Lakers Examiner: As much as everyone in L.A. would like to see it, the Lakers aren’t going to go 82-0. So now the question is, when will the Lakers pick up their first loss of the season?

The Lakers are 4-0 with wins against sub-par teams: the young and Oden-less Trail Blazers, the chemistry-less Clippers (twice), and the in-flux Nuggets.

Looking at the schedule, if the Lakers are going to lose a game this season, it’s going to be one of the next three:

11/9 vs. Houston – True, the Rockets haven’t been playing the way that most people expected, but you can never take Yao, McGrady, and Artest lightly, even at home. After a heart-breaking loss in Portland last night (three tremendous shots at the end of OT), the Rockets will likely have fun exacting revenge on the Clippers tonight. By Sunday they could be confident and firing on all cylinders, ready to steal a win from the Lakers at Staples. Also, the fact that this will only be the Lakers’ second game in eight days may work against them.

11/11 at Dallas – The Lakers have only played one real road game this season (the hallway series doesn’t count) and Dallas is a much tougher place to play than Denver. The Mavs are looking to prove that they’re still a contender and knocking off the Lakers is a great way to do that.

11/12 at New Orleans – Let’s be honest, if the Lakers get through this one undefeated, they very well may not lose all season. Everything is stacked against the Lakers here. It will be their third game in four days and the second of a back-to-back. Not to mention they’re playing the Hornets, who have only gotten stronger since competing with the Lakers for the best record in the West last season. This matchup has LOSS written all over it for the Lakers. But that’s why they play the games, right?

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  • Freshh

    Curse entry?
    Let’s hope not

  • Kobeftw

    wtf is this article talking about. Of course Lakers will be 82-0 and win the ‘ship.

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  • Peanut Butter Spread

    Well, the only way the Lakers lose to those three teams is if they play lazy, get in foul trouble, are complacent, and don’t play intense defense. The most important thing for the Lakers is to stay focused and concentrate on each opponent as if they were the Celtics. The have to be ready to tear each team apart. Show no mercy, feel no mercy. It’s game time and if they want #15 hanging from the rafters, they gotta go get it. The Rockets are Test no 1 and most likely will be standing in their way to the Finals. If there’s any team, it’s the Lakers who have the most to prove.

  • Fred A.

    82-0 Lakers: “YES WE CAN”!!!!!!!! :)

  • e

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    hahah…like magic said: “lakers should have a barrack obama mentality”

    82-0 SON!!

  • basketbolista!

    we can do it 82-0 in a row.. haha
    let’s just pray no one gets injured like last season..

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  • MILO

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    oh this was meant for the Kwame Brown thread oops!

  • MILO

    Lakers will probably start a good 10-0 the only game that worries me in the next 3 is @ Hornets on the 12th, but we should be able to take care of them as long as we stop CP3 from moving up the court in fast break situations.AI played bad the last time we faced Denver, but now that they picked up Billups and Mc’ they are probably going to be more defensive minded.That’s the only test the lakers face in the next 15to20 games…DESGRACIADOS!!!

  • iskerfan567

    82=0 BABY!!!!!!!! :D

  • grungedave

    82-0 Lakers: “YES WE CAN”!!!!!!!!

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    very very very stupid article

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    *Knock on Wood*

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    haha that’s exactly what i did when i read that reply.

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