Phil Jackson (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)The OC Register Blog: Phil Jackson indicated he’ll probably get his left hip replaced this summer and is determined not to miss any of training camp this time. He said his coaching has been hurt last season and early this season by not being able to stride out authoritatively onto the court and physically correct a mistake when it happens on the practice court.

But of greater consequence is what Jackson said about the way the Lakers intend to play next season.

He wants the Lakers to return to the way they played early this season with a lot more scoring and fast-breaking that involves the whole team, not just Kobe Bryant. Jackson called it being a “quick, active basketball club.” And he also highlighted the need for more resilient players, hinting at wanting more experienced ones.

It should be noted that at this time last year, Jackson was calling for speed and defense to be added to his roster. Did he get it? Well, not really — but he also didn’t really do much to cultivate what he did get, aside from Mo Evans. Jackson didn’t prepare to use two other guys for when it counted, which was why he wound up taking Jordan Farmar out of the NBA Development League to guard Steve Nash and Shammond Williams off the inactive list to guard Leandro Barbosa.