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noo.jpgHOOPSWORLD.COM: As Team USA coasts into an Olympic berth, is there any doubt the impact Kobe Bryant has had on the squad?

While he was named this past season to the First Team All-Defensive Team . . . that was an award based more on reputation than performance. Bryant has been a very good defender throughout his career, but last season he lost some of his lateral quickness while recovering from knee surgery.

Clearly now Bryant is a healthier, quicker player having lost nearly 20 pounds on a new diet. Famous for his scoring prowess, Bryant’s defense has been the catalyst for Team USA. His leadership and commitment to teamwork has made even the most ardent detractors take notice.

Certainly Laker fans should be sitting back comfortably knowing they have the most complete perimeter player in the league on the roster.

Why then is there this nagging concern that simply won’t die . . . will Bryant be a Laker on opening night?

Ask the team and they’ll say “of course.” As things stand they have no intention of trading him. He may have a contract opt out in 2009 . . . but it’s 2007.

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  • 123kid

    i think the whole laker team should be scared right now after what kobe and the USA team did. every laker player should understand how kobe and his teamates had the same mentality, the same drive, and same passion for winning.

    especially for andrew bynum! after kobe literally put him on blast, andrew bynum needs to show kobe whats up this season and actually put in the work. he shouldnt even consideer praise from mitch as a blessing!

    if kobe doesnt show up, im sticking with him 100% because phil hasnt demanded the FO to get work done, the FO hasnt done anything to get better players on the team, and the rest of the team hasnt put in the same work kobe has.

  • lakers4life

    umm how do u know that PJ hasnt demanded the FO to get work done??

  • BEC

    I like Kobe just as much as any die hard Kobe fan, but if he actually sits out, I will lose all respect I have for this man. (I know he wont though.) Sitting out training camp or even actual games is disrespectful to the NBA, to the Lakers, to LA, to Lakers fans, and to basketball itself. He has a job to do, hes paid to play the game of basketball, he signed that contract to play ball for the Lakers, and going against that is a disgrace. Just because a situation isnt favorable, it doesnt justify sitting out, hes got to man up take in stride and make the best of it, he put himself in this situation, he signed that deal, and he has to stick to it.
    I dont even know why this question even comes up, this is a man who loves basketball more than anything, he loves competing, he works harder than anyone, and basketball is his life. Theres no way in hell Kobe doesnt play, he loves it too much, because if he didnt love it this much, he wouldnt work this hard and put so much time into it all.

  • fatty

    Another bored writer with nothing to do makes up a story about Kobe. Where have we seen that before?

    I used to respect Eric Pincus’ work as a sports writer, but he lacks as a gossip columnist.

    Check out this paragraph.”It’s a concern because he’s kept himself out of touch. He doesn’t work out in El Segundo at the team’s facility. He doesn’t talk to management. Depending on whom you ask Bryant may not even show for training camp.”

    Kobe has been in Las Vegas most of the summer. A misquote about not talkin to management. Only some writers opinions about Kobe not going to camp. When kobe himself said when asked the question about sitting out of camp. “That’s absurd, why would I sit out of camp?”

    Does Mr. Pincus know Kobe said this? Sure he does, I took that quote from Kobe from one of Eric Pincus’s earlier articles. But Mr. Pincus conveniently omitts it from his current article to not only slant the truth but mislead people.

    That’s not journalism. That’s gossip mongering of the worst kind. That’s a writer desperate for news that decides to make up news, to selfishly further his own interest.

    Mention Kobe and people will read your take.
    Mention Kobe and make up something negative and people will devour it. Mr. Pincus has just joined the club of journalists who feel truth just doesn’t matter any more. They are the ones more important than a decent persons’ fine reputation that they want to slight.

    Welcome to S.C.U.W. The Sports Club of Unethical Writers Mr. Pincus.

  • lakerfan81

    What if…. sports writers wrote about something useful and factual instead of making stuff up and creating controversy.

  • Fred A.

    One thing I would like to know is what are the lakers thinking right now and if they going to make a trade when will it occur?

  • gugy

    Kobe will not sit out. He will give his best until he opt-out in 2009. He is too smart. If he sits out he will lose respect and value on the NBA. Giving his best will propel him to greatness and when the right time comes bye, bye Lakers.

    Our only hope at this point is to have the FO do something that will make this team a contender before 2009. If nothing happens you can bet your life Kobe will be gone. He will not stick around for Mitch, Jim, Jerry and the Lakers fans. He wants to be the best ever and he wants rings. I can’t blame him for that.

  • MacBSlick


    You took the words right out of my mouth. National Enquier at best. Maybe Pincus should apply for a job at the L.A. Times. Hed feel right at home with that group of shock jocks.

  • cyrus

    Eric Pincus is becoming desperate in slow summer. Sportswriters are forced to feel pages with their baseless BS even when there’s no news. Just take a summer vacation Eric and leave Kobe alone.

  • J-Cool

    Cyrus He Hasn’t Done A Article In A Week.

  • foxxy