Every paper in Boston is saying it’s just about done. Right when you think everything is nearly completed, a local news station reveals some interesting information. As reported by WCCO:

lg.jpegWCCO: The Associated Press is reporting that Kevin Garnett is leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves in a multiplayer trade to the Boston Celtics.

The reported deal would bring Al Jefferson, Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, and Sebastian Telfair to Minnesota. The Timberwolves will also get at least one draft pick.

WCCO’s Mike Max had learned the Timberwolves may have been holding out for a first-round draft pick.

The Timberwolves held an ownership meeting on July 24, sources told WCCO-TV. Once of the concerns addressed in that meeting was revenue. The Timberwolves have been losing money in recent seasons.

One Timberwolves insider, when asked why Garnett would accept a deal to go to Boston now when he previously said “no”, said Boston’s acquisition of Ray Allen of Seattle, plus the addition of Garnett would make the Celtics a team that could win the East.

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  • One35

    LD2k… stop being in denial dude….. first things first change this sites name because nothing good has come out of this.

  • shakobe

    well i guess thats what being a lakers fan is all about having faith till the last second………

  • One35
  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    [quote comment=”9672″]LD2k… stop being in denial dude….. first things first change this sites name because nothing good has come out of this.[/quote]
    Nothing good?

    Reporting stories – like threads on forums. It’s the future of news reporting, it’s blogging. Just because it doesn’t come true doesn’t hold your statement valid.

    Secondly, we’ll see what happens. KG traded to Boston or not, we have decisions to make. 25 million people in about three months can’t be wrong. That’s for sure.

  • somelakerfan1

    its over

    garnett sell your house live in bpston never come in calli

  • tungtwista
  • http://www.youtube.com/darkice18 dark_ice18

    forget Garnett, he and the cursed Celtics can go %!$!@%!@#!….

    …its time to get JO and keep LO, Mitch better, NO he HAS TO make a deal that keep Lamar,Kobe,Javaris and get JO…so heres my idea:

    Trade: Bynum,Kwame,Sasha,Farmar,Aaron McKie S&T, 2008 & 2010 pick for J.O.

    Sign: Webber to veteran’s minimum.


    Fisher/Javaris/Sun Yue???
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Coby Karl???




    we still win!!!