Walton Update

T-Minus a few more weeks for a 100% healthy Lakers squad!

Inside The Lakers: There was news today on Luke Walton’s recovery from a back injury.

He has increased his off-court workouts daily since undergoing a procedure last month to alleviate his back pain. He said he felt good enough to resume practicing with his teammates and playing in games.

He’s determined to make a slow but steady recovery. “That’s the mistake I made last time,’ he said of returning to full activity too quickly after suffering a back injury during training camp. “We’re going to take the full recovery time this time. Hopefully, that will be the end of the back problems.”

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    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      Second to First

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    STFU bc18 and Aaron2416377

  • J

    like father, like son. bad backs are genetic!

  • Justin M.

    Walton was hurt? Huh, guess I really didn’t realize he was missing…………

  • Smush Walton

    Glad to hear Luke’s time off the court is giving him time to get over his back pain. His time off the court has also given me time to get over my pain from watching his performance on the court. Please take all the time you need Luke – we certainly do not want you to rush back onto the court. There’ no hurry. We will try to survive without you.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      NO NO NO NO, YOU dont want him back on the court, rest of LA does. Question yourself, are you a FAN or a bandwagoner. He was part of the reason we actually won a championship, other than Odom, he is the second forward on the bench that actually does something (JPezzy too). He facilitates and helps his team score. Although he doesnt put up the points consistently, what he does put up consistently is 7+ assists. Now if thats not contributing then you dont know the meaning of the word CONTRIBUTING.

      • Kid Kaos 310

        The Good The Bad & The Ugly

        What the Fukc are you talking about Marwan!? Walton doesn’t average 7+ dimes a game. More like 7 dimes a season with a ridiculous turnover ratio in relation to his assist totals. Check out his stats (http://www.nba.com/playerfile/luke_walton/index.html?nav=page).

        Moreover, was there ever a season when Walton wasn’t injured? Remember all the excuses about his foot the last two seasons?

        The Good: Luke has a very high Basketball IQ (not Kobe smart but smarter than your average player). He also won’t just jack up shots like Sasha (officially the worst Laker on this squad) will without thinking. He is a pass first player which is thought highly of in the Triangle. Also, his last name helps.

        The Bad: For some reason Mitch won’t ship him out to another organization. It could be his relationship with the management and team, his understanding of the Triangle (which is a difficult concept to grasp for your average player)/ his high Basketball IQ or it could be that every organization knows that Luke is an over paid, injury prone 3rd string player on a dominate Laker squad and is overlooked because of it.

        Anybody disagree? Please post your comments

        And The Ugly: Luke Walton is an offensive liability who has dropped in production. He lost his starting position to Ariza midway through last season and now he’s a 3rd string player, a garbage time player to put in when we’re up by 30pts with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter. He’s over paid just like Sasha (by far our worst player) and Adam Morrison (not his fault due to the fact that he was drafted high and granted 5M a season).

        • WifelovesLuke

          Luke is the consumate “role” player needed in the triangle. Does he lock down on defense? Nope. Does he have a sweet J? Nope. What he does have is the other fundamental qualities that has PJ high on Luke and he is very much welcomed by people who understand that basketball is a “team” sport and not just guys who can wow us with a dunk. Luke and LO on the court with the second unit is going to complete this team. To say otherwise is just being naive and ignorant. Sorry for using big words. LOL

          1-2-3 Ring!!!!

          • Smush Walton

            Yeah I’m so tired of hearing about Luke’s “IQ”.
            He is the smartest no-talent schlub in the league.

            Can’t run, can’t jump, certainly can’t SHOOT, his post “moves” are laughable. Sure he throws an occasional good pass, but how many turnovers does he bring along with those? How fast does a double digit lead disappear when he is on the court?

            Yeah, please take your time in recovering Luke. There is definitely no hurry. We have plenty other available bodies to take up your space on the floor while you are out.

      • Smush Walton

        Well Marwan
        I know the meaning of MORON and you are definitely one.

        • http://LakersNation Marwan

          Well I know the meaning of pric, and wow, guess who it is.

        • http://LakersNation Marwan

          Reading over what I said up there, I too, disagree with myself, I guess I wasnt thinking about what I said.

          But anyway how can we get rid of him? Sasha too, he is being paid $5 million, no one would want that.

          Maybe Mitch should contact Memphis Grizzlies management again. Try to swipe Rudy Gay from them.

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