Kobe Bryant: The Return.

Sunday is almost here. Laker Nation, are you ready?!

  • Danny E. Pagan

    Kobe’s return is sort of bittersweet on one hand your glad to see Kobe back on the other it’s going to be sad seeing Young, Henry, Meeks and possibly even Johnson get less minutes. Also the ball movement is probably going to go downhill as the season goes on. Kobe always looks to make the play or the assist, not so much the hockey assist so it’s gonna be sad to see that go. I honestly think they need to improve their defense the most and I don’t know if Kobe is going to help with that given his age and moving limitations. Fact of the matter is Lakers always get killed in the paint and that’s not going to change unless they trade Pau and get someone like a Tyson Chandler. Either way, Lakers will make the playoffs and will be a hell of a dangerous team.