3-in-a-rowThanks to Berj Boodanian for writing this exclusive article for GetGarnett.com.

Five years ago, this day was special to me. Not just me alone, but to many around the world. It was a time where people everywhere saw the birth of a dynasty, the birth of something bigger then a game, bigger then many expected.

It was about a team that transcended a sport, not just figuratively, but literally. The feeling of excitement, mixed with passion and enthusiasm.

Experiencing the nature of being a fan, an extraordinarily big fan whose hearts laid flat on the chest of a purple and gold jersey. The battles were ultimately won, with a dynamic duo that turned even the biggest doubters into believers.

The time has come folks, for the next superhero return of that very special duo that will shake the Nike shoes right off the feet of its opponents.

The time for change has arose, because for the past couple years, two men have survived through the agony of defeat, unconstructive criticism, pain of losing to the highest degree, and kept their heads held high like a true warrior should.

It’s time to combine the dual force into one, the KGB connection, the instincts of two souls bound for glory with one heart and one goal, to bring the NBA championship back to it’s rightful place, the city of Los Angeles, held high in the rafters of Staples Center.

The past recent experiences of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett have been nearly identical in any aspect of the game. Both have dealt with losing, have teammates that don’t share the same killer instinct, been questioned about their leadership, and have been shun by growth of the new NBA standard, be it the new sidekick in Miami or the phenom who self proclaims himself as the “King.”

The only difference may be that Kobe has a hall of fame coach in Phil Jackson on his side, while many basketball enthusiast can’t even name the man whose running the show in Minnesota.

The experiences of Kobe far surpass anywhere Kevin has been in his hall of fame like career, yet the thought of Bryant holding up that championship trophy in a parade of over 100,000 fans on Figueroa Ave. seems so long ago, a distant memory of sorts, even discredited by NBA fans as “fool’s gold”.

The fact remains, you can never change the heart of a champion. The criticism only excels him to reach far and beyond his capabilities, and push ever so hard to prove the world wrong once again, without a condition or asterisk in its aura.

The big ticket has been anything but that with the Timberwolves. He’s content with the status quo and seems too loyal to demand a trade. His intentions are great for the fans in Minnesota, because the last thing they want is to see KG go. I’ll make it simple so everyone can picture how hard it would be. Pretend for a second that Kobe left the Lakers, ok, get the picture?

It isn’t easy for ticket buyers, but at this point in his career, maybe Kevin should reflect on himself, rather then worry about what everyone else is going to feel if he eventually asks to be moved. He took a pay cut to accommodate better teammates and that didn’t work out. He has quietly kept his mouth shut for the most part in regards to his displeasure with the organization. His demeanor on the court seems like one of an unhappy camper, you know, the man who’s forced to go watch a chick flick with his girlfriend, but is despising it for the entire two hours.

You want to make the best of the situation, until the fire burns out and the situation eventually turns into a burden.

That’s where Kevin’s mind frame has been lately, bounced from top five player a couple years ago, to barely being mentioned in the same breath as the younger stars who have stumped him as if he’s nothing less than an aging veteran. As loyal as he might be, it may be the time for him to step out the box and put his destiny in place, while sacrificing that very loyalty that has left him in the limbo he is currently stuck in. Nothing would please David Stern more than seeing his rating faltered NBA rise back to the top, and what other team, with any other superstars can get that done better then Kobe and KG?

I can’t begin to stress how hard it’s been for Lakers fans to stand by this team through the agony of defeat. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but nobody can deny that we are the most passionate fans in basketball, if not sports, and Chris Manning, Cameron Pashai, Jim Murdoc and this website solidify my sentiment.

Ever since entering the league in 1995 and 96, these two men have been part of a lost generation of basketball, stuck in between the retirement of his Airness, and the revolution that is the 2003 Draft.

With age, both men have become more wise in the sense that they will realize how much they really do need each other. If we the fans are stressing this, how bad do you think they want it to get done? I guarantee you if there is a possibility, both will welcome each other with open arms.

Kobe Bryant is a winner, Kevin Garnett is a winner. They may be two opposites on the basketball court, but their games intertwine perfectly with one another, as friends off the court and counterparts in the fraternity that is the NBA.

Kevin, this is your destiny, and it’s time you asked, no, its time you DEMANDED to come to Los Angeles. Because when the Mamba and the Big Ticket come to town, there will nothing that will stop them from achieving what their lifelong dreams have destined them to achieve, win as many NBA Championships as humanly possible.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    Kobe and KG the duo of destiny…

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    No doubt that KGB together will make things happen but I believe one more players is need to complete the Triangle especially if the T-Wolves will want Odom and Bynum in that trade. I suggested Artest many times in my comments but if not I can’t see where the Lakers will be at especially if we look at Shaq and Kobe they still needed some help on the outside or down low. Then if we have KG, KB and RA then you can say it’s looks a lot more of a dynasty.

  • One35

    Actions speak louder then words.

  • kobe fan in the Philippines

    Lakers GM should pursue for KG, or Jermaine..if Artest would be added along with either KG or JO..that’s a super-defensive trio…

  • http://myspace.com/lakerfan15 lakerfan15

    they should get Lebron James.Lamar odom andrew bynum william vladimar kwame bron 4 Lebron larry hughes and that is a championship team!!!!!!!!

  • leo

    they should get Lebron James.Lamar odom andrew bynum william vladimar kwame bron 4 Lebron larry hughes and that is a championship team!!!!!!!!

    are you retardeed?

  • http://myspace.com/lakerfan15 lakerfan15

    no why whats so wrong with
    ANd that is a championship team Leo!!!



  • ben

    Laker Fans, Laker management know we want KG here next year, if they do not do their best to make this deal happen, even if it means losing Bynum, we can say that our faith in them is completely gone.
    Bynum, Odom & Kwame for KG & Troy Hudson.
    GO LAKERS !!

  • magikobe

    KG is the one who holds all the cards. It doesn’t matter what we want, what Laker mgmt wants, or what the TWolves want. The ultimate decision maker is KG. He can force a trade to the Lakers…IF he wants to be a Laker. That’s the question…does he want to be a Laker? I, like the rest of you, hope he does.

    Also, we need to remember that Minny will never get equal value for Garnett. History has proven this time and time again. You can document the Bucks trading Kareem, the Rockets trading Moses Malone, and the Lakers trading Shaq. No team will ever get back what they traded away when it comes to a superstar player. That’s just a fact.

    What has to happen is this…

    1. KG has to explicitly demand a trade to the Lakers
    2. Minny has to relegate itself to the fact that they are going to receive “garbage” in return for KG

    As far as the salaries, this would be the easy part. The Lakers and Minny can come up with several scenarios to make it happen.



    garnet would be nice but id settle for jermain o’neal

  • Sep08

    KG is too toyal to Minnesota and he would have made more noise if he wanted to be traded. I think a team like chicago has a much better chance of landing him, they have loads of young players. The only way KG comes to LA, is he if demands a trade to LA which is unlikely. I Like jermaine but dont think he is worth that huge salary.

    Lakers need a point guard first. We currently have farmar, Mckie and williams as our PG?????? I think Mo williams is a much more realistic FA and we should pursue him instead of going for the home run in garnett.

  • Kobeschik24

    its not about bringing just any superstar to our team.. we HAVE a superstar.. its bringing a player (who’s not so old.. yet not a rookie) who will respect Kobe and play WITH him, not AGAINST him.. not too many people in the NBA respect Kobe.. so if Garnett respects him and KNOWS its KObe’s team, he’s just going to be helping out.. then i’m all for it.. but its gonna be hard finding a superstar who will allow that.

  • dcb2069

    i don’t know if garnett is the answer. i know im probably gonna get bashed for this, but like someone said earlier, we dont have a point guard. at all. i think that at the very least the front court players we have now are serviceable. but our point guard position has been our biggest problem all year. our perimeter defense sucks. i do think that our first priority is a pg.

    with that, i think a great low post player is in order. so when looking for a pg that will do, we have to make sure that we still have the assets to get a garnett, oneal, or gasol. again, ill probably get bashed, but gasol maybe something more possible. hes cheaper, hes younger, and hes a legit low post player. on top of that, hes already demanded a trade. memphis isn’t exactly on the brink of greatness, so the inclusion of bynum in the deal will be tempting to a growing team.

    the only problem i see with gasol is that hes relatively soft on defense compared to the other two big guys. i wouldn’t mind garnett and oneal, but i hesitate with the put-all-your-eggs-in-for-garnett mentality. kobe and garnett is great, but is quite useless when you don’t have any semblance of depth and talent beyond that (besides luke)

  • Arthur

    The only player that the lakers need is KG. All you other people got it wrong with gasol and oneal. Number one the lakers suck defensively and the only player that can help them in that area is garnett. The pick n roll killed the lakers for layup after dunk…. all year and against phoenix it was disgusting to watch a 33 year old nash run past them like he was speedy gonzalez. Number 2 the lakers suck at rebounding in that they dont have one guy they can depend on night in and night out to get 12 rebounds. Garnett solves that problem too. another small thing that people dont notice is how important it is to set a good pick. The wnba players set better picks than the lakers. They set picks like wussies. They are like poles for players to go around instead of being walls. Again garnett is one of the best in the league at setting picks imagine a pick n roll with kobe and garnett wow!!! its giving me goose bumps already.
    P.S. Dont trade lamar. If we can trade hall of famer Shaquille Oneal, 3 finals mvp for Grant(old statue), Lamar(underachived), Caron (my favorite out of all three, we can get garnett without giving up lamar. Lamar, Kobe, Garnett Foggettaboudit

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    yea i agree if we can keep LO and still get KG we would definetly be a contender….the question is would minny accept players like Bynum, Vlade, Kwame and 19th draft pick for KG?…and trade Luke and sasha for Ron Artest…and MLE for PG and others…free agents…

  • http://glostrupbasket.dk andy_wants_garnett

    [quote comment=”306″]no why whats so wrong with
    ANd that is a championship team Leo!!![/quote]

    No way! Are you CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

    Mihm? The Lakers cant rely on Mihm if they want to be a championship caliber team. WE NEED KEVIN GARNETT!
    Or JO or GASOL

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    great article Berj Boodanian. thanks. let’s hope kevin reads it…

  • ben_Laker for Life

    Well if you do read this Kevin.
    You should know by now that LA/Laker fans love you & man, you live here already.
    I admire you you for being loyal to the team you’re with, but as with any other job out there, business is business.
    You want a ring, you know our man Kobe can take you there.
    time to do your part big man.

  • KGB is the future

    The best part about the KG trade would be the new super nickname KGB. I highly doubt that the duo could turn the franchise around. The KGB duo would sell a lot of tickets and next year they might get into the 2nd round, but that might be it.

    KGB might take more time than most people think to bring a championship to LALA land.

  • dcb2069

    arthur, how is getting garnett the only player we need? do you not realize that our point guard for the season was smush parker, and this coming year we wont even have that? if our post players are questionable, i dont even want to know what our point guard position is.

  • Fredo

    If we do get Garnett (assuming Odom isn’t involved), and we resign Walton, I don’t think there will be a problem with the point guard situation. Let me explain (and this might seem stupid to some of you, but think about it for a minute). We could use Kobe as the starting point guard, shift Walton to the 2, Odom to the 3, Garnett to the 4 and say Mihm/Turiaf to the 5. I mean with four players averaging at least four assists a game last season, playmaking shouldn’t be a problem. And Kobe is a pretty good defender and has size against most PG’s. Plus, with Garnett in the lineup, Kobe could focus more on doing it offensively as well as defensively, not just offensively. And if it is the 2 guard that needs defending, shift everyone up one spot and start Farmar at the PG.

    I know it may seem a little stupid at first, but seeing how the Lakers have some compitant defending wing players (Walton and Evans) and no PG defenders, this may be the best solution.

  • EddieC

    I agree. How is Garnett the answer to all that ails the Lakers? It can’t be. We need a point guard, and another star. Whoever we get, whether it’s Jermaine O’Neal, KG, or Ron Artest, or a combo from those three, we still have to replace what we give up for those two guys without losing Odom. If they demand Odom, we have to look elsewhere, losing a potential Superstar and Odom’s production is too much. Pau Gasol seems to be the easiest draw for us. We wouldn’t lose anyone but Bynum, and a couple other guys to maek the salaries match. We might not even have to give up Bynum to get Pau Gasol. They’re a young team, they might take Turiaf and a Radmonivich to get some pressure off of Rudy Gay instead. Point is, even if we get these players we still have to fill the holes left when they arrive. Mediocre role players won’t cut it. Midlevel exception is still there, but it will only draw one player here. But maybe just maybe getting two of those three players will draw others to the Lakers for a chance at a championship. It could but everything is in wait and see mode………

  • Arthur

    Dcb, smush parker was garbage for a point guard his ballhadling skills were weak if youre worried about the point guard position dont be farmar is gonna turn into a beast with the quickness and ballhandling skills he has he will blow by most players, and he has a sweet ass tear drop. He has the work ethic to be most improved next year. Allstar the next if he keeps working hard on his game. Practice makes perfect and hes not a choker like smush garbage was during the playoffs. And he was a rookie cmon youre looking for something that is right in front of you.

  • lakers1fan

    Just trade……

    Smush Parker
    Aaron Mackie
    Kwame Brown
    Brian Cook
    Chris Mihm
    Vladimir Radmanovic
    Sasha Vujacic
    Shammond Williams

    And rebuild around Kobe, Jordan, Andrew, Lamar, and Luke with hungry starr or non star players who want a championship and the LAKERS will be unbeatable for atleast 5 or 6yrs!!!

  • dub-quad

    mamba big ticket = multipe rings

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    Well, just to start… only Garnett will not solve the Lakers problem! The team will realy improve, but not at the point to certainly win a ring! You just need to look at other teams roster! Spurs, Suns, Detroit… these teams have players who always came up nice in the game! They have consistence…
    MO Evans is a good player but, this season I saw him doing by 14 or 20 points some games and 2 or 4 in others! And that’s happen to Vlad, Brown, Turiaf, Walton…
    The ‘idea’ “Get Garnett” is great. But LA realy need to be try that only if will keep the team chances on geting a PG.
    So, thats what I think the Lakers need hardly. You see, Artest is a great fit (defense will huge improve) and, maybe we could work on someone like Bibby in the deal! I know that sounds strange but Sacramento was considering trading him in the trade deadline this year and we need a smart-solid-game PG. Otherwise, to a trade like that, the Lakers could work out whit Walton(sign-and-trade), Brown and maybe the 19th pick! That still leave LA with Bynun, Farmar and Vlad to deal with Gasol, for example.
    Can you imagine… Gasol, Odom, Artest, Bryant, Bibby!
    I know thats very unlikely, but my point is that the Lakers have chances to improve more in something like that then put-all-your-eggs-in-for-garnett (like dcb2069 says)!!!


    I want:

    Odom/Gasol or Garnett


  • wrong_bet_garnett

    Realistically, LA would have to give up Odom to have a chance of getting KG. Lamar’s only 27. His playoff numbers and those before the injuries were pretty close to KG’s! When Kobe was out, he was averaging 25 pts 12 rebs and 5 assists! That’s how much potential he has. Why give that up (and more) for KG who’s past his prime?

    We’d be better off with Kobe, Odom, Farmar, Luke, Gasol (for Kwame & ‘Drew) and Artest (for Radmanovic & Sasha & draft picks). We just need a BACK-UP PG. Farmar’s for real.

    Assuming the price for KG is Odom, Brown & Bynum…and the price for Gasol is Bynum and Brown…would anyone really trade Gasol & Odom to get garnett?

  • KB24

    I hate Lebron James and I think JO is tooooooooo overrated I like Pau better. I like the roster of LAKERS FAN 4Ever except that we need a PG (Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby)

  • kevin olivas

    hey lakerfan15 you suck you dont know anything about basketball so you better shut your mouth

  • Becerro

    Im agree with you kevin, but please be more polite

  • ken_kobe8or24

    KG is a perfect player for lakers..imagine the starting lineup:smushparker kobebryant lamarodom/r.artest kevingarnett turiaf/mihm..and trade brown bynum to garnett..walton and vujacic 2 artest