L.A. Times: What’s wrong with Kobe Bryant? Nothing. That’s what Phil Jackson said Friday.

Bryant’s stats are down this season, but the Lakers’ coach isn’t overly worried despite characterizing Bryant’s game as “bothersome” earlier this week.

Jackson sees nothing wrong physically with Bryant, who says he feels fine.

Said Jackson: “I can usually tell by the walk that he has in a game at some point after he’s played 30 or 35 minutes what condition he is [in]. I think he’s being honest about this. He looks good. He’s totally in touch.”

At the same time, Jackson said Bryant was struggling at the start of games because the Lakers were feeding Pau Gasol down low.

“Kobe’s the kind of guy that’s a streak player. And Pau’s a guy that gets us going,” Jackson said. “We like to attack inside. Our size is important.

“A lot of time Kobe sits back and doesn’t get enough opportunities and then to get going, he needs to have some shots to do so. And he hasn’t been clicking on those right away. It takes him a while to get himself going offensively. So we’d like, and he’d like, to get himself going earlier. I’m going to try and get that accomplished as we go along here.”

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  • e

    nothing’s wrong with kobe…the team just doesnt look for him as much


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    Excellent deduction! …I gotta 2nd IT!

  • e

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    doesnt mean i dont think they should do that…

  • yellowpurplefever

    Good point. Kobe does look abit tired and fatigue in the last 2 weeks, probably from the Summer Olympics. Just check out his stats and turn overs. His shots have been REALLY FLAT and no trible penetrations, thats why his not at the line to shoot free-throws. And dont forget this is his 13th years in the NBA. PJ knows it that is why he is limiting Kobe’s min.
    We gonna need our A game on Xmas day to beat those “green guys”

  • Neo-Laker Era

    Hmm, Christmas colors are red and green. I see Boston bleeding on Christmas…hmm…red and green are my new favorite colors next to purple and gold. Go for the freakin’ jugular…no mercy.

  • Smush Walton

    What was Kobe’s shooting percentage in the last six or so games? Didn’t they say he was shooting something like 26 for 73? I don’t recall the exact percantage, but it seemed awful low for the reigning MVP.

  • as1084

    whatever happened to kobe’s pinkie??? i dont see the tape around those two fingers anymore

  • Heron

    Sorry to break it to you Laker fans, but I think we’re starting to see the decline of Kobe Bryant. I’ve been trying to deny it for a long time now, but his alpha male idiosnycracies annoy the eff out of me.

    1) He looks to be the hero all the time.
    2) He looks for the foul first, instead of actually making the shot (most times).
    3) He still doesn’t know when someone’s open during a winding-down clock–even if someone is wide open next to him.
    4) He’s turning into T-Mac on defense (play D when I want to).
    5) Any guys out there who have played some high level of bbal (in my case D2 college ball? haha) knows when you play, it just comes natural to you. For some reason it looks like Kobe’s thinking out his every move. You can see it on his face, and I can’t count how many he’s spun move into a charge.

    1) There’s a reason why he leads the team in assist every year, but compared to his superstar counterparts.. not good enough.
    2) This has just been the past few years. Kobe during the Championship years–straight baller!

    I say come 2010, let him go to Europe for 50 mill a season (after winning two rings of course), then the Lakers getting Wade. Wade is the next “best in the league.” LeBron is just a better Shawn Kemp (the rain man years). I don’t buy the LeSPN hype.

  • http://www.swishtheball.net ben lee

    [Comment ID #56811 Will Be Quoted Here]the tape on the pinkie is black so you can’t see it

  • mr.laker19

    Simple as this, Kobe and the rest of the team needs to play hard every night, for 48 minutes. Period. So far I haven’t seen that consistent intensity. The really great teams have a killer instinct that stays with them against the Bobcats and the Celtics. We play down to the level of our opponent and that just doesn’t cut it when you are trying to create something special. Not just one ship. A dynasty. We have the best talent in the league, but we need the intensity and work ethic to match.

  • lainok

    Being that Kobe is my favorite player to ever play the game, I am biased. But this year Kobe is definately off. His shooting percentage is off because he is settling for mostly far jumpers, instead of attacking the basket. And he more than any other player will leave a guy open at the three, and when that guy gets the ball he usually will let him shoot it. Unfortunately for Kobe this year, the other teams are hitting it. But for all of that, he is still Kobe Bryant. As for the comment that we just let him go and pick up Wade, that is unacceptable. The Lakers have been and will always be about respect and standing by your guy. A lot of Laker fans come and go with the championships when it was show time everyone was a laker fan, when it wasn’t then everyone was a Bulls fan, until the Lakers came back in 2000. But the true fans have been there for it all, Van Exel, Jones, Ceballos, 13 days of Rodman, Smush, and for the Fox, Fish, Shaq and the most important Laker since showtime Kobe. We stick by our guys. And that’s not just for the fans, it for the team itself. When the choice was The Big Cry Baby or Kobe, the team was loyal. Shaq played for the lakers, but he was never a true Laker. Kobe IS the Lakers. That’s why Fish is back, because he bleeds the purple and gold. So I don’t care if Kobe starts playing like a reserve for the OKC Thunder. You never trade him, and you never let him just go. One day he will be older and he will need to leave the game behind, and the team can move on from there, but until then give this guy the respect he has earned by not ripping on him because he isn’t playing superhuman for two weeks.

  • http://www.nicklachey.us Nick Lachey USA

    He’s fine. Obviously when the team doesn’t mass feed him the ball, he may be not be in rhythm. He’s a streaky scorer.

  • e

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    i agree with ur analysis on wade and lebron..however, i disagree with u with kobe…give him more touches again and things will be same with him…the offense should be ran through pau and kobe..i said it once, ill say it over again..not through bynum..lakers fans need to get off of this bynum high..he’s not gonna be the allstar u guys are hoping for…he’s another tyson chandler…back to kobe…the team doesnt use him well enough..they are too concerned with getting everyone else involved that they forget that if kobe doesnt get involved, he is no better than any other player..use him to his full potential..in the case of wade and lebron..almost every play goes through them..nowadays with the lakers, a lot of plays dont go thru kobe..and sometimes not even through pau

  • mihailicious

    Basketball is a team sport, kobe is the same as he’s ever been, and averaging 5 less minutes will cut his production from last year, if you want kobe to up his stats hope for the lakers to lose or have tight games all the time.. they play team ball and because of that they are winning, improve the defense and keep doing what were doing on offense and everything should be okay, you cant expect kobe to put up 28 ppg when hes only playing 32 minutes a night even jordan couldnt do that


    Hey e!, you got more on the ball than I thought! …Excellent reply! …The Lakers still, freeze up and stand around, watching Kobe when he gets the ball on an iso, instead of slashing to and fro and/or creating an offensive attack!

  • Popcorn

    I think Kobe has some fatigue from the finals and then not resting during the off season (the Olympics).

    I really thought that he should have get his pinkie surgery and just rest that way he should have come back well rested and totally healthy.

    I don’t think they would have lost much more games without him in the lineup maybe 2 to 3 more?.

    The Olympics ended on 8/24/08; the doctors said that after the surgery it COULD take 12 weeks. That’s 84 days. Let’s say he comes home and has it done in 8/26/08. November 19 roughly after 84 days of resting he could’ve be back well rested and fully healthy.

    If in that period they lose 3 more games then their record will be 17-6 right now. But they will get a fully healthy and rested Kobe.

    IMO it would have work very good for the Lakers because without Mamba everyone will have to step their game up and by the time he come back then he could perform more consistently and everyone will have that experience of playing without Kobe.

    I guess there are two sides here for the situation of Kobe today. Great record early in the season but a bit of tired legs while playing some less minutes for Kobe and potentially (and I’m being optimistic here) a 17-6 record right now with a rested & healthy Kobe getting ready to start a great run and to repeat as MVP.

    I’m not judging Kobe because my comment is more based on assumption than facts but I think it could have work great for him and every one to get ready for a Lakers run.

    IMO once playoffs are here we’ll find out how if playing some less minutes a game will pay off for Kobe and I’m hoping he don’t have to do a lot I’m hoping that by that time everyone is healthy and ready to roll.

  • http://lakers.com laker1210


    LEt’s …”KNOCK ON WOOD”