What would it take cap-wise?

Lamar OdomWhat would it take to get Kevin Garnett in Purple & Gold salary-wise? The NBA operates under a soft cap which means (most) teams are over the cap after re-signings, trades, and salary escalations. Currently, the Lakers are one such team over the projected salary cap. According to Larry Coon’s FAQ, “Teams can acquire up to 125% plus $100,000 of the salaries they are trading in a simultaneous trade.” This means that if a team is trying to acquire a player making 20 million dollars, the team has to be sending out at least 16 million dollars worth of salary.

Garnett is due to make 22 million next season, which would mean that after July 1st, the Lakers would have to send out at least 17.6 million in any trade to acquire the “Big Ticket.” Lamar Odom (13.25M) and Kwame Brown (9.4M) would be enough to match salaries with Kevin Garnett.

The Lakers could also look at acquiring one of three guards Minnesota has on its roster. Mike James, Marko Jaric, and Troy Hudson, range in 2007-08 salary from 5.6 to 6 million, meaning the Lakers would have to send out an additional amount of between 4.5 and 4.8 million to the 17.6 to acquire one of them as well, upping the total of a deal to 22.1 to 22.4. This number falls right in the range of an Odom/Brown deal that would send out more than 22 million dollars.

The Timberwolves would almost undoubtedly ask for young Center Andrew Bynum in return as well, and with Kobe Bryant’s declaration of “do something and do it now” after the Lakers were eliminated by the Suns in the playoffs, management may have to seriously consider trading him. The big question then being is will they? Our answer is “DO IT MITCH!”

The Lakers would still have the Mid-Level Exception to add a potential impact player and their 3 picks in the upcoming NBA draft to use as trade bait for veteran players.

The possibilities are there numbers wise, though it probably means parting with 2 starters from an underachieving team and a player the Lakers front office and their fans (some of them anyway) have high hopes for. But, Garnett is still one of the top basketball talents in the world and he has two things that Laker fans seem to value: Passion and Hunger.

(Information from this take was acquired via Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ’s, HoopsHype, and information posted by Clublakers member Sky)

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  • LuvKG

    Get a clue Lakers fans. KG’s not going to LA in a trade. Only way you’ll get him is if he demands it or they let him walk out of Minny after his contract is up. By then he’ll be 33. Feel like waiting that long?

  • http://yahoo.com shaqer

    LuvKG you get a clue. Minnesota is going to trad ekg to the lakers if they give hima good offer or garnett is probably going to op out of his contract.

  • RoWyN

    Two contracts holding the lakers back (other than Kobe’s) are Lamar’s and Kwame’s. One or both of them has to go for this to be feasible. A lot of ppl say that Kwame is dispensable, but it’s hard to get rid of him when he’s the only guy you can put against bigger and stronger centers (Yao, Jermaine, etc.) And I don’t know if the Lakers will be willing to risk sending Lamar out either.

  • Mrfroi8

    Don’t forget that LAL may have MIhm back this coming season. So personally I will let go of Brown.

  • http://Myspace.com WHS15

    U know i have an Opinion about Mihm no offense to kwame he can catch the ball and he was a good shooter from 15 feet on the pitch, and in the paint also he blocks shots and rebounds well he’s a solid player I like Mihm i say we keep him he’s solid player the only thing he has to work on is his foul trouble i think he has the potential to be a good center and working under kareem i mean Bynum could start if we don’t trade him and mihm would be a solid player coming of the bench.

  • RoWyN

    I understand the Laker frustration on Kwame, his horrible hands, his being both slow and inactive, and his lapses in focus and BBall IQ. But he helps the team in so many ways that I say has been very much overlooked. He’s the reason we matched up well against half-court teams like San Antonio, Miami, etc., and in some cases even Detroit. He is kinda like Mihm in terms of getting in foul trouble early. But he is so much stronger and has better post-up offesive moves.

    I want to see Mihm and Kwame active at the same time. I still have faith.

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    RoWyN i have faith to in chris mihm and kwame brown beacuse kwame brown isnt a good center but he is a good power foward and lamar odom as small foward will be a better team but theres no time for this kobe wants a change in the roster team now and the lakers cant run the risk that that kwame/mihm play well the next season mihm/brown had to played the last season together and that didnt happen so my opinion of this at my 16 year old boy is:

    lakers need “another kobe” i mean another superstar beacuse theres no teams that won a championship with only one star on the team theres always have to be 2 or 3 stars on the team like d.wade/shaq duncan/parker billups/rasheed jordan/pippen magic j./kareem a.j so you know why the lakers need “another kobe”???

  • RoWyN

    We have one……Kobe/Lamar!

    We had a really good chance 2 yrs ago…If we didn’t choke against phoenix leading 3-1, we had the mavs’ and the spurs’ number…..And who knows what Kobe would’ve done against Shaq in the finals

    This year, we looked like the 4th/5th best team early on….but for some reason (maybe due to injuries) we looked the worst after the all star break.

    All I’m saying is we had something good going on and it’s not like it was a total mess….We had kids and we risked it.

    I’m still all for getting Garnett (of course!)…. but the main problem wasn’t our starting line-up (except for Luke and Smush, they’re good back-ups thats it)…. The problem was our bench, the team wasn’t made for the triangle.

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    hey RoWyN you re right maybe if the lakers were play without injuries the lakers were in the number 5 or 4 of the west but that didnt happen now the lakers need “the big change” with another superstar that help kobe and lamar and another player like a back up not a superstar player but a good player like jamal tinnsley

  • RoWyN

    The answer is KG, a decent starting PG (I think Farmar will do, given the experience), a scrappy back-up squad. We need guys that will take Raja Bell’s head off for clotheslining Kobe …. or maybe, just for no reason at all.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Well if we are talking about cap’s and lets say we do pick up Garnett on the trade we lose a small foward and center. Now Garnett can pick up center position but we lose small foward. Now if the Lakers can pick up another player in another trade like Artest for Brown then we are looking a lot better.

    The line up for lakers if Garnett comes to LA
    Luke? /Radman

    I put a question mark on Luke because he is a free agent. First he can sing back with the Lakers (which probably will happen); Second he could sign with another team which mean they can sign and trade him to another team; Third sign him back and if a trade with another person like Artest gets involved and Brown isn’t enough Luke could be a bait teaser for them.

    Which means we are left we a few players
    Chris (FA)
    Ronny (FA)
    Mo Evans?

    I also put questions mark because they could go along as a package deal. So the team will have

    Mo Evans?

    Total is 11 players…..
    All I know is that Garnett isn’t enough for the Lakers to go to that Finals especially we don’t have other pieces to replaces Kobe and Garnett when they need rest or foul trouble. Artest would improve them a lot more depth in the roster.

    Answer the question for Rowyn, that’s why with another addition to the roster like Artest it will be difficult for Raja Bell to go one on one with Kobe because now you have to worry about the two bigs down low which is Garnett and Artest.

  • http://www.insidehoops.com basketball

    The Lakers are about to lose a bunch of their assistant coaches probably. Check the INSIDEHOOPS.COM nba rumors page. Kurt Rambis, Jim Cleamons and Brian Shaw are all interviewing for head coaching positions elsewhere. They may not get the job, but Phil will need new assistants soon. Not that that’s ahuge deal, but it’s worth knowing

  • RoWyN

    - I would really hesitate to give Lamar away. Maybe even for the expense of getting garnett (sorry guys). He really sets an advantage on the 3 and 4 positions. Similar to having Kobe, you don’t solve your problems by getting rid of him but instead working around it. And as far as u’r lineup, i don’t know if I’d want to put KG at Center. Also, i really think the lakers should re-evaluate Luke or Radman as the starting SF, they’re the weakest links not Smush (again sorry guys). As much help Luke gives on the basketball IQ side, he’s just a marked man for manipulating the lakers defense.

    I just realized Jalen Rose doesn’t get playing time in Phoenix….maybe he should be a Laker.

    Grant Hill
    Jalen Rose

    I like that line-up.