Here is the schedule for this year’s Western Conference Finals…

Date Time and Channel (PST)

G1 – Wed May 21 TNT 6:00
G2 – Fri May 23 TNT 6:00
G3 – Sun May 25 TNT 6:00
G4 – Tue May 27 TNT 6:00
G5 – #Thu May 29 TNT 6:00
G6 – #Sat May 31 TNT 6:00
G7 – #Mon June 2 TNT 6:00

  • xxv112002

    Don’t need to add games 5-6 and 7 cos Lakers are on a roll! SWEEP!!!!!

  • Kobe08-09

    BEST OF SEVEN (2-2-1-1-1)
    what does that mean


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    kobe08 it means that the first Games 1 & 2 are played on our court. Games 3&4 on the other team’s court. Game 5 on our’s game 6 their’s and game 7 our’s


    Why the @#$% are they putting our series on TNT? :(

  • Kobe08-09

    waht is 2-3-2 for finals? then

  • jarrett

    [Comment ID #36116 Will Be Quoted Here] yea thats what i wonder… i guess its an advantage for us. because remeber in 04 when we played the pistons and they won one game on our floor then took all three at home?

    if we go to the finals, we should do that.

  • Luis 24

    yeah the finals for us would be better, if we can sneak a win on the road then we get to play 3 times in a row at Kobes house

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

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    they do that in the finals bcauseit is a longer flight

  • T-DUB

    TNT gets the WCF every year…they pay the most money to the NBA for the most exciting basketball.

  • playdefense

    lakers have a good amount of days to get rested and get healthy. WCF games are every other day so its going to be fast. hopefully ariza can get ready and in some what better shape cuz we def will need his defense next round whether its on manu or on peja.

  • kobay 24/7

    gies does anyone know if the games are also on fsn or kcal 9????


    No, TNT switches off every yaer. If you remember correctly, they had the Eastern Conference Finals last year, with Cavs vs Pistons and that exciting game 5

  • LA-KB24

    why are all the games at 6:00 ?? little early, shouldnt they be 7:30??

  • Jonny

    6 is so the east coast can kind of stay up to watch it while giving people enough time to get off work here to get to the game

    thank God TNT is doing the Series, i LOVE the half time show and inside the nba haha

    makes the series even more exciting (and the announcing somewhat excusable)

    (don’t worry guys we get ABC announcing for the finals)

  • JJ

    i’m glad its on TNT so we dont have to worry about Hubie Brown butchering Pau’s name… Ga-sal? are you kidding me?

    also, the 2-3-2 format in the finals is to increase the chance of the series going longer.. check the link for more info:

  • kobay 24/7

    gies does anyone know if the games are also on fsn or kcal 9???

  • modenadude

    I hope it’s on FSN/KCAL9 as well because I love Joel and Stu (and the rest of the folks too). But in Round 2, I don’t think they had any TNT games. And in Game 6 at Utah, Joel ended it by saying it was the last KCAL9 broadcast and thanked a bunch of people, so that probably means FSN/KCAL9 is done this year, bummer. Lakers should be sending out an e-mail either today or after the Spurs/Hornets play tomorrow to announce the official schedule and broadcasters. Anyone else know for sure?

    Oh, and not to be an ass, but the times should be in PDT, not PST – It’s Daylight time now, not Standard!