Ever wondered why the Zen whistles during games? Find out here…

ESPN: During Game 1, the arena was loud. The music in the stadium was, I swear, several decibels louder than your normal stadium music, and the fans weren’t silent either.

Yet through the cacophony, all the way across a massive arena, even up in the rafters, one noise was clear as a bell.

Phil Jackson’s whistle.

When he inserts his pinkies in the corner of his mouth and blows, I have to believe you can hear that thing a mile away.

Before I arrived at the Finals, I had already received the following e-mail from coach Mark Dunning in England:

Here is a challenge for you: Having observed Phil Jackson for many years now, it has always puzzled me why, several times during a game, he sticks his fingers in his mouth and produces that shrill whistle of his.

Now, I’ve tried to analyze this, he does it on defense and on offense, but it appears that it has no response reflex from the players at all!

What’s going on here?

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