Martell Webster recently sat down and admist learning the triangle offense up in Minny, he had this to say about Kobe Bryant.

ESPN: “He’s a legend,” Webster said. “He’s a playing legend right now. [Our] relationship right now, he’s a teacher. He still plays the game, he understands the game and he’s a teacher. I’m just trying to get as much knowledge as I can.”

  • kb24isthebest

    finally someone speaks the truth about him!

  • Robert.

    That’s great! Got a little confused, for a second. Thought the title was referring to:

    • showtime4eva


  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    the best at what?and martel webster is who?and why anyone would give a rats-ass what he says?anyone can like an old mustang(mamamba)but you`ve got to love the new corvettes(lebronzes)

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    slowtime4nothing,just because where your from its all pick-ups……….you don`t see alot of vettes no doubt.watching the lake show..pintos

  • si pepe

    jealous…i know wer ur at. im gonna hunt you…run barbie!

  • Laffs at laffs atu

    You can have 3 new corvette’s it still dosen’t equal to 1 old mustang. u don’t know sh8 about your cars or your bball.
    Bandwagon fans are the worst.
    History speaks for itself u retard.