Sacramento Kings assistant coach Randy Brown knows what a 70-win NBA team looks like.

He was on one.

Or should I say, he was on it, because the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls are the lone team in league history to reach the 70-win plateau during their record-setting 72-10 season.

You might remember Brown, a role player who wore No. 0 on the Bulls’ 1996-98 championship team, for trying to wrestle the game ball away from Michael Jordan after Chicago downed Seattle in Game 6 of the 1996 NBA Finals.

“I went for that ball,” Brown told me before his Kings played the Lakers on Sunday. “It’s Toni Kukoc’s fault. I told him to give me the ball and as you can see, Michael and I are running for it and then it hit me: It’s Father’s Day, let the guy have the ball. So, I let it go. He was destined for it, so it was no big deal.”

With a 118-108 win over Sacramento, Los Angeles pushed its record to 11-1, moving ahead of Chicago’s pace in ’95-96. The Bulls started their season 10-2, losing to the Sonics on Nov. 26 before going on a 13-game winning streak to set their record at 23-2 by Christmas.

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  • sketch

    good chance to get there, but that’s not the goal now is it?

  • aggressive expansion

    it just might take 70 wins to secure overall home court advantage.

  • sketch

    aggressive expansion, come on…do you really believe that? everyone else is falling by the way side(the western conference). i’m not saying that the other teams won’t play better as the season goes on, but by the way that we’re jelling together…no one will be able to touch us. as long as we keep winning, the other western conference teams will be beating themselves up, we won’t need 70 to secure.

  • gugy

    The most important thing for the Lakers now is to stay healthy all the way to the finals.

    This is the key.

    I don’t care about 70 wins.

    We need home court advantage and the players in great shape. Also the fact Kobe is playing less now it’s very good. We need him rested when we will need him the most.

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Optimistically, I just want to see the Lakers get home advantage throughout the ENTIRE playoffs.

    I don’t want to see them relax, let their guard down or anything. I want them taking each game at a time, each opponent seriously.

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    man my mind set is go for 81, then if we lose
    one go for 80, one more go for 79!!!

  • VIVA

    One thing in mind. TROPHY BABEEE!!!

  • GT

    yeah, I don’t know why we only aim for 70 wins. 81 wins sounds better and sweep the playoff too :D

  • thelakerfuture

    luke and sun to d-league

  • T.A.

    70 is a # that could keep this team motivated.

    – They have to keep going at it every night.

    70-12 has been my prediction from day one

  • xtro

    let’s be realistic. 82-1.


    Is Luke playing any minutes this game? Everytime I look at the highlights on ESPN or the game itself,the question is always “where’s Luke”? Is he really that hurt ooooor is Mitch cooking up something…time will tell.Charlotte wants to trade Adam Morrison..hint.

    The O’brien is ALL that matters…they can have the same record as last year,AS LONG AS THE O’BRIEN IS BACK IN LA!!!

  • sketch

    well, adam morrison aka porn-stache can’t play a lick of defense so i don’t see why mithc would make the trade. luke at least knows the system, feels real comfortable in the triangle, makes great passes(especially lobs to farmar) for the alley loop. what’s adam morrison gonna do for us? he’s suppossed to be the shooter, but he’s yet to amount to anything close to that in the league.


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    AMEN dude. That is exactly how i feel.