According to this report, Chris Webber rejected the Lakers offer to join the team last week…

ESPN: Webber last week rejected the opportunity to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers after they lost Andrew Bynum to a knee injury in part, sources said, because L.A. wanted Webber to play out two 10-day contracts before it made a decision on keeping him.

Chris Webber told on Monday night that he will arrive in Oakland on Tuesday to formally re-join the Golden State Warriors.

“Ill be there tomorrow,” Webber said via e-mail. “It’s a done deal.”

  • wong63

    if i was webber i prolly wuld of did the samething thats kinda disrespectful on the lakers side because he is a seasoned vet. but i think the lakers shuld of just gave him a yr. contract just cause he’s a well known vet. and another bad move on the lakers part and we slept on him and now a rival may be getting him. And what were they thinking if he was fine with signing why not it couldnt hurt only make the team better and the contract is up after this yr anywany WTF were they thinking…IDIOTS

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    I think you’re jumping the gun. It has even been announced what kind of contract Golden St. gave Webber. Did they sign for more than 1 year? 2 years? Just half a season?

    Webber may be a seasoned vet, but didn’t you see him fade in the playoffs for Detroit last year. The guy hasn’t been playing basketball this year so no one really knows what kind of shape he is in. In all honesty, I’m not afraid that Golden St. is getting him. With Webber, the Warriors get someone who is kind of a big (at least for them anyways), but can Webber even play in the up tempo, run and gun, Warrior style (I guess we’ll see how good a shap he is in)?

    Furthermore, Webber has never really been a player that a team relies on in playoff scenarios (We all saw what he was like on the Kings in the playoffs and last year with Detroit, he didn’t do all that much in the playoffs).

  • ab4sure

    Have to see what he has left… plus does he really want to win??? if so it wouldn’t be GS.

  • Tyler

    what a mother F#$%&*@ B*#%$

  • Ballin’08

    Guess Webber’s not playing for a championship then…F^@k

  • SliqRiq

    Beautifully said Ballin’08

  • RoWyN

    WTF?!?! I thought we were doing him a favor? I guess good luck to the biggest disappointment to basketball is all I can say.

  • Lakers2410

    I say sign C-Webb until the end of the season, then release him once all 82 games of the season are over, or at least when Bynum comes back or come s back to 100% status and becomes that dominant center all of us Lakers have been wanting to come to use by trading this big man that we NOW all know & love, Andrew Bynum, #17 of the Los Angeles Lakers, whom is one of the most dominant centers in the league right now!

  • jrich

    Too late. Webber is signing with the Warriors tomorrow. It’s a done deal. It’s on ESPN.

  • Phant0M


  • kobe-wan kenobi

    thank god!
    the loser with bad attitude wont come!!!!!!

  • LakerNation1

    a full contract? who does he think he is? jason kidd? lakers did a smart thing with mbenga, previewing the product before the buy. same goes for chris webber. he may be a vet, but he aint no superstar…

    10 day contract to u sir!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    I’m sure he’ll call a timeout and cost Golden St. a few games.

  • LakersOnFire

    ditto with ab, guess he doesn’t want a ring.

  • mplakers

    how time flies in the nba

    back in the day a line-up of kidd, kobe, and webber would have devastated the landscape of the entire sports world. more so than the trio of the celtics. in fact, the best ensemble of stars is and will always be the malone, payton, shaq, and kobe team. were it not for injuries and inhouse fighting, not to mention shaq’s greediness, i believe that team could have squeezed out 2-3 championships.

  • droWzY

    WOW. First We Don’t Get Kevin Garnett, Then We Don’t Get Jermaine O’neal, Then We Don’t Get Jason Kidd, Now We Also Lose a Chance At Getting Webber Because They Wanted a Combined 20 Day Contract. I Mean Hey Golden State Isn’t Going To Win a Ring Anytime Soon, And With There Up Tempo, Fast paced Game Play, I’d Like To See Webber Get More Then 24 Minutes Per Game. He Is Out Of Shape, A Semi-Big, But a Big Still. One More Thing, I Do Believe Webber Would Of Fitted Perfectly With The Triangle Mostly Because We’re Mostly a Slow Paced Half Court Team And Webber Can Do The Give And Go Very nicely. I Say We Trade Luke, Lamar,and Radmanovich To Memphis For Mike Miller, Stromile Swift, And Pau Gasol.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    I agree fuk him

  • mp or mplakers

    hey drowzy

    this is the gm of the grizzlies. yes, i approve your trade proposal. we can’t wait to procure one of your flukes, your underachieveing supposed all-star, and your struggling injured shooter FOR OUR BONAFIDE STAR, AND OUR BEST SHOOTER, WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE ON THE OLYMPIC TEAM….UHHH AND OH YEAH WE’RE SOOOO THANKFUL FOR YOUR GARBAGE THAT WE WILL ALSO THROW IN STROMILE SWIFT. HOW SOON CAN WE GET THE DEAL DONE? PLEASE CALL ME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 1-800-I’M AN IDIOT.



  • foxxy


  • LakerSon24

    Wy do we care??? S***W webber he’s GS problem, that’s even a + for us i would say…

  • pjt

    That’s fine we don’t need another dumb player..and he is based on his tract record…he’s older too…not a good fit for LA….

  • cfresh

    he’s washed up…nobody likes chris webber

  • MILO

    I cant wait till the Lakers face them and beat the sh!it out of them along with Webber!!!

  • Michael_23

    How can C Webb sign with a #1 ranked Championship team last year and sign with a team who will barely make the playoffs this year???

    He should have went to Europe and accepted that 12+ mil contract.

    The Warriors play almost as quick as Phoenix. I can’t wait to see Webber lose his breath over there.

    I wonder if Shaq will ever ask for a buyout and would want to go to Phoenix. That would hilarious.