Our friends over at the Orange County Register have posted many pictures up from this year’s Lakers girls tryouts. Check out the gallery here.

cheerO.C. Register: They came wearing their best dance shoes, brightest smiles and hopes etched into their faces.

Then they danced and spun and leaped for a panel of judges, all for a chance to be a Laker Girl.

More than 500 young women from Southern California and beyond showed up at the Lakers training facility in El Segundo for a chance to land one of 50 coveted spots on the squad that performs at Lakers home games and other functions.

Not all could make it. But they held onto their belief that they possessed the right moves, looks and personality to be a Laker Girl and spent the better part of Saturday showing the judges they had what it takes.

  • Joe

    The Lakers cannot go wrong with any of those gorgeous ladies!

  • lakers2000

    “What does it take to be a Laker girl?”
    I’m assuming a “vagina”?

  • lakers101

    Be able to sleep with players no matter what

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    Seriously – let’s try to leave mature comments.

    The Lakers girls deserve a little bit more respect than that.

  • Lakers 24 7

    What does it take to bone a Laker girl?

    …that was the last one, I swear. =]

  • lakers101

    how can u respect a striper/cheerleader. ROLF

  • alex

    thats a real nice picture..

  • Gino

    sounds like some people got jilted by cheerleaders at some point in their lives.

    but seriously they’re doing their job and they make the Lakers games that much more fun to go to. but can’t hate on them for doing their job and making the games entertaining as well as performing and showing support to our Lakers.

    how can we respect them? easy, just understand that their job ain’t easy and not everyone can do it.

  • http://lkjha.com dam

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice body!! i wud luv to have one in my bed

  • dub824

    i wonder how much puss the judges get

  • lakers2000

    Sorry, but the title is just asking for it. They are the best though! Go Lakers!!

  • Victor

    Maybe kobe licks all the Laker girls pussie$ before each game.

  • joejoe


  • laker101

    Indeed if you see most of the BBall players are married to cheerleaders there there for pleasure stripers they get paid to dance and show some ass well done ladies

  • Ruff Ryders

    Willing to ryde ruff or willing to cook for me at any given time.

  • NBA executive

    i was accused of sleeping with multiple cheerleaders but they dont understand i was simply interviewing them.

  • Big D

    WHat does it take to fuck a laker girl

  • http://gmail.com THE MILKMAN

    What does it take to be a lakergirl?
    the ability and willingness to:
    1.Perform oral with a 7 foot man and his 1 pound sausage
    2.Dominate BIG Bynum with the bionic seahorse
    3.Suffer through all of Pau’s hair and body odor to spend a long night performing strange positions and spreading the legs and finishing him off doggystyle
    4.Perform a donkey show for jerry buss
    5.Have lesbian sex with jeanie buss while phil watches tryin to join by propping himself up with pillows to support his back and taking viagra
    6.Getting tickled by Morrison’s beanerstache when he goes down on her
    7.Putting on a strap-on dildo and dominating sasha from behind
    8.Suffering trough a foreign anal experiment involving Mbenga and his ritual indigenous to the Congo
    9.Forcing herself not to puke as she goes through odom, walton, and farmar’s strange versed sex routine involving lots of weed, whipped cream, and candy (especially milk duds)
    10Performing an orgy with phil and the entire team after they win the 16 championship
    The MILKMAN out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandoe

    the milk man had a good one that should do the trick !!!!

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    the butter is getting hard and the jello is jigglin baby!!!

  • anonymousss

    the joke died already, its done.

    but yeah, it must be a pretty dawm intense tryout considering only 50 out of 500 will be selected

  • Robert

    Question should be: What does it take to ‘go out with’ a Lakers girl. Answer: Not be a loser blogger on a nerdy Lakers Fan website.

  • laker101

    I been out with on it to be honest it aint all that

  • Victor

    2 thumbs up to the milkman! Damn Laker girls.. i’ll fück them till i die.

  • Melbourne

    “always remember, for every hot girl, somewhere, there is a guy that’s tired of banging them.”

  • ronin99

    I hope they add they girl in the picture! DDDAAAMMMNNN!!!!