Here is an Odom update.

Inside the Lakers: We know two teams are bidding for the services of Lamar Odom, the Lakers and the Miami Heat. What we don’t know, as of this morning, is which team has the best shot at signing Odom. My guess is that he will spend the weekend deciding whether to take the Lakers’ offer of either $30 million over three years or $36 million over four or the Heat’s offer of the full mid-level exception ($34 million or so over five years).

There’s no third option as far as I know. Portland isn’t in the picture at present, although the Trail Blazers could jump into the fray after losing out on signing Hedo Turkoglu and Paul Millsap. Dallas apparently isn’t in the mix despite Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s expressed interest in Odom. So, it’s an either or situation for Odom, who must decide between the Lakers and Heat.

  • Jennifer

    At the end of the day i hope lamar can realize that he is getting the money so he should just atleast sign and mayb he wud get an extension so just cut the crap already here u hav a better chance of winning than in miami and plus the way the east is looking now i dont c miami getting far in the playoffs. So just re sign and ure life will b much easier

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    My Odom Prediction:

    1) He will sign with a European team. They don’t expect much from players in Europe. Most of the Euro players are inconsistent and I hear they eat lots of candies there. Odom will fit right in there.

    2) Maybe he will join the WNBA. He puts on hair extensions (like the rest of the WNBA players). Who knows, he might end up MVP?

    3) Maybe he can sign with the Lakers. This is when gets down on his hands and knees and begs Buss for his job back. Buss should lower the offer to $1M/year for 1 year. Then Odom will lick his chops and accepts.

    Great predictions, huh?

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    The headline should really have been: “What’s Next for the Lakers?”

    They better look for another power forward. Maybe sign and trade for Blake Griffin? You know the Clippers Management Team are really dumb. Maybe they’ll accept.

  • you are a jive talking idiot

    What a loser. Get a life…no wait, come up with more hilarious Odom predictions. The world waits with eager anticipation.

  • Laker Love

    A little more jive a lot less talk. Some people aren’t cut out for comedy and its evident you are not, turkey.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    My Odom Prediction:

    He will quit basketball forever and develop a skittle tasting joint. I’m sure he can make 36 mil in 4 years selling that.

  • Manny Ramirez


  • TonyF

    I wish the Lakers had an option other than Odom. Finding out that he waited until Thursday to call Buss tells me he is disrespectful and a crap business man and person. He doesn’t deserve the $, or fan loyalty. There is your legacy Lamar. 1 ring and you think you are Jesus.
    you r what you r, a bench player

  • lakaluva

    Would Buss just please Ariza this clown already. Lets move on.

  • LAlakeSHOW

    i bet if we would of lost the tittle he would of resign already but since we won he already knows how it feels….so he’s just lagging it on his decision… and its all about the money from now on for him

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    It was so refreshing to see Artest, a better offensive and defensive player than LO, base his decision off of winning championships and playing in a big market – Artest didn’t let a million here, or a extra year there, derail what’s best for him and his family. Artest goes up a notch in everybody’s book…. LO is inexplicably dragging out the ugly part of contract negotiations. His best opportunity is offering him the most money….and he has to think about it. What a jerk.

  • kwame4mvp

    The p*ssy must be great out in Miami. I thought it was already great in LA

  • dnopno24

    lets see,, 36 mil for 4 years!! or 35 mill for 5 years!!! hmmmmmm!!

  • dnopno24


  • dnopno24

    Koby should wear #13 next season….pick # 13,,13th year in nba,,and he will be 31,,,and if he wins the title next year- 5+21-13= (13)…(I SHOULD BE AN AGENT).

  • lovekb

    I really want to know what’s the next for Odom now.

    When do we can have a result?

  • Harlum

    hit the road Jack…. see ya in Miami ingrate

  • lucid

    Odom will be back,

  • Robert

    All I can say is, it appears that the Lakers tooled up for re-signing Ariza & Odom, and it looks like we could end up with neither. The Artest move was an upgrade, but since we traded away our draft pick this year (which would have been a good point guard), we were banking on the ‘existing team’ to help repeat.

    Odom is ‘showing up’ the Lakers (and Buss) by delaying this decision. E.g., the Pistons just signed Chris Wilcox. If Odom bails, we could have at least put ‘someone’ like Wilcox in place. Now the options are shrinking for the Lakers. I think we ALL know that the Lakers MAKE stars – Ariza was a dud in Orlando, and shined in L.A. We have a great shooting coach, and the greatest coach of all time. Also, give props to Kobe (yes, he is NOW the Zen Master’s apprentice) for tutoring players and helping them improve – look what he did for Carmelo, and LeBron in the last year (from helping them out during the Olympics!).

    The “Lakers” is the BEST place to learn and play the BEST basketball. So, if LO leaves, KupC and Buss will find someone else, who will LEARN how to be a matchup problem – who will LEARN how to develop his own talents and help out the triangle.

    Yes, LO is already trained, and it’s easier to bring him back and ratchet it up a notch by the Artest addition, but trust me, by mid-season next year, the Lakers will learn what they need to do if LO isn’t there, to find ANOTHER way to win the championship.

    LO is the one who will lose the most by leaving the Lakers. We do want him back, mostly for us, but for him too. Unless he just wants to have fun and party in South Beach – if that’s the case, then it’s ‘shameful’ to use basketball just for that purpose. You are bastardizing your own gifts, and will pay the price. You were given those gifts to excel, and be the greatest. DO IT. Re-sign with the Lakers. Bust your A** for the next 4 years, and get us some more rings. The Lakers are God’s team. God wants the Lakers to be champions the next 4 years. God wants you, LO, to be a super champ. This is the message. This is redemption for all the crap you took in the past. TAKE IT BACK, NOW. Re-sign.

  • Logicguy

    Are the kids running this thing or are different people involved in contract negotiations? Homeboy Ariza wanted to stay here but was made to feel that he was unwanted. Hardnosed and insensitive.

    LO made the mistake of letting media people know how much he wanted back. This discouraged many GM’s who did not want to waste time building up the price and the Lakers explioted this by lowballing him. Consider the following list of stiffs that got over 10mil or 5 years this year. BOURGNANI,TURKOGLU, VERAJOA(Cleavland), OKUR and MARION. I would rather have Lamar for this team (Championshiop) than any of these guys. When LO saw what these guys were getting and what the Lakers were offering he felt hurt. Other teams get rid of guys like Sasha(owners favorite), Morrison and Sun Yue to make key guys good offers.—- As a Lamar fan I would like to see him end up in PORTLAND, even for the same or less money. He could probably make a bigger contribution there and have a little more respect. LO, get out of LA. How happy will he be coming back to a lowball. Season ticket holders will not appreciate this.

  • Robert

    Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom Odom ..

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    Odom Everywhere ..

    What will Odom do? What will Odom NOT do? What won’t Odom do?
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    A poem do Odom.

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