lukebackLakers Basketblog: Luke Walton underwent a facet rhizotomy – a procedure designed to shut off pain signals that nerves send to the brain through a needle injection into the back – on Thursday morning performed by Dr. Michael Port.

The procedure does not change the timing of Walton’s recovery, as the Lakers forward is expected to miss a minimum of six weeks. According to team sources, Walton is in a considerable amount of discomfort and will be away from the team for a few days while recovering.

Click here to read Luke Walton’s initial reaction to the surgery.

  • daboss1849

    I heard it was career ending… woo hoo…

  • desecrator93

    I like Luke but seriously, how the f*ck does he get an injury this serious when he hardly ever plays. And when he does play its not like hes a high flyer or a banger so wtf?

  • Smush Walton

    Luke should take the rest of the year off – that back needs plenty of rest. In fact, perhaps he should just retire – his restaurant needs him there full time!

  • KindSir

    Hey Luke please retire.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Guys you do know that this guy is an amazing facilitator. Something that a small forward shouldnt do, but its good that he does because he can deceive his opponent they wouldnt know whether he is going to pass or shoot, and he can do both pretty well, although the stats dont show, he is a great player, just show him the respect he deserves.

    • Smush Walton

      More times than not, whenever we lose a big lead, who is on the floor? LUKE!

      It is just amazing the way he can make a lead disappear!

      Yeah he makes an occasional good pass, but how many turnovers does this guy make? And his shot? it is HORRENDOUS!

      Yes Luke, your restaurant needs you! Please retire!