O.C. Register: Without any clocks inside the gym, it was easy for Luke Walton to lose track of time. An hour, then another slipped by without him knowing.

The Lakers forward was captivated by the sloppy pick-up game he watched while running on a weight-resistant treadmill. If only he could play a pick-up game, he thought.

If only Walton could be out on the court, running plays and making baskets. If only he could dish off to Andrew Bynum like he used to and watch wide-eyed as the Lakers center slammed the ball in. If only he could run without worry on his surgically repaired right ankle.

Walton expects to get medical clearance Wednesday from the doctor, giving him the go-ahead to begin more rigorous workouts. He ran Tuesday on a wind-bubble treadmill that reduces body weight on joints, the first time he has tested his ankle since having surgery less than two months ago.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed and if I get it (clearance), I’m going to start pushing it as hard as I can,” he said.

Walton had surgery July 18 to remove bone spurs and scar tissue, as well as clean up cartilage debris from his right ankle, which had bothered him toward the end of last season.

He said Tuesday that he wants to be ready to go when training camp opens Sept. 30. Whether his ankle is ready is another matter.

“Right now, it’s pretty weak. I do exercises right now and my whole right leg is shaking,” Walton said. “And that’s a light warm-up exercise.

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  • Geloman

    Get better Luke. We can’t trade you if you’re injured.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    idk.. luke has dissapointed me a lot this last two seasons.. but i have a feeling that if he is healthy he can be a solid bench player.. hopefully this will be a good season for him..


    yo on some REALNESS LUKE hasn’t been acute to the court ever since his sophmore season before he got injured that December, I really don’t know man, because it’s even harder for me to downplay him because I know him personally, I honestly think he got overpaid (smart agent) however, w/ all that said, he just needs to get back on the ball, stop playing half ass, stop being afraid of some contact, and play the game as if it’s his last because that’s what it’s all about in the purple and gold……..

  • zgum

    booooo…. all talk….

  • Ira

    His game makes me puke!

  • daboss1849

    Don’t worry Luke the bench doesn’t require a strong ankle. Damn u must have sucked some big di cks to get that 30 mil. contract!!!!

  • Michael_23

    His contract year was up in ’06, he played the best ball. He needs to become that kind of player again or else he’ll be the 3rd string forward.

    I bet Bill Walton was real upset when he saw his son playing in the Finals, he was very unproductive.

    Kobe, LO and Ariza will no questions take over the SF position leaving Luke Walton warming the bench.


    I’m convinced that they will NEVER trade Luke but Vlad is the one that needs departure from that Laker uniform.

  • yellowpurplefever

    you took the words rihgt out of my mouth. In all seriousness, get well! so we can trade you and your buddy V-lady.


    [Comment ID #50313 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Wow man you are a f*cking b*tch dude. All you guys are f*cking homos. I mean wow, everytime I come on here I always hear all this bulls*it you all say about LUKE. Man I hate to talk bad about LAKER fans because we are all a nation, but wow all you guys are so ignorant and come next season LUKE will prove me right that all you guys are F*cking b*tches. So F you all. Mark my words.

  • long legga lai

    [Comment ID #50293 Will Be Quoted Here]



    Same here long legga lai…LMAO (Geloman,yellowpurplefever,y’all are some CRAZY M’F’ERS)!!!

    LAKERNATION,the playoffs and Finals spoke for themselves.

    Trade Vlad for Tyrus Thomas,please.I likes dude attitude,reminds me of calmer Artest but atheletically,HE’S SCARY!

  • Smush Walton

    At this point in his career Luke may be more suited to working full time in his restaurant.

  • Big Phil

    My Wish: Seeing Fluke traded ASAP

  • yellowpurplefever

    Just calm down man, its just our 2 cents, its freaking “blogs”. I just hope he can prove most of us fans Wrong for taking that much of $$$ and NOT producing. Did you watch the last 2 seasons? He missed so many layups and open shots, what do you expect from fans. Pls. no injuries excuses. He should rest, rehab then come back 90-100% and play like before his BIG payday.(2004/2005)

  • Lakers 24 7

    Luke’s actually a decent player. He just hasn’t been the same after some injuries. Hopefully he can recover this off season and be better up-coming season. He may not be athletic, but he is a smart player and knows the triangle. I’ll bet that he’ll be a coach when he retires lol.