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The question that still has yet to be answered is what does Kobe Bryant think of new head coach Mike Brown?

Reports have said the two have had face to face meetings, and phone conversations, even saying Brown has won over Bryant.

Yet, Bryant has yet to come out publicly with his thoughts of the Lakers new head coach.

Bryant is not the only Laker who has yet to make a statement on Mike Brown, and some of his teammates that have commented have simply used the “politically correct” answer.

However, players like Ron Artest and Matt Barnes have gave great reviews, and talked about their excitement to play under Brown.

So we have compiled every Laker player who is currently on the roster, and their thoughts, or lack of thoughts, on Mike Brown:

Kobe Bryant

“No Comment” and…”Right now is not the time nor the place.”

Ron Artest

“I think it’s good,” Artest said. “Mike Brown is a guy who got LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship with just LeBron and a bunch of old ladies in canes. I don’t know how he did that, I don’t know how he did that, but he’s a great coach — I played for him in Indiana. He was a great defensive mind. Rick Carlisle did all of the offense, and Mike Brown did all of the defense.”

Lamar Odom

“It’s Different, I have never had him as a coach before, we have one mission, and that’s to win a championship, and hopefully he can help us do that”

Matt Barnes

“We spoke on the phone a few times. I got a chance to know him, he seemed like a really good guy. With that being said, he’s our coach now. What he does and what he’s going to do, that’s yet to be determined. I just wanted to let him know he has my support. I’m sure he has the rest of the guys’ support.”

Andrew Bynum

“We have a new coach! Can’t wait to meet Coach Brown I hear he is a great coach and a better person! I wish the season started tomorrow!”

Derrick Caracter –

“Defense, we’re going to work on our defense. We got knocked out of the NBA Playoffs this year against the Mavericks so working on our defense is key. We’re going to take it back to the drawing board and get it done.”

Derek Fisher

“A lot of really great coaches were being considered for the job. B Shaw was at the top of the list! He’ll be amazing and wherever he goes is lucky to have him. Will miss Phil but excited to start a new chapter under Mike Brown. Looking forward to a different style and energy!!”

Pau Gasol

“I’m excited about our new coach, I hope he can lead us to more titles”

Joe Smith

“He knows his X’s and O’s on both ends of the floor,” Smith said. “It’s going to be a good fit for the team. We have a lot of veterans on this team and a lot of guys who know what it takes to win. Mike will be that key factor to get us going on both ends of the floor, especially defensively, where I felt we struggled at times this year. I don’t think we really understood the defensive scheme as a whole.  Certain individuals did, but as a group I don’t think we really understood it to the point where we could go out there and execute it to the fullest.”

Luke Walton - N/A

Steve Blake – N/A

Shannon Brown – N/A (Note: Played under Brown in Cleveland)

Trey Johnson – N/A

Theo Ratliff - N/A

Devin Ebanks - N/A

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  • Wayneshardwood

    If the most distractions the lakers face this season is delayed comments on m brown by players it wil be a great year. If there is a season and how restrictive the new cba will be for the existing payroll commitments are the real stories.

  • Roblob

    Someone should ask phil what he thinks

    • Anonymous

      LOL Now THAT would be a comment worth waiting for. But he probably wouldn’t say anything.

    • Lakers

      phil dont give a fuck.. if he did he will still be with us

  • Guest

    david brickley, whats your opinion? instead of copying and pasting, give us your retarted take.

  • Keiasway7

    well i guess its kind of good for us because mike got that defense set of mind and thats all we need, we have alot of good shooters which is kobe,shannon,lamar,ebanks,barnes,blake and of course we have bynum and gasol in the looks like were on are way to another championship

  • Lakersbaby24

    its a good look because all we need is defense

  • David Murphy

    Haha, there’s a lot of 242LakerFans here… either that or one with a multi-personality disorder.  Anybody wanting to read a half-baked rant on the CBA…

    • Anonymous

      I have enough disorders with just the one personality, thanks.
      Interesting read. I just wish we could lock these guys in a small room with a keg of beer and a big, stinky wheel of cheese and not let them out till they get something done! Hate to do that to Fish, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Gonuts65

    I really do’t think Jim Buss is the right guy to lead the Lakers.  He’s too petty and believes he has more knowledge and expertise than people who know the business.  I see the Lakers crumbling badly in the near future.  This is a person who ran a pro tennis team that folded after a few years.  He seems like someone bent on doing what he wants to do to carve out a path for his own glory.  Unlike his father Jerry, he does not have the forsight  to let knowledge people do their jobs.  I hated the way he handled the coaching situation.  He didn’t have the balls to let Brian Shaw know thank you for a job well done we are going in a different direction.  His insistence to keep Bynum when he knows he can get Howard because that was his pet project of 5 years.  He wants to keep a player who is constantly getting hurt instead of going after a player just as good who has only missed a hand full of games in the same time. I would like to see Jeanie Buss run the Lakers before this guy runs the franchise down the drain.