Fox Sports: Because teams, players, coaches and referees all reveal themselves in various ways, every play of every game is fraught with meaningful revelations. And the pressure inherent in a championship series certainly ups the ante.

So then, here are some nuggets of transcendent meaning that can be gleaned from the latest Lakers-Celtics set-to.

– While Doc Rivers did a superb job, he was way off-base in deriding Phil Jackson for “whining” about the refs after the lopsided 38-10 foul situation in Game 2. Since he’s been there before, Jackson knew that the public airing of his grievance would work to his team’s benefit — and it did. In fact, it always does. In other words, loudly complaining about being short-changed by the refs in a playoff series is as much a part of a coach’s job description as formulating a game plan. Besides which, Jackson’s protestations were entirely justified.

– With all due respect, the only plausible reason for Lamar Odom’s lack of on-court awareness is that he suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder.

In any case, Odom is imminently dispensable and must be dealt for someone like Ron Artest, Udonis Haslem or Shane Battier.

– Sometimes how a team plays is more significant than whether they’ve won or lost a specific game. Which was the case with the Lakers’ sloppy, error-filled victory in Game 5 that certainly pointed to the probability of their getting swamped in Game 6.

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  • dub824

    thats messed up… dude says lamar suffers from A.D.D

  • Laaffiliation024

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    that is pretty messed up..

  • bc18

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    that IS HELLA messed up…im suprised he doesnt get a lot of hate mail for that

  • Smush Walton

    I always thought Lame-O was a half-brain but maybe he does suffer from A.D.D. Who knows, his brain may have been affected from his years as a pothead.

    In any case, he should make a trip to OZ and ask the wizard for a heart and a brain.

  • SliqRiq

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    Your messed up for saying that, you always dog Odom man…. You should be giving the guy props and a humble gratitude for even playing after the death of his infant son.

    Why dont you keep your negative thoughts about our Laker players to yourself, cuz no matter what you or anyone can always find something bad to say about any player in any sport. Athletes are simply entertainers if you dont like them or the individual then dont watch sports or keep your negative comments to yourself

    GO LAKERS!!!!!! ALL LAKERS!!!!!

  • Smush Walton

    We’ve been “entertained” by Lame-O’s Clown Show for FOUR YEARS now. Maybe its time for a different act that has a chance for a better ending.

  • ab4sure

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    He may be right. LO does lose focus and can’t concentrate many times on the court. Though it is brutal it might be the truth.


    Can we trade Vlad and Luke(give up newble and mbenga)to New Jersey for RJ?This dude is the slasher we need,especially if you have Lineup of LO/KB/RJ/Pau/AB is pretty frightening,or at least go after Pietrus and Haslem if we don’t get Artest.

  • ab4sure

    What we learned is too NEVER…. EVER…. let Dbricks make predictions again. Pride comes before a Fall.

  • LakersFirst

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    Why would NJ want Luke and Radman? Both have long term contracts and unfortunately, their productivity hasn’t been too consistent. Put yourself in NJ’s shoes? If you’re going to give up RJ, you’re going to want to some value in return. The Lakers most tradable asset is LO and his $14M expiring contract.


    Then we have to go after Pietrus or Azubuike,I don’t think Mitch should worry about ‘BIG NAMES’,he needs to worry about guys who don’t make 8 figures.

    I know NJ wouldn’t but who knew we’d get Pau,YOU NEVER!Y’all gotta admit having RJ would give us an advantage because this guy is flatout “MONSTA” against Boston,ALWAYS STEPS UP,I just feel we need another player with that BEAST in his gut to raise his level of play in games that matter,THE FINALS.

  • tacoseason

    We don’t need a major overhaul. Let’s dump luke and vlade for a serious , experienced 3. Work on developing the bench further, this is a young team, its just a matter of time.

    Btw, LO has ADD,he’s a bit of a sloth at times but he’s a workhorse.