year. The schedule for december looks tougher for Lakers than november. If we finish well above .500 for this month with couple of winning streaks, we will have a good record. In that case, I clearly see this team moving up finsihing strong from the west. who knows Kobe might even get this thing called MVP.

    For right now, I just don’t see this happening. I see a losing streak coming in december and things will start to get worse. Luke and Lamar have something in common. The letter ‘L.’

  • Arvincible

    Yes! This site should be renamed “GetKidd”. Just kidding lakersnation sounds good enough.

    But to serious matters, it is very critical and necessary that we acquire Jason Kidd. Even with the PG position packed, it is very important that we get a real play-maker on the squad. Get rid of Farmar, Vujacic, and Kwame Brown for J Kidd and a filler (preferably a big man). This wouldn’t be a sacrifice mainly because Farmar is showing signs of greatness and consistency and would be very feasible and attractive to the New Jersey Nets. Including a Sasha would add a great scoring back up PG. Kwame Brown would finish of the trade fairness. It seems that with the effort put out by Kwame for us that he isn’t happy with the Lakers. And same goes for J Kidd on the other end. Having the “big name” everybody wanted and the PG that the Mamba’s always craved for will finally be in the right place. Turiaf and Bynum will shine in the playoffs this year, it’s a very confident prediction. With the leadership of Bryant and Kidd, the Lakers this year would fulfill every Laker and Laker Fans’ dreams.

    This looks good enough, don’t you guys think so too?

  • Arvincible

    [Comment ID #18924 Will Be Quoted Here]

    let me just say that LO is n’t really our second scoring option.
    I see the battle for the position between Fish and Bynum.
    And NJ wouldn’t take LO anyways because they are rich in the SF position…

  • keep24

    You have to get rid of LO. This isn’t NCAA! This is the NBA and we should wait for this guy’s game to develope.

    This is insane! It’s been 4 years already, I think we’ve seen enough. This guy belongs in a small market, like Cleaveland or some other team in the east.

    Send him packing! He is not worth that kind of money, and more importantly, not worth KB’s prime years. Get a package going around LO.

    A guy like Kobe or MJ don’t come around that often. You don’t waste talent like that on potential ( see: LO and AB).

    We need to win now and rebuild after KB retires and not now!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • DeepFrost

    [Comment ID #18952 Will Be Quoted Here]
    not if LO plays @ 4

  • Tim-4-Show

    The way I see it, the 5 most popular options:
    1. We do nothing and stand pat
    2. Jason Kidd
    3. Jermaine O’Neal
    4. Ron Artest
    5. Pau Gasol

    If I were Lakers management (and obviously I’m not), I would be extremely hesitant to part ways with the Critter, Farmar, or Bynum. All three of these guys could be all-stars by the 2010-2011 season. But we’ve also watched 4 seasons of Kobe’s prime go by without a contending team, and that’s a crying shame. I hate to think that we’re waiting for someone such as Lamar, to dictate the legacy of someone such as Kobe. Players are mostly remembered by their NBA titles, and it sure would be nice to see the P n G fighting for some trophies instead of a playoff spot. The four players I mentioned above would all fit in well with our team.

    If we were to get J-Kidd without losing Critt or Farmar (let’s just suppose for a moment), I wouldn’t really see it as a problem. Kidd, Fish, Farmar, and Critt can all play a 1 or 2 spot if needed. Really, we’re talking about the triangle where cutting and passing is key. Fish can hit an open shot. Farmar can hit a shot & pass well. Kidd can do it all, including defending the bigger 2 guards if Fish or Farmar were in the game. So you have two PGs on the floor at the same time and move KB to the 3. It works for me. We’d still have a weakness at the 4.
    JO, I’m going to assume that as he recovers from injury that he’ll get better, plus his motivation would be higher, a la Vince Carter. JO would answer all problems at the 4.
    Ron Artest, this goes without saying, but KB at the 2 and Ron at the 3 would be devastating for the opposition.
    Pau Gasol, a strong big man who could also play the Tim Duncan-like 4/5 position that would probably go really well with Bynum. You could post up two guys on both sides of the court, and Pau is an All-Star, not a wannabe all-star.

    I’m happy either way, depending on what we give up or don’t give up. I just don’t want to see Kobe wasting away some of the greatest basketball skills anyone has ever had.

  • MILO

    Lamar is not an option he cant be a consistent offensive player, so we need at least a guard to back up Kobe or J-Kidd to give others good look’s.LO had his chance and he blew it all he knows how to do is charge like the big dumb idiot he is.To even think of LO as a second option is a joke.Fish has been dooing really good in the offensive end.He probably has a better shooting % than Kobe.Yet Kobe leads the team in the assist department.That is the reason why we need Kidd.Farmar is good and he will continue to get better id much rather get rid of Javaris…