Veteran forward’s play in the last three games has been all over the map, emblematic of his entire season.

L.A. Times: Luke Walton’s yo-yo season continued in a 72-hour slice of basketball.

He couldn’t miss against Seattle last Friday, scoring 17 points on eight-for-11 shooting and adding five rebounds and four assists. Two days later, he had four points and three turnovers against Golden State.

Then on Monday, he was somewhere in between in a rematch with the Warriors — eight points, seven rebounds, three assists.

Coach Phil Jackson could only shrug and smile.

“Well, I welcomed him back as a player after Friday night’s game. I’ll take that back after [Sunday] night’s game,” he said. “He looked like he was back in the fold Friday night, but he really struggled [Sunday] night.”

Why is that?

“His outside shot — right now, they’re just backing off him,” Jackson said. “As a result, he’s trying to get involved in there and it’s tough to do when people just disregard your outside shot. So he has to hit a shot, he has to take a shot, he has to make some shots. . . . If he isn’t, he has to continue to create things for other guys, which he is capable of doing.”

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  • http://myspcee Tu2aPOBE

    Trade Him For GOOD

  • foxxy

    HOW ABOUT GOING TO THE D-LEAGUE??????????????????

  • Ballin’08

    Not only is Walton inconsistent, he’s sloppy. For a guy who teaches a basketball camp along with Richard Jefferson he sure doesn’t know the fundamentals. He’s a turnover waiting to happen. Why he handles the ball so much I don’t know….he can’t hit an open shot, can’t drive, can’t pass, might get a steal or two but can’t play D. As for that game against the Sonics, 17 points during “garbage” time…I mean c’mon is that even worth mentioning. He needs to stop walking around with a camera showing us his restaurant, and signing autographs at mattress stores and go work on his game…

    I almost forgot those passes he always does to his teamates when their about three feet away. What is that?? Create some space….Move the ball. Don’t make pointless passes that the defense reads and turns into a turnover…(Sighs in frustaration)…Luke needs more bench time…Anyone disagree??


    Luke won’t be going anywhere because that contract(6 yrs.and TOO MUCH DAMN MONEY). I have to say when Luke is healthy he can be quite a facilitater and scorer,basically the ‘little things’get him by.

    So saying that I say DON’T SIGN ANY BIG NAME FREE AGENTS and yes,don’t trade Luke. What I would do is sign someone like Mickael Pietrus(him and Ariza on the same floor together,WOW),Jamario Moon,JO(value went down ’cause of injury),Sebastian Telfair(DF only has 1 or 2yrs. to go)etc.

  • RoWyN

    I see how Luke is now the new Kwame… careful what you ask for guys.

    Anyway, anyone who hasn’t severely sprained an ankle has no idea what some players go through. For guys that don’t have springs, u rely on ur ankles a lot since u land quicker than other players. if ur not careful, re-injuring a sprain can be very traumatic. But ppl recover dont worry, it just takes time.

    I remember when everybody wanted to trade Lamar. Now that he’s averaging double-doubles everybody adores him. I also remember when everyone praising Luke when he was making them smart plays.

    It will take time before someone recovers from some injuries but when they do you’ll be glad u kept them.

    Having said all that, there may be some exceptions (Mihm).

  • Ignard

    People wanted to trade Lamar because he was underachieving

  • RoWyN

    I agree with u Ignard. I’m guilty of throwing in the towel for Lamar. But u just can’t help think about potentials. U know if Lamar gets it, u’d rather have him than play against him. Same with Bynum last year when everybody wanted to trade him for JKidd.

    I see the same for Luke Walton. I’m kind of disappointed why ppl can’t understand that he is playing like crap because he is very limited right now. Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted Luke to be the starting SF. I always thought he was too slow to match up for the Luol Dengs and is a little too small for the Diaw’s of the league. But he can be a very good asset in the bench.

    Hopefully, he gets back in shape so we can see the old LUUUUUKE!


    Since our point guard position will trinkle when DF is gone in about 2 yrs.(or less),what PG’s would fit the Laker brand. For me, Sebastian Telfair,CP3 or Stephon Marbury.

  • RoWyN

    Jordan Farmar
    Josh Childress
    Earl Watson

  • SuperDuper

    -CP3 is a pipe dream, thats as likely as us trading Bynum.
    -Stephon Marbury is a ball hog, every team he seems to explode, I wouldn’t want him on my team.
    -I don’t watch enough of Telfair to know what he is like, but Farmar seems better than him.

    On the other hand Juan Carlos Navarro seems like a pretty solid shooter along with many other solid realistically attainable players like Udrih, TJ Ford who I remember said he wanted to play in the triangle on Outside the Lines.


    Superduper,Juan Carlos Navarro is probably better than my picks but he’s not a Free Agent,unfortunately,neither is TJ Ford(DAMN!he would fit just right too).

    I like Telfair(check youtube or buy ‘through the fire’ dvd)
    because he reminds of a Magic-Isaiah type of player.A wizard with the ball whether passing or shooting and doesn’t too many bonehead plays,good teammate.

    Stephon should’ve went to NY,he gets into too much trouble as it is. He use a change of scenery and he’s not the ball hogg you think he is and him and Kobe could be a nice combo if Stephon plays within the system,he’s SHOWTIME-type player anyway.His attitude may have to get checked though.

    Cp3 is a pipedream but think about it….KOBE AND CP3….KOBE AND CP3….KOBE AND CP3,that’s how many rings they’d win(3)and remember Byron Scott is coaching him,he could do what Mchale did for Danny Ainge,you never know.

  • BringDFishBack

    I hope you guys realize he’s playing this poorly because he’s playing hurt. Notice since the all-star break his play has picked up and he has had some real solid games. That is because he got treatment during the break and finally had time to rest. If he can get healthy again, he’ll be back where he was last year. Unfortunetly, he couldn’t afford to take time out this season to get it fixed because of all the injuries. Odom was hurt at the start of the season, Kwame was down for a while, Mihm has played limited minutes, then Bynum went down, then Ariza, and on. There were just too many injuries for him to not play when he could.

    This is just another time that Lakers fans jumped on people because they played bad for a short period of time. Just like wanting to dump Bynum and Farmar for J-Kidd (although I know 90% of you who wanted that will deny it), wanting to dump Bynum and Odom for JO or Pau, etc. Stop jumping on these guys, give them time. Like PJ was talking about, even though Luke might not be hitting shots, he’s still making plays for other guys. Come next season Luke will be playing much better. Just wait.

  • T-Dub

    What are you guys smokin? Luke has no talent, no athleticism, no speed, no hops, no handles, no moves, no defense, and no good judgment. He’s a big, slow , sorry white boy…period. STOP making excuses for him!…he’s not hurt, he’s weak! He ain’t goin no where because no one else is stupid enough to pay him for 5 more years. We’re stuck with his sorry a s s so get use to it!

  • BEC

    Luke hasnt missed a game in the last 2 months, so hes not hurt, this hurt excuse is bull****. If he is hurt, then he should take time off and heal, or get surgery or whatever he needs to do, its not like we cant win without him, hes not a Pau or Bynum caliber player anyways.

    Luke is a decent backup, hes not athletic, but hes a smart player, decent bball iq. I think some of you just expect more out of him than he is capable. He doesnt hurt this team, hes not the reason we lose games. Lukes one of those players who doesnt really help and make a big impact on a game, but hes also the kind of player that doesnt hurt a team either.



  • RoWyN


    y are so mad at luke? we have that 12th spot just for him dont worry.

    I agree he’s got no speed, no hops, no handles, no moves (he actually has one and i know u know what it is). But he has good judgment (better than most nba players), defense (one-on-one, perimeter, and help-out), and talent (he’s in the nba and we’re both blogging at getgarnett.) Yeah he’s a big, slow white boy but he’s not sorry.

    Yea I guess he’s gonna get a good paycheck for the next few years, but it isn’t really his fault is it? And I hope ur not attacking the Lakers front office for making a bad deal cause we all know what they’ve done (and not done) to put our team back to the elite of the west conference.

    Oh, and to those who forgot or maybe is expecting something else out of Luke……this just a reminder of what he does:

  • RoWyN


    I’m kind of confused of where u stand about Luke but I agree with the second part of ur post. He doesn’t really hurt ur team for being there but he’s really a good addition just for match up issues.

    About the first part of ur comment, if u havent SEVERELY sprained (normal sprains don’t count) ur ankle, u may seem okay physically but mentally it can take a little while to heal. Knowing that when u jump inside traffic and can potentially land on someone else’s foot can affect ur game a lot. U might not contest some shots u normally would. u might miss a lay-up because u held back on ur springs. it slows u down a bit. And by saying a bit, I meant a bit of every action which is a lot bro.

    But he can get over this, it would just take time. Kwame underwent the same issue. But his tiny fingers were just a little too much.


    Michael Pietrus is better and they play the same position. Get this guy in the off season(he’d be a lot cheaper than Arenas) and Luke will play a lot better. NO BOOING LUKE,PLEASE(ok, maybe in our heads)!

  • T-Dub

    BEC and RoWyN, you guys are right. Luke doesn’t hurt this team. I’m not mad at Luke…however that high IQ part I have to disagree with. He makes more stupid turnovers than anyone since Smush was here. But I am tired of people making excuses for him. He is what he is and its only downhill from here at his age. That 30mil could have been better spent, I didn’t agree with his re-signing. But hey, Mitch can’t get’em all right!

  • RoWyN

    I guess we can both agree that this argument is pointless. It’s kinda like defending the retards for being retarded. I agree with Luke’s abilities I just don’t like the hating.

  • T-Dub


  • Ballin’08

    What are you guys smokin? Luke has no talent, no athleticism, no speed, no hops, no handles, no moves, no defense, and no good judgment. He’s a big, slow , sorry white boy…period. STOP making excuses for him!…he’s not hurt, he’s weak! He ain’t goin no where because no one else is stupid enough to pay him for 5 more years. We’re stuck with his sorry a s s so get use to it!

    Got to agree T-Dub.

    Y does Luke turn the ball over so much…Someone please explain that???? If he’s hurt then stay ur hust @$$ on the bench. Don’t start passing the ball to the other team turning the game into a 6 on 4…I’ve hurt both ankles and I know how difficult it is to run, jump, etc. when that happens. If he’s hurt and can’t get the elevation then stop shooting threes…it just pisses me off that I can call it everytime he handles the ball, “He’s gonna turn it over…” and he does…at last nights game he’s the reason we went into overtime by exposing the ball to Stephen Jackson and they scored off that turnover…Face it we all want Trevor back…Slash and “D” baby…Slash and F^ck!ng “D”…

  • fluke swalfmeen

    [Comment ID #30486 Will Be Quoted Here]

    that is a brilliant idea, also trade fluke for elton brand please, or another guy who might make a comeback from a severee injury that their team doesn’t know

  • Kobe4Ever

    dude look at the picture, Al Harrington is grabbing Luke’s @$$. that there defines Luke Walton’s season.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #30519 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are a complete joke. He is hurt, and has been hurt all season. Kobe hasnt missed a game since he hurt his finger, does that mean he isn’t hurt? He has a decent bball iq? Are you out of your mind? This guy’s bball iq is one of the highest in the league. About sitting out…he would except for the fact that he can’t really. Obvoiusly if he could, he would. But with all the injuries to this team, they can’t really afford it. Right now they have 8 everyday players, then DJ and Coby Karl. You want them to compete in the west with 7 players???? Obviously he has talked to people within the organization and overall the decision was to not get it because they need him now.

  • RoWyN

    sorry guys, I have to somewhat agree with BringDFishBack to the fact that Radmanovich didn’t really get back recently. And with Bynum out and Pao was playing C, Lamar had to play the 4-spot and Turiaf be a back-up to both. With Radman and Ariza out, Luke had to take the starting job. And now that Pau is out as well, even though Radman starts at 3, Luke had to play more minutes in case a matchup persists Radman to be too slow.